List of personal coats of arms of Governors-General of Ceylon

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Personal coats of arms of Governors-General of Ceylon.

Arms Name of Governor-General and Blazon
Sir Henry Monck-Mason Moore, Governor-General of Ceylon, 1948-1949
Herwald Ramsbotham, 1st Viscount Soulbury, Governor-General of Ceylon, 1948-1954

Sable on a Chevron Or between three Plates each charged with a Cross Patty Gules a Ram's Head erased Sable

Crest: A Plate charged with a Ram's Head erased per pale Gules and Sable

Supporters: On either side a Raven proper charged with a Plate thereon a Cross Patty Gules Motto: Non Vi Sed Virtute (Latin:'Not by force but by virtue')

Ancestral arms

Sir Oliver Ernest Goonetilleke, Governor-General of Ceylon, 1954-1962
William Gopallawa, Governor-General of Ceylon, 1962-1972