List of people who have run across the world

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'Running across the world" is a difficult task, taking years to accomplish.Technically it would be impossible to run across the world having bodies of water, especially the vasts oceans, separating one land mass from another. People who attempted to run across the world have their run divided into several legs or stages.

Completed Journeys[edit]

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Name Nationality Start date Finish date ref.
Robert Garside  United Kingdom October 1997 June 2003
Rosie Swale-Pope  United Kingdom October 2003 August 2008
Tristan Miller  Australia 2009 2010


Robby Clemens  Germany 2007 2007
Piotr Kurylo
2010 2011


Robert Garside[edit]

Briton, Robert Garside was the first person to run across the world. His accomplishment was confirmed by the Guinness World Records. Nicknamed "The Runningman", Garside ran more than 35,000 miles across 30 countries and took five years and eight months to complete.[4]

Ongoing/Planned Journeys[edit]

Name Nationality Start date Expected Finish date ref.
Jesper Olsen (second run)  Denmark July 2008 2012
Tony Mangan  Ireland October 2010 2014
Kevin Carr  United Kingdom July 2013 April 2015 [5]
Cesar Guarin  Philippines 1983 2016
Jason P. Lester  United States May 2013 2018

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