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This list of schools of pharmacy in the United Kingdom includes all thirty RPSGB or PSNI registered MPharm degree-issuing schools of pharmacy in the United Kingdom. There are twenty-six such schools in England, two in Scotland, one in Wales and two in Northern Ireland.


Name University Established Comments Ref.
School of Life and Health Sciences Aston 1895
Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Bath 1907 Founded as the Bristol and West College of Pharmacy and Chemistry [1]
School of Pharmacy Birmingham 2013
School of Pharmacy Bradford 1966
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences Brighton 1858
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Central Lancashire 2007 [2]
Department of Pharmacy, Health and Well-being Sunderland 1921
School of Pharmacy Newcastle 2013 (Durham) Transferred to Newcastle in 2017 [3]
School of Pharmacy De Montfort 1886 [4]
School of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy East Anglia 2003 [5]
Medway School of Pharmacy Greenwich
2004 [6]
School of Pharmacy Hertfordshire 2005 [7]
School of Pharmacy Huddersfield 2008
School of Pharmacy Keele 2006
Department of Pharmacy Kingston 2004
School of Pharmacy Lincoln 2014
The School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences Liverpool John Moores 1849
UCL School of Pharmacy University College London 1842 Founded as the College of the Pharmaceutical Society
Department of Pharmacy King's College London 1926
School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences University of Portsmouth 1916 Founded as Portsmouth Polytechnic School of Pharmacy
Reading School of Pharmacy Reading 2005 [8]
School of Life Sciences Sussex 2016
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Manchester 1883 [9]
Nottingham University School of Pharmacy Nottingham 1925 [10]
Faculty of Science and Engineering Wolverhampton 2006 [11]



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