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This is a list of notable mobile apps for use in photography and videography; it includes apps for photo capture, annotation, editing and manipulation, video capture, editing and manipulation. Apps only for video or image sharing or viewing are excluded.


Title Function Android iOS Windows Phone Website/
Other OS
Open source
17 17 is a free mobile app similar to Periscope and Instagram that includes live video streaming, instant photo and video sharing functions. Yes Yes No
Adobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop Express is a Flash-based image editing web and mobile application from Adobe used to directly edit photos on blogs and social networking sites, so that users do not have to download or upload images. The application works with sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket. Yes Yes No
Artisto Artisto is a video processing application with art and movie effects filters based on neural network algorithms. No
Citizen Citizen is a real-time hyperlocal crime and fire reporting app that notifies users based on their individual smartphone locations, issuing incident updates within a quarter mile. Users are updated with a list of details as they become available, and may add live video or other information.[1] Yes Yes No
Clips Clips is an application developed by Apple that allows the user to combine videos and images and add filters, Live Titles (voice based titles) and music to create a video that can be shared on social media platforms.[2] Yes No
DeepArt DeepArt is a website and app that allows users to create images by using an algorithm to redraw one image using the stylistic elements of another image. Yes[3] Yes[4] Yes[5] No
eva eva is a video social network that allows users to record and post short videos from their mobile phones. Yes[6] No
EyeEm EyeEm's image recognition technology uses artificial intelligence to tag and rank images based on an aesthetic score assigned to each photo. When users upload a photo via the Web Upload tool, this technology is applied to determine the discoverability of each photo, and suggest keywords. No
Facetune Facetune is a photo editing application developed by Lightricks used to edit, enhance, and retouch photos on a user's iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone device. The app is often used for (yet not limited to) portrait and selfie editing. No
Fishbrain Fishbrain is an online mobile logging, photo-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to record data about and take pictures of catches, and share them either publicly or privately on the app No
FX Photo Studio FX Photo Studio is a digital photography application for the Apple iPhone. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, requiring iOS 4.3, or later. iPhone users may shoot photographs, download them from their iPhone camera, or from iTunes, and share photos they have edited to appear as though they were taken with a film camera, or like sketches. Yes[7] No
Fyuse Fyuse is a spatial photography app which lets users capture and share interactive 3D images. By tilting or swiping ones smartphone, one can view such "fyuses" from various angles — as if one was walking around an object or subject. Yes[8] Yes[9] No
Hipstamatic Hipstamatic is a digital photography application for the Apple iPhone and Windows Phone sold by Synthetic Corporation. It uses the phone's camera to allow the user to shoot square photographs, to which it applies a number of software filters to make the images look as though they were taken with a vintage film camera. No
Hyperlapse Hyperlapse is a mobile app created by Instagram that enables users to produce hyperlapse and time-lapse videos. No
iMovie iMovie is a video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. for the Mac and iOS. Yes[10] No
Instagram Users can upload photographs and short videos, follow other users' feeds and geotag images with longitude and latitude coordinates, or the name of a location. Users can connect their Instagram account to other social networking sites, enabling them to share uploaded photos to those sites. No
iPhoto iPhoto can import, organize, edit, print and share digital photos. No Yes No macOS No
Miaopai Miaopai is a Chinese video sharing and live streaming service. No
MixBit MixBit's website lets users create dynamic shared videos. No
Neighbors Ring Video Doorbell's hyperlocal, moderated, private social networking neighborhood watch crime and safety portal allows users to share video captured by Ring and to crowdsource related information.[11][12] Yes Yes No
Nextdoor Nextdoor is a hyperlocal, moderated social networking service platform visible to confirmed users within a defined geographic area. The website and app offer photo and video posting, chat and messaging.[13] Yes Yes Yes No
Periscope Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android acquired by Twitter before launch in 2015. Yes[14] Yes[15] No
Photomath Photomath is a "camera calculator" for iOS and Android which uses a phone's camera for recognition of mathematical patterns from handwriting or notebooks and displays them directly onscreen. Yes[16] Yes[17] No
Photos Photos is a photo management and editing application developed by Apple. No Yes No macOS No
Picas Picas is free art photo editing application which uses deep neural network and artificial intelligence to automatically redraw photos to artistic effects. Yes[18] Yes[19] Yes[20] No
PicsArt Photo Studio PicsArt is a photographer editing, collage and drawing application and a social network. PicsArt enables users to take and edit pictures, draw with layers, and share their images with the PicsArt community and on other networks like Facebook and Instagram. Yes[21] Yes[22] Yes[23] No
Prisma Prisma is a photo-editing application that utilizes a neural network and artificial intelligence to transform the image into an artistic effect. Yes[24] Yes[25] No
Process Process is a non-linear editing photography software designed for iOS devices. It can import, edit, and share digital photos, and perform non-destructive editing using hardware acceleration. No
Socialcam Socialcam was a mobile social video application for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, that was launched March 7, 2011 and ended October 28 2015 and was well known for the following functionality: applying filters to video, applying themes and soundtracks to video, and smooth integration with Facebook.. No
TikTok TikTok, (formerly,, is a video social network app for video creation, messaging, and live broadcasting. Yes[26] Yes[27] Yes No
Ustream Ustream is an app for live-streaming. Yes[28] Yes[29] No
Vine Vine was a download-only short-form video hosting service where users could share six-second-long looping video clips. Yes Yes Yes No
WallaMe WallaMe users can take a picture of a surface, then write, draw and add stickers and photos to the image. Once the Wall message is completed, it is geolocalized, remaining visible through WallaMe's AR viewer by those passing by (virtually). Yes[30] Yes[31] No


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