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This list of photographic equipment makers lists companies that manufacture (or license manufacture from other companies) equipment for photography.

Camera and lens manufacturers[edit]

Note that producers whose only presence in the photo industry at any time has been the manufacture of digital cameras (Logitech, for example, which has made Webcams) are listed separately on the List of digital camera brands.

There is not a very clear distinguishing line between camera producers and lens producers; many companies do both, or have done both at one time or another. Some camera manufacturers sell lenses made by others as their own, in an OEM arrangement. Some camera makers design lenses but outsource manufacture. Some lens makers have cameras made to sell under their own brand name. A few companies are only in the lens business. Some camera companies make no lenses, but usually at least sell a lens from some lens maker with their cameras as part of a package.

Note that many optical instruments such as microscopes, telescopes, spotting scopes and so forth can be used as photographic lenses; manufacturers of these types of equipment are not included here (unless they also make more conventional photo gear).

Current manufacturers of cameras or lenses and filters[edit]

Former producers of film cameras who now make digital cameras[edit]

Former producers of cameras or lenses and filters[edit]

List of camera accessory makers[edit]

List of film manufacturers[edit]


  • China Lucky Film
  • Cinestill
  • Ferrania (included the Solaris brand. Shut down in 2012, but as of 2017 efforts to revive it are underway)
  • Fujifilm
  • Ilford Photo (went bankrupt in 2004, but reorganized and restarted production)
  • IMAX
  • Inoviscoat (An Agfa spin-off that manufactures film components for other brands, including Impossible Project)
  • Kodak
  • Lomography
  • Polaroid Originals (was Impossible Project)
  • Rollei (Does not manufacture film, but repackages film from other sources, including aerial film and microfilms manufactured by Agfa-Gevaert in Belgium)
  • Tasma


  • AgfaPhoto (bankrupt; remaining film stocks being liquidated. Former parent company, Agfa still exists)
  • Efke (including the old ADOX formulas)
  • Hindustan Photo Films
  • Imation (formerly part of 3M), (sold x-ray business to Kodak, still film division now Ferrania makes other products)
  • Konica (merged with Minolta, exited film business in 2006)
  • ORWO (bankrupt 1995, Trademark sold to two different companies. Motion Picture stock now made by Filmtec, processing business sold to another firm.)
  • Perutz-Photowerke (founded in 1880 by Otto Perutz, since 1964 owned by Agfa, closed down in 1994)
  • Polaroid
  • Revue (a label owned by PhotoQelle, a subsidiary of Quelle, known as Arcandor today; several sources claim that Revue films were actually repackaged stock leftover of other companies, first Fuji/3M, later Agfa)
  • Sakura (see Konica)
  • Svema - ceased production of film in 2000
  • VALCA Spanish film maker, Valca, from 1940 to 1993.

List of semiconductor sensor makers or designers[edit]

Sensor types CCD, CMOS, NMOS, PMOS


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