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Anton Bruckner composed several small piano works, the earliest in 1850, the last in 1868.

Works for piano for two hands[edit]

Seven works are edited in Band XII/2 of the Bruckner's Gesamtausgabe.[1] These works were mainly composed for his piano pupils during his stay in St. Florian (1845–1855) and in Linz (1855–1868).[2]

  • Four Lancier-Quadrille, WAB 120, in C major, compiled in c. 1850 from melodies from Albert Lortzing's Der Wildschütz and Zar und Zimmermann, and Gaetano Donizetti's La fille du régiment,[3] as exercise for his piano pupil Aloisia Bogner:[4] Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 1[5][6]
  • Steiermärker (From Steiermark), WAB 122, a 32-bar long piece in G major, composed also in c. 1850 for Aloisia Bogner:[4] Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 2[5] It is a kind of stylised Ländler in A-B-C-A form.[6]
  • Klavierstück, WAB 119, an 18-bar long "piece for piano" in E-flat major, composed in c. 1856 for teaching purpose: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 3[5][7][8]
  • Sonatensatz, WAB 245, a 194-bar long first "movement of a sonata" in G minor, found on pp. 157–164 of the Kitzler-Studienbuch: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 7 (Addendum). The partially missing score for the left hand has been completed by Walburga Litschauer.[9][10]
  • Stille Betrachtung an einem Herbstabend (Quiet meditation on an autumn evening), WAB 123, a 58-bar long piece in F-sharp minor. A paraphrase of Mendelssohn's Lied ohne Worte opus 30, No. 6, which Bruckner composed on 10 October 1863 for Emma Thanner: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 4[7][11]
  • Fantasie, WAB 118, a 119-bar long, two-part "fantasia" in G major composed on 10 September 1868 for Alexandrine Soika: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 5[7][9]
  • Erinnerung (Remembrance), WAB 117, a 52-bar long piece in A-flat major composed in c. 1868: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/2, No. 6[9][12]

Piano works composed during Kitzler's tuition[edit]

Other piano works, which Bruckner composed in 1862 during Kitzler's tuition,[13] are found in the Kitzler-Studienbuch:[14][15] A not exhaustive list:

  • Walzer in E-flat major (p. 25)
  • Walzer in C major (p. 26)
  • Four Polka in C major (pp. 27-28)
  • Galopp in C major (p. 29)
  • Mazurca in A minor (p. 29)
  • Menuett in C major (p. 30)
  • Menuett and Trio in G major (p. 35)
  • Marsch in C major (p. 36)
  • Marsch in D minor (p. 37)
  • Duo in A minor (p. 39)
  • Marsch in F major (p. 41)
  • Andante für Klavier in E-flat major (p. 49)
  • Andante für Klavier D minor (pp. 50-51)
  • Etüde in G major (pp. 77–78)
  • Chromatische Etüde in F major (pp. 79-80)
  • Variationen über ein Thema in G major (pp. 87-90)
  • Seven rondos:
    • Rondo in G major (pp. 105-108)
    • Rondo in C minor (pp. 109-111)
    • Rondo in D minor (pp. 112-115)
    • Rondo in F major (pp. 116-121)
    • Rondo in G major (pp. 122-125)
    • Rondo in E minor (pp. 126-129)
    • Rondo in E-flat major (pp. 130-134)
  • Four Fantasien in D minor, C minor, E-flat major and F major (pp. 213-218).

Works for piano for four hands[edit]

  • Drei kleine Stücke, WAB 124, three easy pieces (G major, G major and F major), composed in 1853, 1854 and 1855 for the children of Josef Marböck, to be played on their father's birthday: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/3, No. 1[9]
  • Quadrille, WAB 121, six pieces (Pantalon, Été, Poule, Trénis, Pastourelle and Finale) in D major composed in c. 1854 for Marie Ruckensteiner: Gesamtausgabe, Band XII/3, No. 2[16]

Selected discography[edit]

There are about 10 recordings of Erinnerung, WAB 117. The other piano compositions are much less recorded.

Three recordings are dedicated to Bruckner's works:

  • Wolfgang Brunner and Michael Schopper, Anton Bruckner – Piano works – CD: CPO 999 256–2, 1996 (all of the piano works issued in Band XII/1 and Band XII/2)
  • Fumiko Shiraga, Anton Bruckner – Piano works – CD: Bis-CD-1297, 2001 (the works for two hands issued in Band XII/2)
  • Ana-Marija Markovina, Anton Bruckner (1824 - 1896), Piano Works – Hänssler Classic, HC17054, 2018 (all of the piano works issued in Band XII/1 and Band XII/2, as well as 13 piano works from the Kitzler Study Book)


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