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The Lists of piers in United Kingdom is describing piers at the coast and on the river Thames.

Coastal piers[edit]



Name Place Description Image
Central Pier Blackpool Central Pier - - 528111.jpg
South Pier Blackpool Currently contains a theme park. South pier, Blackpool - DSC07077.JPG
North Pier Blackpool Eugenius Birch's earliest surviving pier, opened 1863.

Pier of the Year 2004.

North Pier, Blackpool.jpg
Bognor Regis Pier Bognor Regis Bognor Regis Pier - - 1751557.jpg
Bournemouth Pier Bournemouth Zip wire installed in 2014, spanning between the pier head and the beach. Bournemouth pier.jpg
Boscombe Pier Bournemouth Pier of the Year 2010. Boscombe Pier and Hengistbury Head - - 1326647.jpg
Palace Pier Brighton Pier of the Year 1998. Brighton Pier 2006.jpg
Burnham-on-Sea Pier Burnham-on-Sea Claims to be Britain's shortest pier. It is not recognised by most autorities as it is simply a beach pavilion. Burnham Pier from north.jpg
Clacton Pier Clacton-on-Sea Clacton pier 700.jpg
Cleethorpes Pier Cleethorpes Pier of the Year 2016. Cleethorpes Pier.jpg
Clevedon Pier Clevedon Pier of the Year 1999 and 2013. Clevedon Pier from beach.jpg
Cromer Pier Cromer Pier of the Year 2000 and 2015. Cromer Pier, Cromer, Norfolk, England-2Jan2012.jpg
Deal Pier Deal One of the last pleasure piers to be built in the UK (opened 1957).

Pier of the Year 2008.

Deal Pier.JPG
Eastbourne Pier Eastbourne Pier of the Year 1997. Eastbourne Pier - - 1478224.jpg
Prince of Wales Pier Falmouth Falmouth Town Pier - - 197888.jpg
Felixstowe Pier Felixstowe Major redevelopments occurring in 2017, involving construction of a new amusement building.

There are currently no plans to re-open the seaward end.

The Pier, Felixstowe - - 1467954.jpg
Fleetwood Pier Fleetwood Destroyed by fire in 2008. Fleetwood Pier - - 1237426.jpg
Harbour Arm Folkestone First used in 20th century. Re-opened in 2016. Used as a pleasure pier, as well as fishing.
Gravesend Town. Not a seaside pier recognised by most authorities. Gravesend GravesendThames3370.JPG
Britannia Pier Great Yarmouth Britannia Pier, Great Yarmouth - - 346438.jpg
Wellington Pier Great Yarmouth Wellington Pier at night.jpg
Ha'penny Pier. Not a seaside pier recognised by modt authorities. Harwich
Hastings Pier Hastings Pier of the Year 2017, following extensive restoration Beach and Pier, Hastings - - 1563686.jpg
Herne Bay Pier Herne Bay Majority of pier destroyed in a storm in 1978.

The shoreward 'stub' is still open, and the pier head remains isolated 1 km (0.6 mi) into the sea.

3rd Herne Bay Pier 1899-1908 001.jpg
Hythe Pier Hythe 700 yards long with the oldest continually running pier train in the world. Hythe Pier 2004.JPG
Claremont Pier Lowestoft Claremont Pier in the snow - - 20437.jpg
South Pier Lowestoft
St Annes Pier Lytham St Annes St Anne's Pier - - 95732.jpg
Morecambe Central Pier[2] Morecambe Demolished 1992.
Morecambe West End Pier[3] Morecambe Demolished 1978.
Paignton Pier Paignton Paignton pier.jpg
Ryde Pier Ryde The UK's oldest pleasure pier - opened 1814. Ryde Pier.JPG
Saltburn Pier Saltburn-by-the-Sea Pier of the Year 2009. Saltburn Pier - - 1776103.jpg
Culver Pier Sandown Sandown Pier Isle of Wight England.jpg
Skegness Pier Skegness Seaward section destroyed in a 1978 storm. Skegness Pier. - - 15134.jpg
Royal Pier Southampton Closed 1980. Currently in very poor condition.Classified now as a Lost Pier. Lighting up the evening gloom, Royal Pier, Southampton - - 1715333.jpg
Southend Pier Southend-on-Sea The longest pleasure pier in the world extending 2.1 km (1.3 miles) into the Thames Estuary.

Pier of the Year 2007.

Southend Pier Autumn 2007 - crop.jpg
Southport Pier Southport Pier of the Year 2003. Southport Pier 1.JPG
South Parade Pier Southsea Re-opened 2017. South Parade Pier 2011.JPG
Clarence Pier Southsea Clarence Pier Amusement Park - - 1702589.jpg
Southwold Pier Southwold Pier of the Year 2002. Southwold Pier1 KevinScottNL 2005.jpg
Swanage Pier Swanage Pier of the Year 2012. Swanage Pier at Dusk.jpg
Grand Pier Teignmouth Mini-dodgems, on Teignmouth Pier - - 1425295.jpg
Princess Pier Torquay Princess Pier, Torquay - - 830062.jpg
Totland Pier Totland Bay Totland Pier in May 2007.jpg
Walton-on-the-Naze Pier Walton-on-the-Naze Walton Pier - - 880081.jpg
Grand Pier Weston-super-Mare Pier of the Year 2011. WSM Grand Pier Pavilion.JPG
Birnbeck Pier Weston-super-Mare Closed since 1994. One of the few surviving Eugenius Birch piers. Birnbeck Pier and Island.jpg
Commercial/Pleasure Pier Weymouth The Stone Pier, Weymouth - - 23221.jpg
Weymouth Pier Bandstand Weymouth Majority of pier demolished in 1986 - only the entrance building remains. Thus not a seaside pier any longer. The Pier Bandstand, The Esplanade, Weymouth.JPG
Worthing Pier Worthing Pier of the Year 2006. Worthing Pier at sunset, low tide.JPG
Yarmouth pier Yarmouth Yarmouth Pier in October 2011.JPG


Name Place Description Image
Dunoon Pier Dunoon
Kilcreggan Pier Kilcreggan Ferry to Helensburgh.[4] Kilcreggan Pier.jpg
Rothesay Pier Rothesay


Name Place Description Image
Royal Pier Aberystwyth Aberystwyth Pier - - 1166324.jpg
Garth Pier Bangor 460 m length, opened in 1896. Reopened in 1988. BangorPier7143293.jpg
Beaumaris Pier Beaumaris Refurbished 2011-2012. Beaumaris Pier - - 693339.jpg
Victoria Pier Colwyn Bay Closed since 2008. Partial collapse in 2017, leading to the demolition of the seaward end. Victoria Pier, Colwyn Bay - - 527462.jpg
Llandudno Pier Llandudno Pier of the Year 2005. Another angle of Llandudno Pier. - - 57921.jpg
Mumbles Pier Mumbles Mumbles Pier - - 220992.jpg
Penarth Pier Penarth Pier of the Year 2014. Penarth Pier 2013.jpg
Rhyl Pier Rhyl Removed in 1972. Rhyl, View From The Pier (8513049573).jpg

Isle of Man[edit]

Name Place Description Image
Queen's Pier Ramsey Build in 1886. Closed 1991. Former Queen's Pier Tramway in museums now.

Incremental restoration to commence in 2017.

Ramsey Pier - Isle of Man - - 31574.jpg

Piers in London[edit]

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