List of pines by region

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This is a list of pine species by geographical distribution. For a taxonomy of the genus, see Pinus classification.

Old World[edit]

Mature Pinus pinea (stone pine); note umbrella-shaped canopy
Pollen cones of Pinus pinea (stone pine)
A red pine (Pinus resinosa) with exposed roots
Young spring growth ("candles") on a loblolly pine
Monterey pine bark
Monterey pine cone on forest floor
Whitebark pine in the Sierra Nevada
Hartweg's pine forest in Mexico
The bark of a pine in Tecpan, Guatemala
A pine, probably P. pseudostrobus, in Guatemala

Europe, Mediterranean, West Asia[edit]

East Asia, Southeast Asia[edit]

New World[edit]

Eastern Canada, Eastern United States[edit]

Western Canada, Western United States, Northern Mexico[edit]

Southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean[edit]

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