List of places in Cluj-Napoca

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This is a list of the most important tourist sites in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Historical places[edit]

Places of worship[edit]

The Metropolitan Cathedral and the statue of Avram Iancu
St. Michael's Church, one of the tallest in the country

Historical buildings[edit]

The Art Museum, housed in the Bánffy Palace
Sebestyén Palace and Continental Hotel
Palace of Justice
  • Babos Palace
  • Bánffy Palace
  • Beldi Palace
  • Benkő House
  • Berde Palace
  • Biasini Hotel
  • City Hall
  • Convictus Nobilium
  • Elian Palace
  • Filstich-Kemény House
  • Firemen's Tower
  • Heltai House
  • Hintz House
  • Jósika Palace
  • Kovary House
  • Master's House
  • Matthias Corvinus House
  • Mikes Palace
  • Mint House
  • New York Hotel (also known as Continental Hotel)
  • Orthodox Archbishopric Palace
  • Palace of Finance
  • Palace of Justice
  • Petrechevich-Horvath House
  • Piuariu-Molnar House
  • Postal Palace
  • Prefecture Palace
  • Reduta Palace
  • Regional Railway Palace
  • Rhédey Palace
  • Széki Palace
  • Tailors' Bastion
  • Teleki Palace
  • Telephone Palace
  • Toldalagi-Korda Palace
  • Tranzit House (former Poalei Tzedek Synagogue)
  • Urania Palace
  • Wass Palace
  • Wolphard-Kakas House

Statues and historical monuments[edit]

  • Carolina Obelisk
  • Cross on the Cetățuie
  • Horea, Cloșca and Crișan Statuary Group
  • Lupa Capitolina
  • Matthias Corvinus Monumental Ensemble
  • Monument of the Shot Pillars
  • Școala Ardeleană Statuary Group
  • Statue of Avram Iancu
  • Statue of Baba Novac
  • Statue of St. George
  • Virgin Mary Statue

Cultural buildings[edit]

Romanian State Theater and Opera


Malls and shopping centers[edit]

Central on King Ferdinand Boulevard
  • Central
  • Cora
  • Iulius Mall
  • Sigma Shopping Center
  • Sora Shopping Center
  • Vivo (former Polus Center)
  • Winmarkt

Gardens, parks and forests[edit]

Main greenhouse in Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden
The renovated building of the former Casino (Central Park)


  • Avram Iancu Square
  • Stephen the Great Square
  • Union Square



Cluj Arena