List of places in England with counterintuitive pronunciations: A–L

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This is a sublist of List of names in English with counterintuitive pronunciations.

Pronunciations for the following common suffixes are regular pronunciations, despite being counterintuitive at first glance:

Pronunciation of the following common prefix is variable depending on dialect:

Place names in England[edit]













Map of counterintuitive places within London[edit]

London places as though Cony Hatch, De Beaver Town, Marlybən, Grenidge, Plahstow, Aye-zəlworth
Colney COney Hatch
Colney COney Hatch
De Beauvoir BEAver Town (usu.)
De Beauvoir BEAver Town (usu.)
Marylebone MARlyb'n (alt.)
Marylebone MARlyb'n (alt.)
Plaistow PLAHsto
Plaistow PLAHsto
Ruislip RYslip
Ruislip RYslip
Greenwich GRENidge
Greenwich GRENidge
Southwark SU-ðərK
Southwark SU-ðərK
Vauxhall VOK-sawl
Vauxhall VOK-sawl
Dulwich DULLidge
Dulwich DULLidge
Chiswick CHIZick
Chiswick CHIZick
Isleworth Ayezəlworth
Isleworth Ayezəlworth
Counterintuitive pronunciations

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Accordingly: Southwick, Hampshire - /ˈsʌðɪk/
    Anomalies: Southwick, West Sussex is pronounced /ˈsθwɪk/, like Painswick, Gloucestershire, Prestwick and Hardwick as well as Pickwick a former village in Wiltshire through which the novel The Pickwick Papers got its title, but these by population represent a very small minority.
  2. ^ This is doubly counter-intuitive not adopting the hard G that features in Gifford (the forename, surname and part of a more populous place name).
  3. ^ Also a surname.
  4. ^ cf. Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A., which is intuitive (/ˈbɛlɪŋhæm/
  5. ^ Also an area of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and see Belvoir Park Golf Club[5]
  6. ^ Mirrors British "clerk", which is also irregular.
  7. ^ The River Cam and sometimes Cambridge, Gloucestershire are pronounced with /kæm/; however, locals now pronounce the latter like the city.
  8. ^ cf. nearby intuitive Uckfield
  9. ^ Intuitive also heard, like Holborn, especially in relatively new residents.
  10. ^ The adjacent village, Harewood, is pronounced intuitively. The other main stately home of broad architectural and historical note with an unusual pronunciation is: Cliveden
  11. ^ cf. Islip, Oxfordshire identical but for the r with: Ruislip
  12. ^ cf. Launceston, Tasmania, pronounced /ˈlɒnsəstən/)
  13. ^ cf. Leominster, Massachusetts
  1. ^ e.g. City of Leicester which follows e.g. Towcester, Rocester and Alcester/ˈɒlstər/ or /ˈɔːlstər/
  2. ^ Well-known, large examples are Woolwich and West Bromwich cf. Nantwich and Droitwich Spa
  3. ^ e.g. Smethwick, Chiswick and Flitwick
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