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This is an incomplete list of places in London, England.

Geographic divisions and areas[edit]


Aside from the City and the London boroughs themselves, all contemporary districts of London are informal designations; usually based or adapted from historic parish or borough boundaries which were all abolished by 1965. London postcode districts often have an influence over where a place is considered to be although they were not designed for that purpose. All London boroughs are divided into wards which often share the names of London districts, however, they rarely share the historic or commonly accepted contemporary boundaries of those places.

London boroughs[edit]

Greater London consists of the City of London and 32 London boroughs, of which 12 are statutory Inner London boroughs and 20 are Outer London boroughs.

London borough Inner/Outer Sub-region[1] London Assembly[2]
LondonBarkingDagenham.svg Barking and Dagenham Outer North East City and East
LondonBarnet.svg Barnet Outer North Barnet and Camden
LondonBexley.svg Bexley Outer South East Bexley and Bromley
LondonBrent.svg Brent Outer West Brent and Harrow
LondonBromley.svg Bromley Outer South East Bexley and Bromley
LondonCamden.svg Camden Inner North Barnet and Camden
LondonCroydon.svg Croydon Outer South West Croydon and Sutton
LondonEaling.svg Ealing Outer West Ealing and Hillingdon
LondonEnfield.svg Enfield Outer North Enfield and Haringey
LondonGreenwich.svg Greenwich Inner † South East Greenwich and Lewisham
LondonHackney.svg Hackney Inner North North East
LondonHammersmithFulham.svg Hammersmith and Fulham Inner West West Central
LondonHaringey.svg Haringey Outer * North Enfield and Haringey
LondonHarrow.svg Harrow Outer North West Brent and Harrow
LondonHavering.svg Havering Outer North East Havering and Redbridge
LondonHillingdon.svg Hillingdon Outer West Ealing and Hillingdon
LondonHounslow.svg Hounslow Outer West South West
LondonIslington.svg Islington Inner North North East
LondonKensingtonChelsea.svg Kensington and Chelsea Inner West West Central
LondonKingston.svg Kingston upon Thames Outer South West South West
LondonLambeth.svg Lambeth Inner South West Lambeth and Southwark
LondonLewisham.svg Lewisham Inner South East Greenwich and Lewisham
LondonMerton.svg Merton Outer South West Merton and Wandsworth
LondonNewham.svg Newham Outer * North East City and East
LondonRedbridge.svg Redbridge Outer North East Havering and Redbridge
LondonRichmond.svg Richmond upon Thames Outer South West South West
LondonSouthwark.svg Southwark Inner South East Lambeth and Southwark
LondonSutton.svg Sutton Outer South West Croydon and Sutton
LondonTowerHamlets.svg Tower Hamlets Inner North East City and East
LondonWaltham.svg Waltham Forest Outer North East North East
LondonWandsworth.svg Wandsworth Inner South West Merton and Wandsworth
LondonWestminster.svg Westminster Inner West West Central

† = Outer London for statistics | * = Inner London for statistics


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