List of places in the United Kingdom and Ireland with counterintuitive pronunciations

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This is a sublist of List of names in English with counterintuitive pronunciations.



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The island of Ireland[edit]

The rules of Irish Gaelic spelling are different from those of English. Most Irish places have English names originating as anglicised spellings of Irish names. Placenames with gaelicised or unanglicised spellings (such as Cóbh, County Cork/ˈkv/ Cóbh[1]) are omitted.

Ending -ane is regularly pronounced /ɑːn/, with PALM vowel rather than FACE vowel, as in Ferbane, Portrane, Strabane, Teebane. -agh is pronounced /ɑː/, with a silent 'g'. Innis- is generally pronounced /ˈɪnɪʃ/.


Similarly, the Welsh language has its own rules, which a large proportion of Welsh settlements follow. Commonly mispronounced names, due to exceptions from either set of rules are:

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