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This is a list of places which are located all around the world named or renamed in honor of famous Russian revolution leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the pen name Lenin.

Cities, towns, settlements and districts[edit]

Soviet Union[edit]

Russian RSFSR
Azerbaijan SSR
Ukraine and Ukrainian SSR
Other republics

Eastern bloc[edit]

Streets and squares[edit]

Almost every town in the Soviet Union had a street named after Lenin. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of those were renamed, but many others retained their names. This concerns also the names of city districts. Listed below are some of the streets named after Lenin, mostly outside the former Soviet Union.

On 15 May 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a bill into law that started a six months period for the removal of communist monuments and the mandatory renaming of settlements and (the many) streets and squares etcetera with a name related to Communism.[1] Places in Crimea, the Donetsk Republic, and Lugansk Republic were not practically affected by this law due to a lack of Ukrainian control in those areas.

Soviet Union[edit]

  • Leninskaya Ploshchad (Lenin Square), now Paveletskaya Ploshchad, Moscow
  • Ploshchad Lenina (Lenin Square), Arkhangelsk
  • Ploshchad Lenina (Lenin Square), Novosibirsk
  • Ploshchad Lenina (Lenin Square), Saint Petersburg
  • Leninsky Prospekt (Lenin Avenue), Moscow
  • Prospekt Lenina (Lenin Avenue), Murmansk
  • Prospekt Lenina (Lenin Avenue), Volgograd
  • Prospekt Lenina (Lenin Avenue), Yekaterinburg
  • Lenina ulitsa (Lenin Street), now Kremlinskaya Ulitsa, Kazan
  • Lenina ulitsa (Lenin Street), Pechory[2]
  • Leninskaya Ulitsa (Lenin Street), Samara
  • Ulitsa Lenina (Lenin Street), Astrakhan
  • Ulitsa Lenina (Lenin Street), Perm
  • Ulitsa Lenina (Lenin Street), Novosibirsk
  • Lenini prospekt (Lenin Prospekt), ?–1994, now Joala tänav; Narva[2]
  • Lenini puiestee (Lenin Avenue), ?–1991, now Pikk tänav; Pärnu[2]
  • Lenini puiestee (Lenin Avenue), 1950–1991, now Rävala puiestee; Tallinn[2]
  • V. I. Lenini puiestee (V. I. Lenin Avenue), now Viru puiestee; Sillamäe[2]
  • Lenini tänav (Lenin Street), 1951–1990, now Uus tänav; Kuressaare[2]
  • Lenini tänav (Lenin Street), ?–1989, now Kesktänav; Põltsamaa[2]
  • Lenini tänav (Lenin Street), ?–1994; Tapa[2]
  • Lenini tänav (Lenin Street), ?–1989, now Kesktänav and Riia tänav; Valga[2]
  • Lenini tänav (Lenin Street), ?–1990, now Jüri tänav; Võru[2]
  • Lenini väljak (Lenin Square), ?–1991, now Riiamäe plats; Tartu[2]
  • V. I. Lenini tänav (V. I. Lenin Street), ?–1992, now Jaama tänav; Jõhvi[2]

Eastern bloc[edit]

  • Lenin Boulevard – now Carigradsko shose, Sofia / Bulgaria
  • Lenin körút (Lenin boulevard) – now Tisza Lajos körút, Szeged / Hungary
  • Lenin körút (Lenin boulevard) – now Erzsébet körút and Teréz körút, Budapest / Hungary
  • Lenin Square – now Sveta Nedelya ploshchad, Sofia / Bulgaria
  • Lenin street – now Revoluţiei (Forradalom) street Târgu Mureş / Romania
  • Leninova ulice (Lenin Street) — now Evropská třída, Prague
  • Leninova ulice (Lenin Street) — now Kounicova ul., Brno
  • Leninova ulice (Lenin Street) — now Klišská ul., Ústí nad Labem
  • Leninova ulice (Lenin Street) — now ul. Palackého, Plzeň
  • Leninova ulice (Lenin Street) — now ul. E. Beneše, Písek
  • Leninova ulice (Lenin Street) – now Nádražní, Krnov
  • Leninovo nábrežie (Lenin riverbank) — now Nábrežie Jána Pavla II., Poprad
  • ulica V. I. Lenina (V. I. Lenin Street)[3]Šoporňa





"Master and Guide of the Revolution of the proletariat, the founder of the first socialist state in the world." Lenin Avenue in Luanda.
United Kingdom
  • Lenin Terrace, Chopwell / England
  • Lenin Terrace, Stanley / England
  • Bevin Court, London, England, was originally intended be called Lenin Court. However, two letters of the building's sign were replaced to rename it after Ernest Bevin who died between its completion and inauguration. A bust of Lenin in the grounds was left in place, but was eventually removed after having been repeatedly vandalised by right-wing extremists.
  • Avenida Lenin (Lenin Avenue), Luanda / Angola
  • Lenin Street, Alberton / South Africa
  • Rue Lénine (Lenin Street), Tunis / Tunisia
  • Via Lenin (Lenin Street), Mogadishu / Somalia
  • Avenida Vladimir Lenine (Vladimir Lenin Avenue), Maputo / Mozambique

Other places[edit]

A large number of enterprises and other objects in the former Soviet Union and other countries of the Socialist bloc were named after Lenin: for example, the nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin and Lenin Stadium. Additionally, every reasonably large settlement had a Lenin Street or Lenin Avenue ("Leninsky Prospekt").

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