List of places named after places in the United States

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The list of places named after places in the United States identifies namesake places and the eponymic United States place for which they are named.

Places named for United States places
namesake area eponym area
Bowling Green Kentucky Bowling Green Virginia
Bowling Green Ohio Bowling Green Kentucky
Bristol Ohio Bristol Connecticut
California Pennsylvania California (U.S. state) western United States
Carrollton Texas Carrollton Illinois
Concord Township Ohio Concord Massachusetts
Coventry Vermont Coventry Connecticut
Death Valley National Park California & Nevada Death Valley California
Derby Vermont Derby Connecticut
Des Moines Washington Des Moines Iowa
Elmira, Ontario Canada Elmira New York
Florida Massachusetts Spanish Florida southern United States
Gabbs Valley Range Nevada[1] Gabbs Valley Nevada
Hartford Township Ohio Hartford Connecticut
Lackawanna New York Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company New York
Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company Pennsylvania Lackawanna Valley Pennsylvania
Manhattan Kansas Manhattan New York City
Manhattan Montana Manhattan New York City
Maryland London, United Kingdom Maryland Mid-Atlantic states
Newbury Ohio Newburyport Massachusetts
New Philadelphia Ohio Philadelphia Pennsylvania
North Royalton Ohio Royalton Township (defunct) Vermont
Royalton Township (defunct) Vermont Royalton, Vermont Vermont
Norwich Vermont Norwich Connecticut
Paducah Texas Paducah Kentucky
Portland Oregon Portland Maine
Saratoga Springs California Saratoga Springs New York
Woonsocket South Dakota Woonsocket Rhode Island
Wyoming (U.S. state) western United States Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania
Wyoming Delaware Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania
Wyoming Ohio Wyoming Pennsylvania


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