List of places referred to as the Center of the Universe

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New York City, Manhattan, and Times Square are commonly referred to as "The Center of the Universe".

Several cities have been given the nickname "Center (or Centre) of the Universe". In addition, several fictional works have described a depicted location as being at the center of the universe.

Modern models of the Universe suggest it does not have a center, unlike previous systems which placed Earth (geocentrism) or the Sun (heliocentrism) at the center of the Universe.

Nicknames of places[edit]



North America[edit]

Sign outside of the John B. Lindale House proclaiming Magnolia, Delaware as "The Center of the Universe around which the Earth revolves"


Plaque at the Space Flight Operations Facility of the Deep Space Network proclaiming the site to be "The Center of the Universe"


Depictions of a "center of the universe" in fiction include:


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