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The names of some terrestrial locations or astronomical objects are used to name the chemical elements. The first table below lists the terrestrial locations and the second table lists astronomical objects which the chemical elements are named after.[1]

Terrestrial locations[edit]

Location Element Symbol Z Coordinates
Magnesia, a district in Greece Magnesium Mg 12 39°25′N 22°50′E / 39.417°N 22.833°E / 39.417; 22.833 (Magnesia)
Scandinavia Scandium Sc 21
Cyprus Copper Cu 29
Gaul, ancient name for France Gallium Ga 31
Germany Germanium Ge 32
Strontian, a village in Scotland Strontium Sr 38 56°41′N 5°34′W / 56.683°N 5.567°W / 56.683; -5.567 (Strontium)
Ytterby, a village in Sweden Yttrium Y 39 59°25′35″N 18°21′13″E / 59.42639°N 18.35361°E / 59.42639; 18.35361 (Ytterby)
Terbium Tb 65
Erbium Er 68
Ytterbium Yb 70
Ruthenia, Latin name for Russia Ruthenium Ru 44
Europe Europium Eu 63
Holmia, Latin name for Stockholm Holmium Ho 67 59°20′N 18°47′E / 59.333°N 18.783°E / 59.333; 18.783 (Holmia (Stockholm))
Thule (probably Norway) Thulium Tm 69
Lutecia, Latin name for Paris Lutetium Lu 71 48°51′N 2°21′E / 48.85°N 2.35°E / 48.85; 2.35 (Lutecia (Paris))
Hafnia, Latin name for Copenhagen Hafnium Hf 72 55°41′N 12°34′E / 55.683°N 12.567°E / 55.683; 12.567 (Hafnia)
River Rhine Rhenium Re 75
Poland Polonium Po 84
France Francium Fr 87
Americas Americium Am 95
Berkeley, a city in the United States Berkelium Bk 97 37°52′N 122°16′W / 37.867°N 122.267°W / 37.867; -122.267 (Berkeley, California)
California, a state in the United States Californium Cf 98
Dubna, a town in Russia Dubnium Db 105

56°44′N 37°10′E / 56.733°N 37.167°E / 56.733; 37.167 (Dubna)

Hesse, a state in Germany Hassium Hs 108
Darmstadt, a city in Germany Darmstadtium Ds 110 49°50′N 8°34′E / 49.833°N 8.567°E / 49.833; 8.567 (Darmstadt)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in the United States Livermorium Lv 116 37°41′N 121°43′W / 37.683°N 121.717°W / 37.683; -121.717 (Livermore)

Proposed element names[edit]

In June 2016, the IUPAC requested public comments on names for four elements which were proposed by the discoverers.[2] Three of these are names of terrestrial locations.

Location Element Symbol Z Coordinates
Japan (Nihon 日本) nihonium Nh 113
Moscow Oblast, Russia moscovium Mc 115 55°42′N 36°58′E / 55.700°N 36.967°E / 55.700; 36.967
Tennessee, United States tennessine Ts 117

Terrestrial locations (Indirect connotation)[edit]

Location Element Symbol Z Coordinates
Belur, India[3] Beryllium Be 4 13°9′46.44″N 75°51′25.56″E / 13.1629000°N 75.8571000°E / 13.1629000; 75.8571000 (Belur)

Astronomical objects[edit]

Astronomical object Element Symbol Z
Sun Helium He 2
Mercury Mercury Hg 80
Moon Selenium Se 34
Pallas (asteroid) Palladium Pd 46
Earth Tellurium Te 52
Ceres (Dwarf planet) Cerium Ce 58
Uranus Uranium U 92
Neptune Neptunium Np 93
Pluto (Dwarf planet) Plutonium Pu 94

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