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This entry is a list of permanent planetariums, including software and manufacturers. In addition, many mobile planetariums exist, touring venues such as schools.

Permanent planetariums[edit]

The planetariums here are listed in the following format: Name, Website (if available), City. The International Planetarium Society has a much more nearly complete list at its website.




North America[edit]


Costa Rica[edit]


  • Planetario Digital Móvil | Ecosistemas de México, Mexico City
  • Planetarios Mexicanos, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Planetario Luis Enrique Erro, Mexico City
  • Planetario Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City
  • Planetario "Valente Souza" de la Sociedad Astronómica de México, Mexico City
  • Planetario "Joaquín Gallo" de la Sociedad Astronómica de México, Mexico City
  • Planetario Alfa, Monterrey
  • Planetario IMAX DOMO de Puebla, Puebla
  • Planetario Explora del Museo de Ciencias, León
  • Planetario "Lic. Felipe Rivera" de CECONEXPO, Morelia
  • Planetario Móvil "Shimba Caa Ana", Cancún
  • Planetario "Dr. Arcadio Poveda Ricalde" del Centro Cultural de Sinaloa, Culiacán
  • Planetario Hidalgo del Museo Rehilete, Pachuca, Hidalgo
  • Planetario de Cajeme en el Parque Infantil "Ostimuri", Ciudad Obregón
  • Planetario "José Martínez Rocha" del Área de Astronomía del DIF-US, Magdalena de Kino
  • Planetronix Móvil de Sistemas Educativos en Astronomía, Guaymas
  • Planetario Móvil de Ludocosmos, Hermosillo
  • Planetario Móvil EKBÉ, Querétaro
  • Planetario Tabasco 2000, Villahermosa
  • Planetario de Ciudad Victoria "Dr. Ramiro Iglesias Leal" del Parque Recreativo y Cultural Siglo XXI, Ciudad Victoria
  • Planetario de la Escuela Náutica Mercante de Tampico, Tampico
  • Ziga Zag, Centro de Ciencias, Consejo Zacatecano de Ciencia y Tecnología, Zacatecas
  • Complejo Cientifico, Tecnologico y Cultural Planetario de Playa Del Carmen "SAYAB", Quintana Roo

United States[edit]


South America[edit]

Planetarium computer software[edit]

Since the invention of the personal computer, the planetarium concept has been extended to include software that displays a realistic sky image. Not all astronomy software can be considered to be planetarium software. While there is no generally accepted definition of the word planetarium in this context, planetarium software generally contains the following features at a minimum:

  • A realistic sky image as seen from Earth
  • The ability to display sky motions in real-time
  • The ability to animate time changes backwards and forwards

Planetarium manufacturers[edit]

The list below gives the name of firms that have made more than five planetariums, with state they are located in if in the United States, otherwise, the nation. Included are the names of the various models offered by each firm, and an approximate total number sold for each firm. The symbol D after the total indicates the firm is no longer in business or no longer making planetariums.

  • Aquarian -- New York City—20 D
  • AsterDomus -- Brasil—Portable planetaria manufacture.
  • Baader -- Germany—Großplanetarium, Schulplanetarium, Planetarium 2000
  • Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc., Bremerton, WA USA: Manufacturers and sellers of Digitarium digital planetarium systems for portable and fixed domes and Digitalis inflatable domes. Over 400 customers on six continents as of September, 2012.
  • The Elumenati, Milwaukee and Asheville NC—Single-channel digital projection solutions for fixed and portable domes; lenses, projectors, inflatable domes, and software; GeoDome turnkey immersive learning environments; services including custom installations and content consulting
  • Evans & Sutherland -- Utah Digistar 1, Digistar 2—30, Digistar 3—over 120, Digistar 4 - over 300, Digistar 5 - over 550
  • E-Planetarium, Houston, Texas—Discovery Dome portable fulldome digital theater with mirror or fisheye projection, Go-Dome inflatable dome—more than 40 in 13 countries
  • Emerald planetariums, Israel—Single and multi channel digital projection solutions for fixed and portable domes; fish-eye lenses, projectors, inflatable and fixed domes, planetarium immersive learning environments; services including custom installations and turnkey solutions, L.O.P.C live planetarium systems
  • Fengfei—China—TX 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16—50
  • Farquhar -- Pennsylvania—40 D
  • Galileo—Italy—S1, S III—20
  • Gambato—Italy—30
  • Global Immersion—UK, Colorado, Canada—Fidelity fulldome and large-format solutions, (using an open architecture Media Server solution, runs Global Immersion Media Director software and SCISS' Uniview real-time data visualization platform)
  • Go-Dome The Worlds Finest Portable Planetarium
  • Goto—Japan—EX-3, E-5, Eros, Venus, G1014, GE, GE II, GE 6, GM-AT, GS 6, GM-15, Chronos, Helios, GR-T, M-1, S-3, Super Helios—Total is uncertain, about 400 outside Japan. It is said the Japanese government placed an EX-3 in every elementary school in Japan.
  • Ohira Tech - Japan, Megastar -7
  • Hangzhou—China—20
  • Holovis World Leader in Multi-Channel Dome Projection, Infiniti Dome, Large-Format Solutions, Immersive Experiences, Full Dome Real-Time Gaming. Based in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, China and Italy
  • Jindu—China—J8, J10—15
  • Portable Planetariums Home - Argentina - Over 150
  • Minolta—Japan—Geministar, Infinium, MO-6, MS-8, MS-10, Series II, Cosmoleap—over 250
  • MMI Corp. -- Maryland—Starworlds (identical to Nova Junior) or Model 6500, 7700, 8800 (identical to Apollo Portable),
  • Moscow—Russia—Eline, UP-2, UP-4—about 10
  • Planetronix -- Mexico—about 10
  • RSA Cosmos—France—Cosmodyssee, SN 88, SN 95—20
  • Science First/Starlab Yulee, Florida Manufacturers/Sellers of Starlab Portable Planetariums and Digital Starlabs. Over 650 systems on 6 continents as of December 2010 and growing.
  • Sky-Skan -- New Hampshire Immersive fulldome installations, from architectural design and build to systems install and maintenance. Original product was SkyVision, now Definiti (runs DigitalSky 2 software). More than 180 systems installed as of 1/1/13
  • Spitz -- Pennsylvania—A, A1, A2, A3, A3P, A3P', A4, A4RPY, A5, 373, 512, B, C, Spitz Junior (actually made under license by Harmonic Reed), Nova I or Nova Junior (Harmonic Reed under license), Nova II, Nova III, STP, STS, Spitz School—over 500
  • TSA -- Ohio—Emmons, TSA—6 D
  • Viewlex—New York—Apollo I, Apollo II, Apollo III, Apollo Portable—125 D
  • XTY—China—15
  • Zeiss—Germany—Mark I to VI, Universarium VII to IX, ZKP-1, ZKP-2 to ZKP-4 (Skymaster), RFP (Spacemaster), Starmaster—400
  • Planetarios Corporation with factories in Argentina, Mexico, China and Russian Federation. Biggest Portable Planetarium World Wide Exporter

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