List of plantations in Maine

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List of plantations in Maine, arranged in alphabetical order with (county) noted.

A plantation in Maine is an organized form of municipal self-government similar to but with less power than a town or a city. One difference is that plantations cannot make local ordinances. Unlike towns or cities, with few exceptions, this type of municipality usually includes the word Plantation as part of its full name. The citizens living within a plantation or living in neighboring municipalities also commonly refer to the municipality by that full name, i.e., XXX_Plantation. There are some exceptions such as Matinicus Isle Plantation is most commonly known simply as Matinicus and Monhegan Island Plantation is most commonly known as Monhegan, (whether referring to the islands themselves, or to the communities on that island.) In this listing an asterisk (*) indicates those municipalities whose name is more commonly referenced without the descriptor.

Note: This list contains only the 34 Maine municipalities that are legally organized as plantations, for other places in Maine see List of places in Maine

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