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This is a list of packages implementing a platform-independent GUI (PIGUI). These can be used to develop software that can be ported to multiple platforms without changes to its source code.

C/C++ packages[edit]

Name Owner Platforms License
CEGUI CEGUI team Windows, Mac, Linux MIT License
FLTK (Fast, Light Toolkit) Bill Spitzak, et. al. X11, Windows, Mac LGPL
GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) GNOME Foundation X11, Windows, DirectFB, Quartz on Mac OS X LGPL
Guiliani TES Electronic Solutions Windows, X11, Mac, DirectFB, BareMetal, Android, IOS Commercial
IUP Tecgraf/PUC-Rio Windows, X11 MIT License
JUCE Roli Ltd. Windows, X11, Mac, iOS, Android GPL, Commercial
MetaCard MetaCard Corporation Windows, X11, Mac Commercial
MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers
(formerly NuTCRACKER)
DataFocus, Inc. Windows from X11 code Commercial
Qt Qt Project Windows, Linux (X11,Wayland), OS-X, iOS, Android [1] LGPL, GPL, Commercial
Ultimate++ Ultimate++ Windows, X11, PocketPC, WindowsCE BSD-like
Views Rogue Wave Windows, X11 Commercial
(formerly wxWindows)
wxWidgets team Windows, OS/2, X11, OpenLook[clarification needed], Mac OS X, iOS LGPL
XVT Portability Toolkit XVT Software Inc. Windows, OS/2, X11, OpenLook[clarification needed], Mac Commercial

Packages in other languages[edit]

Name Owner Platforms License
Java / Swing Sun Microsystems Inc. Windows, OS/2, X11, OpenLook[clarification needed], Mac Free
Oberon/F / Blackbox Oberon Microsystems Windows, Mac Commercial
Tcl/Tk Open source Windows, OS/2, X11, OpenLook[clarification needed], Mac Free
LCL/Lazarus Open source Windows (Win32, Qt), Linux (GTK+, Qt), Mac OS X (Qt, Carboon, Cocoa) Free
Delphi/Firemonkey Embarcadero Technologies Windows, Mac OS X, iOS Commercial
Cincom Windows, OS/2, X11, OpenLook[clarification needed], Mac Commercial
Pharo community Windows, X11, Mac Free
Xamarin Windows, X11, Mac Free

Requiring verification (may be unsupported)[edit]

Name Owner Platforms License
for C++ and Smalltalk
IBM Various Commercial

No longer available or supported[edit]

Name Owner Comment
AppWare Novell This product has been de-emphasized (which is commonly believed to mean "dropped") by Novell.
Zinc Professional Software Associates May still be supporting, but no new sales.
zApp Application Framework zApp and later RougeWave Had a very modern architecture, was ahead of its time. Was popular around 1993/1994.
Open Interface Neuron Data One of the earliest PIGUI supported DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, VMS, and Microsoft Windows 3.0.

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