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High Stakes Poker was a cash game poker television program broadcast by the cable television Game Show Network (GSN) in the United States. It premiered on January 16, 2006 and ended on December 17, 2007 for the first 4 seasons and the last 3 seasons ran from March 1, 2009 to May 21, 2011. The poker variant played on the show was no limit Texas hold 'em. The show was taped in a poker room setting at various casino hotel locations in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The participants on the show included both professional poker players and amateur players, including celebrity amateurs who have had some success in major tournaments, such as Jerry Buss, Sam Simon, Nick Cassavetes and others.


Doyle Brunson, 77, is the oldest participant on High Stakes Poker
Eli Elezra won a $47,000 pot in Season 3 with four aces
Daniel Negreanu brought $1,000,000 to the table in Season 1
Antonio Esfandiari won $1,000 from Nick Cassavetes after successfully doing 47 push-ups in a Season 5 episode[1]
Barry Greenstein raised over $50,000 in charitable donations by uttering the phrase "LOL donkaments" on the show[2]
In Season 5, Tom Dwan won a $919,600 pot against Barry Greenstein
Name Country of birth Occupation Season
Adams, BrandonBrandon Adams  United States Professor, poker player 4
Alaei, DanielDaniel Alaei  Iran Poker player 1-3
Antonius, PatrikPatrik Antonius  Finland Poker player 3-6
Benyamine, DavidDavid Benyamine  France Poker player 3-6
Baxter, MikeMike Baxter  United States Hedge fund manager[3] 4-5, 7
Bilzerian, DanDan Bilzerian  United States Poker player 6
Booth, BradBrad Booth  Canada Poker player 2-4
Brunson, DoyleDoyle Brunson  United States Poker player 1-7
Brunson, ToddTodd Brunson  United States Poker player 1-4
Buss, JerryJerry Buss  United States Basketball team owner 1
Cassavetes, NickNick Cassavetes  United States Actor, director 5
Chamanara, FredFred Chamanara  Iran Restaurant owner[4] 1-2
Chan, JohnnyJohnny Chan  China Poker player 1, 7
Chen, WilliamWilliam Chen  United States Mathematician, poker player 3
Croak, RobertRobert Croak  United States Businessman 7
Duhamel, JonathanJonathan Duhamel  Canada Poker player 7
D'Agostino, JohnJohn D'Agostino  United States Poker player 3
Deeb, FreddyFreddy Deeb  Lebanon Poker player 1
Dwan, TomTom Dwan  United States Poker player 5-6
Eastgate, PeterPeter Eastgate  Denmark Poker player 5
Elezra, EliEli Elezra  Israel Businessman, poker player 1-6
Esfandiari, AntonioAntonio Esfandiari  Iran Poker player 1-7
Farha, SammySammy Farha  Lebanon Poker player 1-4
Ferguson, ChrisChris Ferguson  United States Poker player 3
Filippi, AmnonAmnon Filippi  United States Poker player 2
Forrest, TedTed Forrest  United States Poker player 1-2
Galfond, PhilPhil Galfond  United States Poker player 4, 6-7
Gold, JamieJamie Gold  United States Poker player 3-4
Greenstein, BarryBarry Greenstein  United States Poker player 1-7
Grospellier, BertrandBertrand Grospellier  France Poker player 6
Grey, DavidDavid Grey  United States Poker player 2
Hachem, JoeJoe Hachem  Australia Poker player 5
Hansen, GusGus Hansen  Denmark Poker player 2, 6
Harman, JenniferJennifer Harman  United States Poker player 1-4
Harmetz, DanDan Harmetz  United States Businessman 3
Hellmuth Jr., PhilPhil Hellmuth Jr.  United States Poker player 1, 4, 6
Høivold, AndreasAndreas Høivold  Norway Poker player 6
Ivey, PhilPhil Ivey  United States Poker player 3, 6
Juanda, JohnJohn Juanda  Indonesia Poker player 2
Kaplan, GabeGabe Kaplan  United States Comedian, actor, poker player 3
Klein, BillBill Klein  United States Businessman 7
Laak, PhilPhil Laak  Ireland Poker player 2-7
Laliberté, GuyGuy Laliberté  Canada Founder of Cirque du Soleil 4
Lederer, HowardHoward Lederer  United States Poker player, co-founder of Full Tilt Poker 5
Lindgren, ErickErick Lindgren  United States Poker player 2-3
Ly, MinhMinh Ly  Vietnam Poker player 2
Matusow, MikeMike Matusow  United States Poker player 2-4, 6
Meltzer, AlanAlan Meltzer  United States Record mogul 5
Mercier, JasonJason Mercier  United States Poker player 6-7
Minieri, DarioDario Minieri  Italy Poker player 5-6
Mizrachi, MichaelMichael Mizrachi  United States Poker player 2
Nasseri, AmirAmir Nasseri  Iran Physician, poker player[5] 1
Negreanu, DanielDaniel Negreanu  Canada Poker player 1-7
Peat, DavidDavid Peat  United States Poker player[6] 5, 7
Phillips, DennisDennis Phillips  United States Account manager, poker player 6
Ramdin, VictorVictor Ramdin  Guyana Poker player 3
Robl, AndrewAndrew Robl  United States Poker player 6-7
Ruffin, PhilPhil Ruffin  United States Businessman 7
Safai, BobBob Safai  United States Real estate partner[7] 4
Sahamies, IlariIlari Sahamies  Finland Poker player 5
Salorio, AntonioAntonio Salorio  United States Poker player 4
Selbst, VanessaVanessa Selbst  United States Poker player 7
Shak, DanDan Shak  United States Businessman, poker player 3
Shea, NicoletteNicolette Shea  United States Poker player 3
Sheikhan, ShawnShawn Sheikhan  Iran Poker player 1-3
Simon, SamSam Simon  United States Television producer 5
Stupak, BobBob Stupak  United States Casino owner,[4] poker player 1
Townsend, BrianBrian Townsend  United States Poker player 3
Tran, MimiMimi Tran  Vietnam Poker player 1
Trincher, IlyaIlya Trincher  Russia Poker player 3
Voulgaris, HaralabosHaralabos Voulgaris  Canada Sports bettor, poker player 4, 7
Veldhuis, LexLex Veldhuis  Netherlands Poker player 6
Wasicka, PaulPaul Wasicka  United States Poker player 3
Williams, DavidDavid Williams  United States Poker player 3
Zeidman, CoryCory Zeidman  United States Poker player 2


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