List of plum cultivars

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This is a list of plum cultivars:

Image Common name Color Additional information Refs
Late summer bounty - - 243791.jpg Bullace Blue
Prunus nigra 5444371.jpg Canadian plum *
Slivka.JPG Damson Blue [1]
Greengages.jpg Greengage Green [2]
W sumomo4061.jpg Japanese plum (or Chinese plum) *
LaetitiaPortugal (2).JPG Laetitia plum Red [3]
LemonPlums.jpg Lemon plum Yellow
Prunus mexicana-fruits-leaves.jpg Mexican plum * Red
Mirabellen.jpg Mirabelle Yellow [4]
Rozier - Cours d’agriculture, tome 8, pl. 28, perdrigon violet.png Perdrigon
Prunus domestica 'Reine Victoria'.jpg Victoria Red

Those marked with asterisk (*) are distinct species.


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