List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area from 1,000 to 5,000 square kilometers

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This is one of a series of comprehensive lists of continents, countries, and first level administrative country subdivisions such as states, provinces, and territories, as well as certain political and geographic features of substantial area.[1] Some divisions are listed twice, with one listing including territory that is excluded in the other for various reasons, including territorial disputes. Names of currently existing countries are bolded, while names of geographic features are italicized. There is intentional overlap between the lists in order to maximize ease of use.

Geographic entity Area (km²) Notes
France Jura 4,999 Department of France.
 Balearic Islands 4,992 Smallest autonomous community of Spain.
Uruguay San José Department 4,992 Department of Uruguay.
 Fukuoka 4,986.40 Prefecture of Japan.
Romania Botoşani County 4,986 County of Romania.
France Haute-Loire 4,977 Department of France.
Russia Kolguyev Island 4,968 Island part of Russia.
Costa Rica San José Province 4,960 Third smallest province of Costa Rica.
Portugal Faro 4,960 District of Portugal.
Bulgaria Stara Zagora Province 4,959 Province of Bulgaria.
 Morelos 4,950 State of Mexico.
Paraguay Cordillera Department 4,948 Department of Paraguay.
Afghanistan Kunar Province 4,942 Province of Afghanistan.
Romania Mehedinţi County 4,933 County of Romania.
Panama Coclé 4,927 Province of Panama.
Philippines Surigao del Sur 4,925.18 Province of the Philippines.
Thailand Trang Province 4,918 Province of Thailand.
Norway Akershus 4,917 County of Norway.
Algeria Aïn Defla Province 4,897 Province of Algeria.
Ecuador Imbabura Province 4,896 Province of Ecuador.
Haiti Artibonite 4,895 Largest department of Haiti.
Panama Colón Province 4,891 Province of Panama.
France Ariège 4,890 Department of France.
Cambodia Prey Veng Province 4,883 Province of Cambodia.
Cambodia Kampot Province 4,873.2 Province of Cambodia.
Algeria Relizane Province 4,870 Province of Algeria.
Vietnam Bắc Kạn Province 4,868.40 Province of Vietnam.
Brazil Ilha Grande de Gurupá 4,864 Fluvial island part of Brazil.
Nigeria Abia State 4,857 Third smallest state of Nigeria.
Romania Vrancea County 4,857 County of Romania.
Lake Nipigon 4,843 Lake in Canada.
Donegalcocologo.png County Donegal 4,841 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the largest county in the province of Ulster.
Nicaragua Chinandega 4,822 Region of Nicaragua.
Philippines Bohol 4,820.95 Province of the Philippines.
Turkey Sakarya Province 4,817 Province of Turkey.
Estonia Pärnu County 4,807 Largest county of Estonia.
Papua New Guinea Jiwaka Province 4,798 Third smallest province of Papua New Guinea.
Uruguay Maldonado Department 4,793 Third smallest department of Uruguay.
Algeria Chlef Province 4,791 Province of Algeria.
France Loire 4,781 Department of France.
Romania Brăila County 4,766 County of Romania.
Thailand Prachinburi Province 4,762 Province of Thailand.
Nigeria Anambra State 4,761 Second smallest state of Nigeria.
Vietnam Quảng Trị Province 4,760.10 Province of Vietnam.
Czech Republic Hradec Králové Region 4,758.54 Region of the Czech Republic.
France Bas-Rhin 4,755 Department of France.
Kerrycocologo.png County Kerry 4,746 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the second largest county in the province of Munster.
Scotland Scottish Borders 4,734 Unitary district of Scotland.
 Wakayama 4,724.69 Prefecture of Japan.
Romania Prahova County 4,716 County of Romania.
Thailand Khon Kaen Province 4,709 Province of Thailand.
Lake Manitoba 4,706 Lake in Canada.
Bulgaria Dobrich Province 4,700 Province of Bulgaria.
Turkey Batman Province 4,694 Province of Turkey.
Denmark North Jutlandic Island 4,685 Island part of Denmark.
Turkey Trabzon Province 4,685 Province of Turkey.
Vietnam Hòa Bình Province 4,684.20 Province of Vietnam.
Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo Province 4,684 Province of Bulgaria.
France Haute-Corse 4,666 Department of France.
Great Salt Lake 4,662 Lake in the United States.
Flag of Carabobo State.svg Carabobo 4,650 State of Venezuela.
Japan Ryukyu Islands 4,642.11 Chain of islands part of Japan.
Philippines Eastern Samar 4,640.73 Province of the Philippines.
Ecuador Isabela Island 4,640 Largest island of the Galapagos Island, part of Ecuador.
Indonesia Lombok 4,625 Island part of Indonesia.
 Kyoto 4,612.19 Prefecture of Japan.
Panama Bocas del Toro Province 4,601 Province of Panama.
Haiti Ouest 4,595 Second largest department of Haiti.
Georgia (country) Racha-Lechkhumi
and Kvemo Svaneti
4,568 Second smallest region of Georgia.
Bhutan Gasa 4,561 Largest district of Bhutan.
Lake Taymyr 4,560 Lake in Russia.
Algeria Souk Ahras Province 4,541 Province of Algeria.
Croatia Split-Dalmatia 4,540 Second largest county of Croatia.
Uruguay Canelones Department 4,536 Second smallest department of Uruguay.
Thailand Phetchaburi Province 4,531 Province of Thailand.
Falkland Islands West Falkland 4,531 Smaller of the 2 main islands of the Falkland Islands.
Thailand Yala Province 4,521 Province of Thailand.
Czech Republic Pardubice Region 4,518.63 Region of the Czech Republic.
Armenia Syunik Province 4,506 Second largest province of Armenia.
Thailand Lampang Province 4,506 Province of Thailand.
Israel Northern District 4,501 Second largest District of Israel.
Vietnam Long An Province 4,493.80 Province of Vietnam.
Hungary Veszprém 4,493 County of Hungary.
Qinghai Lake 4,489 Lake in China.
Philippines Compostela Valley 4,479.77 Province of the Philippines.
Indonesia Belitung 4,478 Island part of Indonesia.
Thailand Nan Province 4,475 Province of Thailand.
Philippines Cebu 4,468 Island part of the Philippines.
Croatia Sisak-Moslavina 4,468 Third largest county of Croatia.
Romania Galaţi County 4,466 County of Romania.
 Yamanashi 4,465.27 Prefecture of Japan.
France Hautes-Pyrénées 4,464 Department of France.
Lithuania Marijampolė County 4,463 County of Lithuania.
Antarctica Adelaide Island 4,463 Island part of Antarctica.
Canada Stefansson Island 4,463 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Afghanistan Kabul Province 4,462 Province of Afghanistan.
Romania Ialomiţa County 4,453 County of Romania.
Luxembourg (Belgium) Luxembourg 4,443 Province of Wallonia, Belgium.
Algeria Bouira Province 4,439 Province of Algeria.
Italy Molise 4,438 Second smallest region of Italy.
Hungary Baranya 4,430 County of Hungary.
Indonesia Madura Island 4,429 Island part of Indonesia.
Philippines South Cotabato 4,428.81 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of General Santos.
Romania Satu Mare County 4,418 County of Romania.
Lithuania Tauragė County 4,411 County of Lithuania.
Indonesia Buton 4,408 Island part of Indonesia.
Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh 4,400 Disputed territory. Recognized as part of Azerbaijan.
Saimaa ≈4,400 Lake in Finland.
Panama Emberá 4,398 Province of Panama.
Bulgaria Pazardzhik Province 4,393 Province of Bulgaria.
France Haute-Savoie 4,388 Department of France.
Guatemala Escuintla 4,384 Department of Guatemala.
Philippines Nueva Vizcaya 4,378.80 Province of the Philippines.
Australia Kangaroo Island 4,374 Island part of Australia.
Turkey Kırıkkale Province 4,365 Province of Turkey.
Thailand Chiang Rai Province 4,363 Province of Thailand.
Alaska Admiralty Island 4,362 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Hungary Fejér 4,359 County of Hungary.
Senegal Diourbel Region 4,359 Third smallest region of Senegal.
Philippines Apayao 4,351.23 Province of the Philippines.
Lithuania Telšiai County 4,350 County of Lithuania.
Lake of the Woods 4,350 Lake in North America between Canada and the United States.
Thailand Maha Sarakham Province 4,340 Province of Thailand.
Estonia Harju County 4,333 Second largest county of Estonia.
Portugal Vila Real 4,328 District of Portugal.
Turkey Bilecik Province 4,307 Province of Turkey.
IRL county Tipperary COA.png County Tipperary 4,303 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the third largest county in the province of Munster.
France Alpes-Maritimes 4,299 Department of France.
Papua New Guinea Western Highlands Province 4,299 Second smallest province of Papua New Guinea.
Honduras Lempira 4,290 Department of Honduras.
Hungary Csongrád 4,263 County of Hungary.
Honduras Atlántida 4,251 Department of Honduras.
Vanuatu Sanma Province 4,248 Largest province of Vanuatu.
 Toyama 4,247.61 Prefecture of Japan.
Philippines Oriental Mindoro 4,238.38 Province of the Philippines.
Solomon Islands Malaita Province 4,225 Third largest province of the Solomon Islands.
Bulgaria Pleven Province 4,216 Province of Bulgaria.
Honduras Choluteca 4,211 Department of Honduras.
Alaska Nunivak Island 4,209 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Bulgaria Yambol Province 4,209 Province of Bulgaria.
Hungary Győr-Moson-Sopron 4,208 County of Hungary.
Uzbekistan Andijan Province 4,200 Second smallest province of Uzbekistan.
Philippines Abra 4,198.20 Province of the Philippines.
 Fukui 4,190.49 Prefecture of Japan.
Khanka Lake 4,190 Lake in Asia between Russia and China.
 Ishikawa 4,186.09 Prefecture of Japan.
Norway Østfold 4,183 County of Norway.
Egypt Sharqia Governorate 4,180 Governorate of Egypt.
Nicaragua Boaco 4,177 Region of Nicaragua.
Thailand Pattani Province 4,171 Province of Thailand.
 French Polynesia 4,167 French overseas collectivity.
Thailand Yasothon Province 4,162 Province of Thailand.
Senegal Kaolack Region 4,157 Second smallest region of Senegal.
Croatia Osijek-Baranja 4,155 County of Croatia.
Afghanistan Khost Province 4,152 Province of Afghanistan.
Philippines Masbate 4,151.78 Province of the Philippines.
Cuba Cienfuegos Province 4,149 Third smallest province of Cuba.
 Tokushima 4,146.65 Prefecture of Japan.
Colombia Risaralda Department 4,140 District of Colombia.
Solomon Islands Isabel 4,136 Province of the Solomon Islands.
Bulgaria Lovech Province 4,134 Province of Bulgaria.
 Nagasaki 4,132.09 Prefecture of Japan.
Alaska Nunivak Island 4,119 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Chile Hoste Island 4,117 Island part of Chile.
France Pyrénées-Orientales 4,116 Department of France.
Algeria Bordj Bou Arreridj Province 4,115 Province of Algeria.
Algeria Guelma Province 4,101 Province of Algeria.
Antarctica Spaatz Island 4,100 Island part of Antarctica.
Bulgaria Vratsa Province 4,098 Province of Bulgaria.
Turkey Karabük Province 4,074 Province of Turkey.
Philippines Sulu Archipelago 4,068 Chain of islands in the Malay Archipelago part of the Philippines.
Alaska Baranof Island 4,065 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Romania Dâmboviţa County 4,054 County of Romania.
Indonesia Nias 4,048 Island part of Indonesia.
Bhutan Wangdue Phodrang 4,046 Second largest district of Bhutan.
Peru Tumbes Region 4,046 Second smallest region of Peru.
Vietnam Tây Ninh Province 4,035.90 Province of Vietnam.
 Cape Verde 4,033 Country in Africa.
Bulgaria Haskovo Province 4,033 Province of Bulgaria.
Bulgaria Kardzhali Province 4,032 Province of Bulgaria.
Algeria Skikda Province 4,026 Province of Algeria.
 Shiga 4,017.38 Prefecture of Japan.
 Tlaxcala 4,016 State of Mexico.
France Corse-du-Sud 4,014 Department of France.
Russia Republic of Ingushetia 4,000 Federal subject of Russia (estimated; the exact area is unknown as the border of Ingushetia with Chechnya has not been demarcated).
Yemen Ad Dali' Governorate 4,000 Third smallest governorate of Yemen.
 Burgenland 3,966 Third smallest state of Austria.
Czech Republic Zlín Region 3,963.55 Third smallest region of the Czech Republic.
Haiti Centre 3,597 Third largest department of Haiti.
Vanuatu Espiritu Santo 3,955.5 Largest island of Vanuatu.
Honduras Cortés 3,954 Department of Honduras.
Sarygamysh Lake 3,950 Lake in Asia between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
Portugal Coimbra 3,947 District of Portugal.
Jamaica Cornwall County 3,939.3 County of Jamaica.
Laos Vientiane Province 3,920 Smallest province of Laos.
Turkey Rize Province 3,920 Province of Turkey.
Greenland Milne Land 3,913 Island part of Greenland.
Ecuador Cañar Province 3,908 Province of Ecuador.
Liberia Grand Kru 3,895 County of Liberia.
Dubai Dubai 3,885 Second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
Afghanistan Logar Province 3,880 Province of Afghanistan.
Romania Sălaj County 3,864 County of Romania.
Thailand Narathiwat Province 3,859 Province of Thailand.
Paraguay Guairá 3,846 Third smallest department of Paraguay.
Liège (province) Liège 3,844 Province of Wallonia, Belgium.
Afghanistan Laghman Province 3,843 Province of Afghanistan.
Solomon Islands Choiseul 3,837 Province of the Solomon Islands.
Solomon Islands Malaita 3,386 Second-largest island of the Solomon Islands.
Greece North Aegean 3,836 Third smallest periphery of Greece.
Dubawnt Lake 3,833 Lake in Canada.
Indonesia Siberut 3,829 Island part of Indonesia.
Vietnam Bắc Giang Province 3,827.40 Province of Vietnam.
Philippines Lanao del Norte 3,824.79 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Iligan.
Philippines Bohol 3,821 Island part of the Philippines.
Bulgaria Varna Province 3,819 Province of Bulgaria.
Greece Attica 3,808 Second smallest periphery of Greece.
Panama Los Santos Province 3,805 Province of Panama.
England Suffolk 3,801 Administrative county of England.
Hainaut (province) Hainaut 3,800 Province of Wallonia, Belgium.
 Saitama 3,797.75 Prefecture of Japan.
Yemen Socotra 3,796 Archipelago part of Yemen.
Guatemala San Marcos 3,791 Department of Guatemala.
Armenia Lori Province 3,789 Third largest province of Armenia.
Hungary Zala 3,784 County of Hungary.
Lake Van 3,755 Lake in Turkey.
Syria Daraa 3,730 Governorate of Syria.
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South Georgia 3,718 Main island of the British territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
France Tarn-et-Garonne 3,718 Department of France.
Philippines Zambales 3,714.40 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Olongapo.
Romania Covasna County 3,710 Third smallest county of Romania.
Greece Euboea 3,707 Island part of Greece.
Hungary Tolna 3,703 County of Hungary.
India Goa 3,702 State of India.
Ecuador Carchi Province 3,699 Third smallest province of Ecuador.
Philippines Northern Samar 3,692.93 Province of the Philippines.
 Nara 3,690.94 Prefecture of Japan.
England Hampshire 3,688 Administrative county of England.
Chile Santa Inés Island 3,688 Island part of Chile.
Balearic Islands Majorca 3,667 Largest island of the Balearic Islands, part of Spain.
Solomon Islands Santa Isabel Island 3,665 Third-largest island of the Solomon Islands.
Namur (province) Namur 3,664 Province of Wallonia, Belgium.
Turkey Bayburt Province 3,652 Province of Turkey.
Bulgaria Sliven Province 3,646 Province of Bulgaria.
Croatia Zadar 3,646 County of Croatia.
Hungary Heves 3,637 County of Hungary.
New York (state) Long Island 3,629 Island part of the U.S. state of New York.
Croatia Karlovac 3,626 County of Croatia.
Turkey Kocaeli Province 3,626 Province of Turkey.
Afghanistan Panjshir Province 3,610 Province of Afghanistan.
Philippines Zamboanga Sibugay 3,607.75 Province of the Philippines.
Yemen Socotra (main island) 3,607 Largest island of the Socotra archipelago, part of Yemen.
Philippines Sarangani 3,601.25 Province of the Philippines.
Indonesia Wetar 3,600 Island part of Indonesia.
Bulgaria Montana Province 3,595 Province of Bulgaria.
Latvia Liepāja District 3,594 Largest district of Latvia.
Croatia Primorje-Gorski Kotar 3,588 County of Croatia.
Thailand Saraburi Province 3,577 Province of Thailand.
Cambodia Kandal Province 3,568 Third smallest province of Cambodia.
France Vaucluse 3,567 Department of France.
Cambodia Takéo Province 3,563 Second smallest province of Cambodia.
Albania Shkodër County 3,562 Second largest county of Albania.
England Cornwall 3,559 Administrative county of England.
Lake Peipus 3,555 Lake in Europe between Estonia and Russia.
Thailand Rayong Province 3,552 Province of Thailand.
Philippines Agusan del Norte 3,546.86 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Butuan.
Vietnam Thái Nguyên Province 3,546.60 Province of Vietnam.
England Kent 3,543 Administrative county of England.
Greenland Traill Island 3,542 Island part of Greenland.
Turkey Iğdır Province 3,539 Province of Turkey.
Vietnam An Giang Province 3,536.80 Province of Vietnam.
Bulgaria Smolyan Province 3,532 Province of Bulgaria.
Vietnam Phú Thọ Province 3,528.40 Province of Vietnam.
Romania Giurgiu County 3,526 Second smallest county of Romania.
France Haut-Rhin 3,525 Department of France.
Philippines Misamis Oriental 3,515.70 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Cagayan de Oro.
Portugal Leiria 3,515 District of Portugal.
 Tottori 3,507.05 Prefecture of Japan.
Philippines Ilocos Norte 3,504.30 Province of the Philippines.
Antarctica Bear Island 3,500 Island part of Antarctica.
Oman Muscat Governorate 3,500 Second smallest governorate of Oman.
Nicaragua Nueva Segovia 3,491 Region of Nicaragua.
Philippines Quirino 3,486.16 Province of the Philippines.
Turkey Zonguldak Province 3,481 Province of Turkey.
Nigeria Lagos State 3,475 Smallest state of Nigeria.
Egypt Dakahlia Governorate 3,471 Governorate of Egypt.
England Essex 3,469 Administrative county of England.
Estonia Lääne-Viru County 3,465 Third largest county of Estonia.
Nicaragua Managua 3,465 Region of Nicaragua.
England Somerset 3,451 Administrative county of England.
The Bahamas North Andros Island 3,439 Largest island of The Bahamas.
Egypt Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate 3,437 Governorate of Egypt.
Philippines Davao del Norte 3,426.97 Province of the Philippines.
Philippines Tawi-Tawi 3,426.55 Province of the Philippines.
Thailand Phang Nga Province 3,425 Province of Thailand.
Estonia Viljandi County 3,422 County of Estonia.
Colombia Atlántico Department 3,388 District of Colombia.
Vietnam Đồng Tháp Province 3,376.40 Province of Vietnam.
Bulgaria Shumen Province 3,365 Province of Bulgaria.
Estonia Ida-Viru County 3,364 County of Estonia.
Vietnam Ninh Thuận Province 3,363.10 Province of Vietnam.
Uvs Lake 3,555 Lake in Mongolia.
Latvia Madona District 3,346 Second largest district of Latvia.
Algeria El Tarf Province 3,339 Province of Algeria.
Hungary Vas County 3,336 Third smallest county of Hungary.
Russia Vaygach Island 3,329 Island part of Russia.
Turkey Osmaniye Province 3,320 Province of Turkey.
Czech Republic Karlovy Vary Region 3,314.46 Second smallest region of the Czech Republic.
New Zealand Dunedin 3,314 Largest city (by area) in New Zealand.
Vietnam Sóc Trăng Province 3,312.30 Province of Vietnam.
Thailand Ranong Province 3,298 Province of Thailand.
Mongolia Darkhan-Uul 3,280 Second smallest aimag of Mongolia.
Albania Elbasan County 3,278 Third largest county of Albania.
Algeria Béjaïa Province 3,268 Province of Algeria.
Philippines Masbate Island 3,268 Island of the Philippines.
Benin Plateau Department 3,264 Department of Benin.
Italy Aosta Valley 3,263 Smallest region of Italy.
Ecuador Bolívar Province 3,254 Second smallest province of Ecuador.
France Rhône 3,249 Department of France.
England Wiltshire 3,246 Administrative county of England.
Russia Iturup 3,238 Largest island of the Kuril Islands, part of Russia.
Benin Atlantique Department 3,233 Department of Benin.
Windward Islands 3,232.5 Subsection of islands in the Lesser Antilles.
Philippines Kalinga 3,231.25 Province of the Philippines.
Guatemala Jutiapa 3,219 Department of Guatemala.
 Vaud 3,212 Canton of Switzerland.
Lake Poyang 3,210 Lake in China.
Honduras Copán 3,203 Department of Honduras.
Micronesia 3,201 An island chain subdivision of Oceania.
Lake Tana 3,200 Lake in Ethiopia.
England Shropshire 3,197 Administrative county of England.
Solomon Islands Makira-Ulawa 3,188 Province of the Solomon Islands.
Indonesia Yogyakarta Special Region 3,186 Second smallest province of Indonesia.
Sweden Gotland 3,183.7 Province, county, municipality and diocese of Sweden.
Canada Mansel Island 3,180 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
Czech Republic Liberec Region 3,162.93 Smallest region of the Czech Republic.
Thailand Amnat Charoen Province 3,161 Province of Thailand.
Tyrone arms.png County Tyrone 3,155 The largest county in Northern Ireland, the second largest county in the province of Ulster.
Algeria Tissemsilt Province 3,152 Province of Algeria.
Philippines Aurora 3,147.32 Province of the Philippines.
Clarecocologo.png County Clare 3,147 A county in the Munster province of the Republic of Ireland.
 Rhode Island 3,144 State of the United States.
Sweden Gotland County 3,140 Second smallest county of Sweden.
Scotland Eilean Siar 3,134 Island area of Scotland.
Costa Rica Cartago Province 3,125 Second smallest province of Costa Rica.
 West Flanders 3,125 Province of Flanders, Belgium.
Guatemala Baja Verapaz 3,124 Department of Guatemala.
Philippines Batangas 3,119.72 Province of the Philippines.
Amadjuak Lake 3,115 Lake in Canada.
Haiti Grand'Anse 3,100 Department of Haiti.
Indonesia Yamdena 3,100 Island part of Indonesia.
Denmark Funen 3,099.7 Island part of Denmark.
Honduras Intibucá 3,072 Department of Honduras.
Bulgaria Vidin Province 3,071 Province of Bulgaria.
Lake Melville 3,069 Lake in Canada.
England Cambridgeshire 3,067 Administrative county of England.
Latvia Cēsis District 3,067 Third largest district of Latvia.
Indonesia Waigeo 3,060 Island part of Indonesia.
Croatia City of Zagreb 3,060 County of Croatia.
Latvia Riga District 3,059 District of Latvia.
Cuba Ciudad de La Habana Province 3,053.49 Second smallest province of Cuba.
Bulgaria Kyustendil Province 3,027 Province of Bulgaria.
Bhutan Lhuntse 3,022 Third largest district of Bhutan.
Canada Akimiski Island 3,001 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
Lake Bangweulu 3,000 Lake in Zambia.
Latvia Jēkabpils District 2,998 District of Latvia.
Estonia Tartu County 2,993 County of Estonia.
 East Flanders 2,991 Province of Flanders, Belgium.
Croatia Šibenik-Knin 2,984 County of Croatia.
Estonia Rapla County 2,980 County of Estonia.
Solomon Islands Choiseul Island 2,971 Island of the Solomon Islands.
Cambodia Svay Rieng Province 2,966 Smallest province of Cambodia.
Algeria Tizi Ouzou Province 2,958 Province of Algeria.
Guatemala Santa Rosa 2,955 Department of Guatemala.
Sweden Blekinge County 2,941 Smallest county of Sweden.
Estonia Saare County 2,922 County of Estonia.
Adjara Adjara 2,899 Autonomous republic of Georgia.
England Lancashire 2,897 Administrative county of England.
Ecuador Tungurahua Province 2,896 Smallest province of Ecuador.
The Gambia Central River Division 2,895 Largest division of the Gambia.
Albania Gjirokastër County 2,883 County of Albania.
Antwerp (province) Antwerp 2,867 Province of Flanders, Belgium.
Bulgaria Silistra Province 2,862 Province of Bulgaria.
Antrim arms.png County Antrim 2,844 The second largest county in Northern Ireland, the third largest county in the province of Ulster.
French West Indies 2,831.4 Islands in the Caribbean under French sovereignty--Guadeloupe (Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, and La Désirade), Martinique, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy.
 Samoa 2,831 Country in Oceania.
Bhutan Bumthang 2,831 District of Bhutan.
Philippines Benguet 2,826.59 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Baguio.
Thailand Trat Province 2,819 Province of Thailand.
Croatia Istria 2,813 County of Croatia.
Latvia Rēzekne District 2,812 District of Latvia.
 Ticino 2,812 Canton of Switzerland.
Portugal Aveiro 2,808 District of Portugal.
Portugal Lisbon 2,800 District of Portugal.
Vanuatu Malampa Province 2,779 Second largest province of Vanuatu.
Philippines Bulacan 2,774.85 Province of the Philippines.
Alaska Revillagigedo Island 2,754.835 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Armenia Aragatsotn Province 2,753 Province of Armenia.
Latvia Talsi District 2,751 District of Latvia.
Philippines Tarlac 2,736.64 Province of the Philippines.
Bulgaria Targovishte Province 2,735 Province of Bulgaria.
Philippines Antique 2,729.17 Province of the Philippines.
Alaska Unalaska Island 2,720 Island part of the Aleutian Islands.
Albania Vlorë County 2,706 County of Albania.
Armenia Tavush Province 2,704 Province of Armenia.
Tonlé Sap 2,700 Lake in Cambodia, during dry seasons of the year.
Vietnam Bình Dương Province 2,696.20 Province of Vietnam.
Guatemala Zacapa 2,690 Department of Guatemala.
County Limerick 2,686 A county in the Munster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Armenia Shirak Province 2,681 Province of Armenia.
Egypt Alexandria Governorate 2,679 Governorate of Egypt.
Portugal Braga 2,673 District of Portugal.
Estonia Saaremaa 2,673 Island part of Estonia.
Costa Rica Heredia Province 2,657 Smallest province of Costa Rica.
England Gloucestershire 2,654 Administrative county of England.
Bulgaria Razgrad Province 2,648 Province of Bulgaria.
Croatia Bjelovar-Bilogora County 2,640 County of Croatia.
Philippines Ifugao 2,628.21 Province of the Philippines.
England Staffordshire 2,623 Administrative county of England.
Estonia Järva County 2,623 County of Estonia.
Liberia Margibi 2,616 County of Liberia.
Bulgaria Ruse Province 2,616 Province of Bulgaria.
Canada Moresby Island 2,608 Island in the Haida Gwaii archipelago, part of Canada.
Estonia Jõgeva County 2,604 County of Estonia.
England Oxfordshire 2,603 Administrative county of England.
Haiti Sud 2,602 Department of Haiti.
Latvia Limbaži District 2,602 District of Latvia.
 Vorarlberg 2,601 Second smallest state of Austria.
Philippines Ilocos Sur 2,595.96 Province of the Philippines.
Antarctica James Ross Island 2,598 Island part of Antarctica.
Philippines Capiz 2,594.64 Province of the Philippines.
Ghana Greater Accra Region 2,593 Smallest region of Ghana.
Sharjah (emirate) Sharjah 2,590 Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
 Luxembourg 2,586 Country in Europe.
Vietnam Bạc Liêu Province 2,584.10 Province of Vietnam.
Algeria Jijel Province 2,577 Province of Algeria.
Antarctica Charcot Island 2,576 Island part of Antarctica.
 Saarland 2,569 Smallest non-city state of Germany.
Philippines Albay 2,565.77 Province of the Philippines.
Latvia Aizkraukle District 2,565 District of Latvia.
Thailand Phrae Province 2,557 Province of Thailand.
England Derbyshire 2,550 Administrative county of England.
Wales Gwynedd 2,548 Second largest unitary authority of Wales.
Logo-contea-Roscommon.png County Roscommon 2,547 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the third largest in the province of Connacht.
Hungary Nógrád 2,546 Second smallest county of Hungary.
Indonesia Obira 2,542 Island part of Indonesia.
England Dorset 2,541 Administrative county of England.
Latvia Daugavpils District 2,525 District of Latvia.
France Réunion 2,510 Department of France.
Guatemala Suchitepéquez 2,510 Department of Guatemala.
Russia Moscow 2,510 Federal subject of Russia, area after its expansion on June 1, 2012.
Albania Dibër County 2,507 County of Albania.
Latvia Kuldīga District 2,502 District of Latvia.
Vietnam Tiền Giang Province 2,484.20 Province of Vietnam.
Thailand Satun Province 2,479 Province of Thailand.
Chile Navarino Island 2,473 Island part of Chile.
Latvia Ventspils District 2,472 District of Latvia.
Russia Paramushir 2,471 Second-largest island of the Kuril Islands, part of Russia.
Thailand Chachoengsao Province 2,470 Province of Thailand.
Burundi Bururi Province 2,465 Largest province of Burundi.
Paraguay Central Department 2,465 Second smallest department of Paraguay.
Scotland Northern Isles 2,464 Pair of archipelagoes part of Scotland, consists or Orkney and Shetland.
Antarctica Ross Island 2,460 Island part of Antarctica.
Croatia Vukovar-Srijem 2,454 County of Croatia.
Down arms.png County Down 2,448 The third largest county in Northern Ireland, in the province of Ulster.
Latvia Tukums District 2,447 District of Latvia.
 Saga 2,440.68 Prefecture of Japan.
Latvia Valka District 2,437 District of Latvia.
Greenland Ymer Island 2,437 Island part of Greenland.
Antarctica Anvers Island 2,432 Island part of Antarctica.
Leeward Antilles 2,418 Subsection of islands in the Lesser Antilles.
Angola Luanda Province 2,418 Smallest province of Angola.
 Kanagawa 2,415.83 Prefecture of Japan.
England East Riding of Yorkshire 2,415 Unitary authority of England.
Limburg (Belgium) Limburg 2,414 Province of Flanders, Belgium.
Latvia Ludza District 2,412 District of Latvia.
Indonesia Peleng 2,406 Island part of Indonesia.
Russia Karaginsky Island 2,404 Island part of Russia.
Benin Kouffo Department 2,404 Department of Benin.
Wales Carmarthenshire 2,398 Third largest unitary authority of Wales.
Portugal Porto 2,395 District of Portugal.
Panama Kuna Yala 2,393 Province of Panama.
Latvia Balvi District 2,386 District of Latvia.
Estonia Lääne County 2,383 County of Estonia.
Algeria Aïn Témouchent Province 2,379 Province of Algeria.
Bulgaria Pernik Province 2,377 Third smallest province of Bulgaria.
Guatemala Chiquimula 2,376 Department of Guatemala.
Albania Kukës County 2,373 County of Albania.
England Northamptonshire 2,367 Administrative county of England.
Latvia Valmiera District 2,365 District of Latvia.
Bhutan Sarpang 2,362 District of Bhutan.
Vietnam Bến Tre Province 2,360.20 Province of Vietnam.
Australia Australian Capital Territory 2,358 Territory of Australia.
Canada Cornwall Island 2,358 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
IRL COA County Wexford 3D.svg County Wexford 2,353 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the largest in the province of Leinster.
 Azores 2,346 Autonomous Region of Portugal.
County Meath 2,342 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the second largest in the province of Leinster.
Panama Herrera Province 2,341 Third smallest province of Panama.
Burundi Ruyigi Province 2,339 Second largest province of Burundi.
Honduras La Paz 2,331 Department of Honduras.
Yemen Al Mahwit Governorate 2,330 Second smallest governorate of Yemen.
Australia Groote Eylandt 2,326.1 Island part of Australia.
Philippines Camarines Norte 2,320.07 Province of the Philippines.
Panama Kuna de Madugandí 2,319 Second smallest province of Panama.
Bhutan Trashigang 2,316 District of Bhutan.
Bhutan Samdrup Jongkhar 2,312 District of Bhutan.
Armenia Vayots Dzor Province 2,308 Province of Armenia.
Greece Ionian Islands 2,307 Smallest periphery of Greece.
Estonia Võru County 2,305 County of Estonia.
Syria Latakia 2,297 Governorate of Syria.
Liberia Maryland 2,297 Third smallest county of Liberia.
Vietnam Trà Vinh Province 2,295.10 Province of Vietnam.
Latvia Krāslava District 2,285 District of Latvia.
France Yvelines 2,284 Department of France.
 Okinawa 2,281.12 Prefecture of Japan.
Indonesia Yapen 2,278 Island part of Indonesia.
Indonesia Morotai Island 2,266 Island part of Indonesia.
Hungary Komárom-Esztergom 2,265 Smallest county of Hungary.
The Gambia North Bank Division 2,256 Second largest division of the Gambia.
Portugal Viana do Castelo 2,255 District of Portugal.
Canada Princess Royal Island 2,251 Island part of Canada.
Latvia Alūksne District 2,243 District of Latvia.
Scotland Moray 2,238 Unitary district of Scotland.
Cuba Isla de la Juventud 2,237 Second-largest island of Cuba.
 Comoros 2,235 Country in Listed figure includes Mayotte (373 km2). The figure without Mayotte is 1,862 km2.
England Durham 2,233 Administrative county of England.
Nicaragua Estelí 2,230 Region of Nicaragua.
Norway Hinnøya 2,204.7 Island part of Norway.
Russia Wilczek Land 2,203 Largest island of Franz Josef Land, part of Russia.
Philippines Basilan 2,217.13 Province of the Philippines.
Norway Vestfold 2,216 County of Norway.
Cuba Isla de la Juventud 2,199 Smallest province of Cuba.
Vietnam Hà Tây Province 2,198 Province of Vietnam.
Scotland Stirling 2,196 Unitary district of Scotland.
 Tokyo 2,190.93 Prefecture of Japan.
Algeria Constantine Province 2,187 Province of Algeria.
Alaska Nelson Island 2,183 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Latvia Saldus District 2,182 District of Latvia.
Scotland Angus 2,181 Unitary district of Scotland.
Scotland Lewis and Harris 2,178.98 Island part of Scotland.
Algeria Mostaganem Province 2,175 Province of Algeria.
Haiti Nord 2,175 Department of Haiti.
Thailand Nakhon Nayok Province 2,168 Province of Thailand.
Algeria Tipaza Province 2,166 Province of Algeria.
Estonia Põlva County 2,165 County of Estonia.
Canada Richards Island 2,165 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
Nicaragua Rivas 2,162 Region of Nicaragua.
Philippines Mountain Province 2,157.38 Province of the Philippines.
Indonesia Trangan 2,149 Island part of Indonesia.
Turkey Bartın Province 2,140 Province of Turkey.
Philippines Sulu 2,135.25 Province of the Philippines.
El Salvador Usulután 2,130 Largest department of El Salvador.
Guatemala Guatemala 2,126 Department of Guatemala.
Bhutan Zhemgang 2,126 District of Bhutan.
Thailand Mukdahan Province 2,122 Province of Thailand.
Algeria Oran Province 2,121 Province of Algeria.
Indonesia Alor Island 2,120 Island part of Indonesia.
Philippines Sorsogon 2,119.01 Province of the Philippines.
North Korea P'yŏngyang-si 2,113 Special city of North Korea.
 Flemish Brabant 2,106 Province of Flanders, Belgium.
Papua New Guinea Manus Province 2,100 Smallest province of Papua New Guinea.
Colombia Margarita Island 2,100 Island part of Colombia.
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City (municipality) 2,098.70 Province of Vietnam.
Armenia Ararat Province 2,096 Third smallest province of Armenia.
Haiti Nord-Ouest 2,094 Department of Haiti.
Armenia Kotayk Province 2,089 Second smallest province of Armenia.
England Nottinghamshire 2,085 Administrative county of England.
England Leicestershire 2,083 Administrative county of England.
England Cheshire 2,081 Administrative county of England.
El Salvador San Miguel 2,077 Second largest department of El Salvador.
Haiti Sud-Est 2,077 Third smallest department of Haiti.
Lderry co arms.png County Londonderry 2,074 A county in the Ulster province of Northern Ireland.
El Salvador La Unión 2,074 Third largest department of El Salvador.
The Gambia Upper River Division 2,070 Division of the Gambia.
Bhutan Thimphu 2,067 District of Bhutan.
England Worcestershire 2,065 Administrative county of England.
Guatemala Jalapa 2,063 Department of Guatemala.
County Kilkenny arms.svg County Kilkenny 2,061 A county in the Republic of Ireland, the third largest in the province of Leinster.
Bir Tawil 2,060 Unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan.
Indonesia Laut Island 2,057 Island part of Indonesia.
Philippines Misamis Occidental 2,055.22 Province of the Philippines.
Bulgaria Gabrovo Province 2,053 Second smallest province of Bulgaria.
Philippines Pampanga 2,044.99 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Angeles.
Estonia Valga County 2,044 Third smallest county of Estonia.
Latvia Preiļi District 2,041 District of Latvia.
Vanuatu Malakula Island 2,041 Second-largest island of Vanuatu.
 Mauritius 2,040 Country in Africa. Includes Agalega Islands, Cargados Carajos Shoals (Saint Brandon), and Rodrigues.
Solomon Islands New Georgia 2,037 Island part of the Solomon Islands.
Canary Islands Tenerife 2,034.38 Largest island of the Canary Islands, part of Spain.
Indonesia Misool 2,034 Island part of Indonesia.
Georgia (country) Guria 2,033 Smallest region of Georgia.
Croatia Brod-Posavina 2,030 County of Croatia.
Canton of St. Gallen Canton of St. Gallen 2,026 Canton of Switzerland.
Chile Magdalena Island 2,025 Island part of Chile.
Croatia Virovitica-Podravina 2,024 County of Croatia.
County Wicklow 2,024 A county in the Leinster province of the Republic of Ireland.
El Salvador San Vicente 2,023 Department of El Salvador.
Canada René-Levasseur Island 2,020 Island part of Canada, world's largest artificial island.
Equatorial Guinea Bioko 2,017 Island part of Equitorial Guinea.
El Salvador Chalatenango 2,017 Department of El Salvador.
Jamaica Surrey County Parish 2,009.3 Parish of Jamaica.
The Bahamas Abaco Islands 2,009 Archipelago part of the Bahamas.
Russia Ayon Island 2,000 Island part of Russia.
County Offaly 2,000 A county in the Leinster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Vietnam Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province 1,989.60 Province of Vietnam.
England West Sussex 1,988 Administrative county of England.
Guatemala Chimaltenango 1,979 Department of Guatemala.
Burundi Gitega Province 1,979 Third largest province of Burundi.
England Warwickshire 1,978 Administrative county of England.
Philippines Surigao del Norte 1,972.93 Province of the Philippines.
Burundi Cankuzo Province 1,965 Province of Burundi.
Burundi Makamba Province 1,960 Province of Burundi.
Burundi Rutana Province 1,959 Province of Burundi.
Guatemala Quetzaltenango 1,951 Department of Guatemala.
Bhutan Mongar 1,946 District of Bhutan.
Liberia Bomi 1,942 Second smallest county of Liberia.
Egypt Gharbia Governorate 1,942 Governorate of Egypt.
Thailand Pathum Thani Province 1,940 Province of Thailand.
Alaska Kuiu Island 1,936.16 Island part of the U.S. state of alaska.
County Cavan 1,931 A county in the Ulster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Guatemala El Progreso 1,922 Department of Guatemala.
United States United States Virgin Islands 1,910 Territory of the United States.
Liberia Montserrado 1,909 Smallest county of Liberia.
 Osaka 1,905.14 Prefecture of Japan.
Indonesia Biak 1,904 Island part of Indonesia.
Indonesia Bacan 1,899.8 Island part of Indonesia.
Syria Tartus 1,896 Third smallest governorate of Syria.
Albania Fier County 1,887 County of Albania.
Slovakia Žitný ostrov 1,886 Island part of Slovakia.
Hawaii Maui 1,883 Second-largest island of the U.S. state of Hawaii.
Latvia Bauska District 1,882 District of Latvia.
Latvia Gulbene District 1,877 District of Latvia.
 Kagawa 1,876.72 Prefecture of Japan.
Syria Quneitra 1,861 Second smallest governorate of Syria.
Mauritius Mauritius (main island) 1,860 Main island of Mauritius.
England Herefordshire 1,858 Unitary authority of England.
Guatemala Retalhuleu 1,856 Fourth smallest department of Guatemala.
Egypt Qena Governorate 1,851 Governorate of Egypt.
South Korea Jeju Special Autonomous Province 1,846 Province of South Korea.
Colombia Quindío Department 1,845 District of Colombia.
Ninghai County 1,843 County in Zhejiang province.
Afghanistan Kapisa Province 1,842 Smallest province of Afghanistan.
Australia Fraser Island 1,840 Island part of Australia (world's largest sand island).
Latvia Ogre District 1,840 Third smallest district of Latvia.
County Westmeath 1,838 A county in the Leinster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Sligococo.png County Sligo 1,837 A county in the Connacht province of the Republic of Ireland.
County Waterford 1,837 A county in the Munster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Burundi Muyinga Province 1,836 Province of Burundi.
Egypt Faiyum Governorate 1,827 Governorate of Egypt.
South Korea Jeju Island 1,826 Island part of South Korea.
Philippines Laguna 1,823.55 Province of the Philippines.
Croatia Požega-Slavonia 1,823 County of Croatia.
Philippines Aklan 1,821.42 Province of the Philippines.
Australia Stewart Island 1,815 Island part of Australia.
Alaska Afognak 1,812.58 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Russia Bely Island 1,810 Island part of Russia.
Bhutan Trongsa 1,807 District of Bhutan.
France Essonne 1,804 Department of France.
Albania Berat County 1,802 County of Albania.
Oman Musandam Governorate 1,800 Smallest governorate of Oman.
New Zealand New Zealand outlying islands 1,800 Nine island groups part of New Zealand, but located outside of the New Zealand continental shelf.
Philippines Southern Leyte 1,797.22 Province of the Philippines.
Wales Ceredigion 1,797 Unitary authority of Wales.
Bhutan Chukha 1,791 District of Bhutan.
Croatia Dubrovnik-Neretva 1,781 County of Croatia.
Botswana South-East District 1,780 Smallest district of Botswana.
Alaska Umnak 1,776.76 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
Scotland South Lanarkshire 1,771 Unitary district of Scotland.
Russia Bolshoy Shantar Island 1,766 Island part of Russia.
Russia Bolshoy Begichev Island 1,764 Island part of Russia.
The Gambia Western Division 1,764 Second smallest division of the Gambia.
Indonesia Simeulue 1,754 Island part of Indonesia.
Croatia Koprivnica-Križevci 1,748 County of Croatia.
New Zealand Stewart Island/Rakiura 1,746 Third largest island in New Zealand.
Bhutan Haa 1,746 District of Bhutan.
Canton of Zürich Canton of Zürich 1,729 Canton of Switzerland.
Indonesia Kobroor 1,723 Island part of Indonesia.
Canada Air Force Island 1,720 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Indonesia Natuna Besar 1,720 Island part of Indonesia.
Laoiscocologo.png County Laois 1,719 A county in the Leinster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Greenland Geographical Society Island 1,717 Island part of Greenland.
England East Sussex 1,713 Administrative county of England.
Nicaragua Madriz 1,708 Region of Nicaragua.
Burundi Kirundo Province 1,703 Province of Burundi.
United Kingdom Fermanagh 1,700 Largest district of Northern Ireland.
Haiti Nord-Est 1,698 Second smallest department of Haiti.
Samoa Savai'i 1,694 Largest island of Samoa.
County Kildare 1,693 A county in the Leinster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Australia Bathurst Island 1,692 Island part of Australia.
Ferm arms.png County Fermanagh 1,691 County in Northern Ireland in the province of Ulster.
Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah 1,684 Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
Honduras Ocotepeque 1,680 Third smallest department of Honduras.
Canton of Fribourg Canton of Fribourg 1,671 Canton of Switzerland.
England Surrey 1,670 Administrative county of England.
Tanzania Unguja 1,666 Island part of Tanzania.
Russia Bering Island 1,660 Island part of Russia.
Canary Islands Fuerteventura 1,660 Second-largest island of the Canary Islands.
Scotland Skye 1,656.25 Island part of Scotland.
El Salvador La Libertad 1,653 Department of El Salvador.
Vietnam Hải Dương Province 1,652.80 Province of Vietnam.
Vietnam Nam Định Province 1,650.80 Province of Vietnam.
 Malacca 1,650 State of Malaysia.
Bhutan Trashiyangste 1,643 District of Bhutan.
England Hertfordshire 1,638 Administrative authority (county) of England.
Burundi Cibitoke Province 1,636 Province of Burundi.
Finland Soisalo 1,635 Island part of Finland.
Latvia Dobele District 1,633 Second smallest district of Latvia.
Greece Lesbos 1,632.8 Island part of Greece.
Albania Tirana County 1,631 Third smallest county of Albania.
Vanuatu Tafea Province 1,628 Province of Vanuatu.
France Guadeloupe 1,628 French overseas département includes La Désirade, Marie Galante, Les Saintes, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Martin (French part). Note that Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Martin became separate overseas collectivities in 2007 and are no longer politically part of Guadeloupe.
Indonesia Salawati 1,623 Island part of Indonesia.
The Gambia Lower River Division 1,618 Smallest division of the Gambia.
Morocco Grand Casablanca 1,615 Smallest region of Morocco.
Russia Kunashir Island 1,612 Third-largest island of the Kuril Islands, part of Russia.
Antarctica Joinville Island 1,607 Island part of Antarctica.
Benin Mono Department 1,605 Department of Benin.
Latvia Jelgava District 1,604 Smallest district of Latvia.
Indonesia Tanahbesar 1,604 Island part of Indonesia.
Vietnam Hậu Giang Province 1,601.10 Province of Vietnam.
Indonesia Rantau 1,597 Island part of Indonesia.
Algeria Boumerdès Province 1,591 Province of Algeria.
Wales Pembrokeshire 1,590 Unitary authority of Wales.
County Leitrim arms.svg County Leitrim 1,588 A county in the Connacht province of the Republic of Ireland.
Colombia Bogotá (Distrito Capital) 1,587 Capital district of Colombia; second smallest district of Colombia.
Norway Senja 1,586.3 Island part of Norway.
Canada Flaherty Island 1,585 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
Bhutan Samtse 1,585 District of Bhutan.
England Greater London 1,583 Region of England.
Hawaii Oahu 1,583 Third-largest island of the U.S. state Hawaii.
Romania Ilfov County 1,583 Smallest county of Romania.
Estonia Petseri County 1,582 Second smallest county of Estonia. Currently annexed by Russia.
England Buckinghamshire 1,569 Administrative county of England.
Thailand Ayutthaya Province 1,569 Province of Thailand.
Honduras Valle 1,565 Second smallest department of Honduras.
Canary Islands Gran Canaria 1,560.1 Third-largest island of the Canary Islands, part of Spain.
Russia Graham Bell Island 1,557 Second-largest island of Franz Josef Land, part of Russia.
Egypt Sohag Governorate 1,547 Governorate of Egypt.
Vietnam Thái Bình Province 1,546.50 Province of Vietnam.
The Bahamas Great Inagua 1,544 Second-largest island of the Bahamas.
Canada Eglinton Island 1,541 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
India Middle Andaman Island 1,536 Largest island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, part of India.
Greenland Clavering Island 1,535 Island part of Greenland.
Philippines Romblon 1,533.45 Province of the Philippines.
Egypt Monufia Governorate 1,532 Governorate of Egypt.
Russia Pioneer Island 1,527 Island in Severnaya Zemlya, part of Russia.
Thailand Nonthaburi Province 1,526 Province of Thailand.
Indonesia Great Karimun 1,524 Island part of Indonesia.
Philippines Catanduanes 1,523 Island part of the Philippines.
Vietnam Hai Phong (municipality) 1,520.70 Province of Vietnam.
Philippines Cavite 1,512.41 Province of the Philippines.
Philippines La Union 1,503.75 Province of the Philippines.
Flag of Vargas State.svg Vargas 1,496 State of Venezuela.
Canton of Lucerne Canton of Lucerne 1,493 Canton of Switzerland.
Philippines Catanduanes 1,492.16 Province of the Philippines.
Iran Qeshm 1,491 Island part of Iran.
Indonesia Rupat 1,490 Island part of Indonesia.
India Delhi 1,483 Union Territory of India.
Vietnam Vĩnh Long Province 1,479.10 Province of Vietnam.
 Distrito Federal 1,479 District of Mexico.
Algeria Blida Province 1,478 Province of Algeria.
Burundi Ngozi Province 1,474 Province of Burundi.
Greenland Nares Land 1,466 Island part of Greenland.
Greenland Shannon Island 1,466 Island part of Greenland.
Scotland Shetland 1,466 Archipelago part of Scotland.
Burundi Karuzi Province 1,457 Province of Burundi.
Hawaii Kauai 1,456.4 Island part of the U.S. state of Hawaii.
Vanuatu Shefa Province 1,455 Province of Vanuatu.
The Bahamas South Andros Island 1,448 Third-largest island of the Bahamas.
El Salvador Morazán 1,447 Department of El Salvador.
Egypt Ismailia Governorate 1,442 Governorate of Egypt.
Bangladesh Bhola Island 1,441 Island part of Bangladesh.
Algeria Annaba Province 1,439 Province of Algeria.
Russia Saint Petersburg 1,439 Smallest federal subject of Russia after June 1, 2012.
Scotland Shetland Islands 1,438 Island area of Scotland.
Papua New Guinea Fergusson Island 1,437 Island part of Papua New Guinea.
Russia Urup 1,436 Island part of Russia.
Japan Okinawa Islands 1,418.59 Island group part of Japan.
Brazil São Luís Island 1,410 Island part of Brazil.
Greece Rhodes 1,400.684 Island part of Greece.
 Aargau 1,404 Canton of Switzerland.
Vietnam Cần Thơ (municipality) 1,401.60 Province of Vietnam.
 Faroe Islands 1,399 Self-governing territory of Denmark.
Tanzania Dar es Salaam 1,398 Region of Tanzania.
Vietnam Ninh Bình Province 1,392.40 Province of Vietnam.
Bhutan Dagana 1,387 District of Bhutan.
Antarctica King George Island 1,384 Largest island of the South Shetland Islands.
Canada Graham Island 1,378 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
Canada Pitt Island 1,375 Island part of Canada.
Vietnam Vĩnh Phúc Province 1,373.20 Province of Vietnam.
The Bahamas Grand Bahama 1,373 Island part of the Bahamas.
Philippines Bataan 1,372.98 Province of the Philippines.
Canada Nottingham Island 1,372 Island in the Arctic Archipelago.
Australia Flinders Island 1,367 Island part of Australia.
Chile Desolación Island 1,352 Island part of Chile.
Myanmar Ramree Island 1,350 Island part of Myanmar.
Bulgaria Sofia 1,349 Smallest province of Bulgaria.
Sweden Öland 1,342 Second smallest province of Sweden.
Turkey Kilis Province 1,338 Province of Turkey.
Scotland Fife 1,323 Unitary district of Scotland.
Egypt Beni Suef Governorate 1,322 Governorate of Egypt.
Bhutan Paro 1,310 District of Bhutan.
North Korea Kaesŏng-si 1,309 Special city of North Korea.
Alaska Bristol Bay Borough 1,308 Smallest borough of Alaska.
Canada Lougheed Island 1,308 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
County Monaghan 1,294 A county in the Ulster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Chile Dawson Island 1,290 Island part of Chile.
Norway Barentsøya 1,288 Island part of Svalbard, Norway.
Chad N'Djamena 1,284 Region of Chad.
Benin Ouémé Department 1,281 Second smallest department of Benin.
Indonesia Lembata 1,270 Island part of Indonesia.
Philippines Basilan 1,266 Island part of the Philippines.
Croatia Varaždin 1,262 County of Croatia.
Antarctica Mill Island 1,258 Island part of Antarctica.
Vietnam Da Nang (municipality) 1,257.30 Province of Vietnam.
Indonesia Mangole Island 1,255.33 Island part of Indonesia.
Armagh arms.svg County Armagh 1,254 A county in the Ulster province of Northern Ireland.
Scotland East Ayrshire 1,252 Unitary district of Scotland.
Senegal Morfil 1,250 Island part of Senegal.
France Val-d'Oise 1,246 Department of France.
Denmark Lolland 1,243 Island part of Denmark.
Armenia Armavir Province 1,242 Smallest province of Armenia.
Israel Central District 1,242 Third largest District of Israel.
El Salvador Ahuachapán 1,240 Department of El Salvador.
Burundi Kayanza Province 1,233 Province of Burundi.
China Chongming Island 1,229 Island part of China.
Croatia Krapina-Zagorje 1,229 Third smallest county of Croatia.
Papua New Guinea New Hanover Island 1,227 Island part of Papua New Guinea.
Indonesia Rote Island 1,227 Island part of Indonesia.
El Salvador Sonsonate 1,225 Department of El Salvador.
El Salvador La Paz 1,224 Department of El Salvador.
Ethiopia Dire Dawa 1,213 Chartered city region of Ethiopia.
Jamaica Saint Ann Parish 1,212.6 Largest parish of Jamaica.
Jamaica Saint Elizabeth Parish 1,212.4 Second largest parish of Jamaica.
India South Andaman Island 1,211 Second-largest island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, part of India.
Haiti Nippes 1,210 Smallest department of Haiti (estimated, accurate current figures not available).
Japan Okinawa Island 1,206.98 Island part of Japan.
Scotland South Ayrshire 1,202 Unitary district of Scotland.
Mexico Tiburón Island 1,201 Island part of Mexico.
Serranilla Bank 1,200 Disputed island in the Caribbean claimed by the United States, Nicaragua and Honduras, and administered by Colombia.
Vanuatu Penama Province 1,198 Second smallest province of Vanuatu.
Russia Oleniy Island 1,197 Island part of Russia.
Jamaica Clarendon Parish 1,196.3 Third largest parish of Jamaica.
French Polynesia Windward Islands 1,195 Largest administrative subdivision of French Polynesia.
England Bedfordshire 1,193 Administrative county of England.
Jamaica Saint Catherine Parish 1,192.4 Parish of Jamaica.
Chile Campana Island 1,188 Island part of Chile.
El Salvador Santa Ana 1,184 Department of El Salvador.
Philippines Rizal 1,175.76 Province of the Philippines.
Indonesia Bintan Island 1,173 Island part of Indonesia.
Alaska Municipality of Skagway 1,171 Municipality of Alaska.
Fujairah Fujairah 1,165 Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
Chile Aracena Island 1,164 Island part of Chile.
Antarctica Sherman Island 1,159 Island part of Antarctica.
Luxembourg Diekirch 1,157 Largest district of Luxembourg.
Canada Byam Martin Island 1,150 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Flag of Nueva Esparta.svg Nueva Esparta 1,150 State of Venezuela.
The Bahamas Great Abaco 1,146 Third-largest island of the Bahamas.
Canada Wales Island 1,137 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Wales Conwy 1,130 Unitary authority of Wales.
France Martinique 1,128 French overseas département.
Canada Île Vanier 1,126 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Samoa Upolu 1,125 Second-largest island of Samoa.
United Kingdom Omagh 1,124 Second largest district of Northern Ireland.
Australia King Island (Tasmania) 1,121 Island part of Australia.
Chile Clarence Island 1,111 Island part of Chile.
Indonesia Padang Island 1,109 Island part of Indonesia.
El Salvador Cabañas 1,104 Third smallest department of El Salvador.
 Hong Kong 1,104 Special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China.
Russia Alexandra Land 1,095 Third-largest island of Franz Josef Land, part of Russia.
 Walloon Brabant 1,093 Province of Wallonia, Belgium.
County Longford 1,091 A county in the Leinster province of the Republic of Ireland.
Russia Moscow 1,091 Smallest federal subject of Russia before its expansion on June 1, 2012.
Canada Rowley Island 1,090 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Burundi Bubanza Province 1,089 Province of Burundi.
Burundi Bujumbura Rural Province 1,089 Province of Burundi.
Nicaragua Carazo 1,081 Third smallest region of Nicaragua.
Ukraine Sevastopol 1,079 Independent city, first-level subdivision of Ukraine.
Canton of Uri Canton of Uri 1,077 Canton of Switzerland.
Finland Sääminginsalo 1,069 Island part of Finland.
Chile Serrano Island 1,063 Island part of Chile.
Iceland Capital Region (Iceland) 1,062 Second smallest region of Iceland.
Guatemala Sololá 1,061 Second smallest department of Guatemala (tie).
Guatemala Totonicapán 1,061 Second smallest department of Guatemala (tie).
Canada Cameron Island 1,059 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
South Korea Ulsan 1,056 Largest metropolitan city of South Korea.
French Polynesia Marquesas Islands 1,049.3 Second largest administrative subdivision of French Polynesia.
Russia Hall Island 1,049 Island part of Franz Josef Island, archipelago of Russia.
Alaska Atka Island 1,048 Island part of the U.S. state of Alaska.
 Penang 1,046 State of Malaysia.
French Polynesia Tahiti 1,044 Largest island of French Polynesia.
Chile Madre de Dios Island 1,043 Island part of Chile.
Nicaragua Granada 1,040 Second smallest region of Nicaragua.
Papua New Guinea Normanby Island 1,040 Island part of Papua New Guinea.
Philippines Dinagat Islands 1,036.34 Province of the Philippines.
Grande Comore Grande Comore 1,025 Largest autonomous island in the Comoros.
Estonia Hiiu County 1,023 Smallest county of Estonia.
Venezuela Margarita Island 1,020 Island part of Venezuela.
Canada Resolution Island 1,015 Island part of the Arctic Archipelago.
Turkey Düzce Province 1,014 Province of Turkey.
Thailand Samut Prakan Province 1,004 Province of Thailand.
Australia Mornington Island 1,002 Island part of Australia.
Egypt Qalyubia Governorate 1,001 Governorate of Egypt.
Mauritania Nouakchott 1,000 Smallest region of Mauritania.
Antarctica Smyley Island 1,000 Island part of Antarctica.

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