List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area from 5,000 to 7,000 km²

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This is one of a series of comprehensive lists of continents, countries, and first level administrative country subdivisions such as states, provinces, and territories, as well as certain political and geographic features of substantial area.[1] Some divisions are listed twice, with one listing including territory that is excluded in the other for various reasons, including territorial disputes. Names of currently existing countries are bolded, while names of geographic features are italicized. There is intentional overlap between the lists in order to maximize ease of use.

Geographic entity Area (km2) Notes
France Vienne 6,990 Department of France.
Sweden Uppsala County 6,989 County of Sweden.
Thailand Chumphon Province 6,947 Province of Thailand.
Turkey Giresun Province 6,934 Province of Turkey.
Scotland Argyll and Bute 6,930 Second largest unitary district of Scotland.
France Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 6,925 Department of France.
 Kumamoto 6,908 Prefecture of Japan.
Vietnam Yên Bái Province 6,899.50 Province of Vietnam.
Turkey Burdur Province 6,887 Province of Turkey.
Vietnam Bình Phước Province 6,883.40 Province of Vietnam.
France Côtes-d'Armor 6,878 Department of France.
France Charente-Maritime 6,864 Department of France.
 Miyagi 6,862 Prefecture of Japan.
Romania Argeş County 6,862 County of Romania.
England Cumbria 6,824 Second largest administrative county of England.
France Morbihan 6,823 Department of France.
France Nièvre 6,817 Department of France.
France Loire-Atlantique 6,815 Department of France.
Nicaragua Matagalpa 6,804 Region of Nicaragua.
Uzbekistan Fergana Province 6,800 Province of Uzbekistan.
Czech Republic Vysočina Region 6,795.56 Region of the Czech Republic.
France Indre 6,791 Department of France.
Nigeria Akwa Ibom State 6,788 State of Nigeria.
Georgia (country) Mtskheta-Mtianeti 6,786 Third largest region of Georgia.
Finland Åland 6,784 Autonomous island of Finland.
France Loiret 6,775 Department of France.
France Ille-et-Vilaine 6,775 Department of France.
Algeria Saida Province 6,764 Province of Algeria.
Portugal Santarém 6,747 District of Portugal.
Cuba Sancti Spíritus Province 6,737 Province of Cuba.
France Finistère 6,733 Department of France.
Thailand Uthai Thani Province 6,730 Province of Thailand.
Vietnam Cao Bằng Province 6,724.60 Province of Vietnam.
France Vendée 6,720 Department of France.
Romania Mureş County 6,714 County of Romania.
Turkey Bitlis Province 6,707 Province of Turkey.
 Shimane 6,707 Prefecture of Japan.
 Miyazaki 6,685 Prefecture of Japan.
Cambodia Banteay Meanchey Province 6,679 Province of Cambodia.
Portugal Castelo Branco 6,675 District of Portugal.
Romania Cluj County 6,674 County of Romania.
Panama Ngöbe-Buglé Comarca 6,673 Province of Panama.
France Pas-de-Calais 6,671 Department of France.
Philippines Davao del Sur 6,667.06 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Davao.
 Negeri Sembilan 6,645 State of Malaysia.
Romania Harghita County 6,639 County of Romania.
Romania Bacău County 6,621 County of Romania.
Portugal Bragança 6,608 District of Portugal.
Senegal Thiès Region 6,601 Region of Senegal.
Thailand Sukhothai Province 6,596 Province of Thailand.
Turkey Gümüşhane Province 6,575 Province of Turkey.
Turkey Kırşehir Province 6,570 Province of Turkey.
England Devon 6,561 Third largest administrative county of England.
Turkey Kırklareli Province 6,550 Province of Turkey.
Thailand Phitsanulok Province 6,539 Province of Thailand.
France Drôme 6,530 Department of France.
Smallwood Reservoir 6,527 Lake in Canada.
Vietnam Đắk Nông Province 6,516.90 Province of Vietnam.
Philippines Leyte 6,515.05 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent cities of Ormoc and Tacloban.
Algeria Sétif Province 6,504 Province of Algeria.
Sweden Stockholm County 6,488 County of Sweden.
Nicaragua Chontales 6,481 Region of Nicaragua.
Bulgaria Blagoevgrad Province 6,478 Third largest province of Bulgaria.
Panama Chiriquí Province 6,477 Province of Panama.
Georgia (country) Imereti 6,448 Region of Georgia.
 Delaware 6,447 State of the United States.
Scotland Dumfries and Galloway 6,439 Third largest unitary district of Scotland.
Afghanistan Paktia Province 6,432 Province of Afghanistan.
Georgia (country) Samtskhe-Javakheti 6,412 Region of Georgia.
 Tochigi 6,408 Prefecture of Japan.
Lake Turkana 6,405 Lake in Kenya.
Hungary Pest 6,393 Third largest county of Hungary.
Vietnam Lào Cai Province 6,383.90 Province of Vietnam.
Cuba Las Tunas Province 6,373 Province of Cuba.
Thailand Prachuap Khiri Khan Province 6,368 Province of Thailand.
Cuba Guantánamo Province 6,366 Province of Cuba.
 Gunma 6,363 Prefecture of Japan.
Vietnam Kiên Giang Province 6,348.30 Province of Vietnam.
Cuba Santiago de Cuba Province 6,343 Province of Cuba.
France Loir-et-Cher 6,343 Department of France.
Nigeria Ebonyi State 6,342 State of Nigeria.
Thailand Chaiyaphum Province 6,338 Province of Thailand.
Thailand Phatthalung Province 6,335 Province of Thailand.
Reindeer Lake 6,330 Lake in Canada.
Scotland Aberdeenshire 6,318 Unitary district of Scotland.
France Haute-Garonne 6,309 Department of France.
Romania Maramureş County 6,304 County of Romania.
Sweden Västmanland County 6,302 County of Sweden.
Uzbekistan Xorazm Province 6,300 Province of Uzbekistan.
France Seine-Maritime 6,278 Department of France.
Turkey Edirne Province 6,276 Province of Turkey.
France Gers 6,257 Department of France.
Ecuador Los Ríos 6,254 Province of Ecuador.
Georgia (country) Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti 6,242 Region of Georgia.
Romania Alba County 6,242 County of Romania.
Thailand Phetchabun Province 6,225 Province of Thailand.
Turkey Tekirdağ Province 6,218 Province of Turkey.
France Moselle 6,216 Department of France.
Lake Eyre 6,216 Lake in South Australia.
France Meuse 6,211 Department of France.
France Haute-Marne 6,211 Department of France.
Hungary Hajdú-Bihar 6,211 County of Hungary.
Turkey Gaziantep Province 6,207 Province of Turkey.
France Sarthe 6,206 Department of France.
Jackson Purchase 6,202 Eight Kentucky counties purchased from the Chickasaw Indians.
Lake Issyk-Kul 6,200 Lake in Kyrgyzstan.
Thailand Loei Province 6,200 Province of Thailand.
Laos Bokeo 6,196 Second smallest province of Laos.
France Somme 6,170 Department of France.
France Somme 6,170 Department of France.
Cambodia Oddar Meancheay Province 6,158 Province of Cambodia.
Logogalwayco.png County Galway 6,148 The second largest county in the Republic of Ireland, the largest county in the province of Connacht.
France Aude 6,139 Department of France.
France Indre-et-Loire 6,127 Department of France.
Papua New Guinea Chimbu Province 6,112 Province of Papua New Guinea.
 Yamaguchi 6,111 Prefecture of Japan.
Everglades National Park 6,110 Park in the U.S. state of Florida.
Uruguay Colonia Department 6,106 Department of Uruguay.
France Orne 6,103 Department of France.
Romania Buzău County 6,103 County of Romania.
France Hérault 6,101 Department of France.
Togo Maritime 6,100 Smallest region of Togo.
Vietnam Quảng Ninh Province 6,099.00 Province of Vietnam.
Syria Idlib 6,097 Governorate of Syria.
 Ibaraki 6,096 Prefecture of Japan.
Portugal Portalegre 6,065 District of Portugal.
Sweden Södermanland County 6,061 County of Sweden.
New Zealand Auckland 6,059 Second smallest region of New Zealand.
Philippines Samar 6,048.03 Province of the Philippines.
France Eure 6,040 Department of France.
Vietnam Bình Định Province 6,039.60 Province of Vietnam.
Hungary Somogy 6,036 County of Hungary.
France Savoie 6,028 Department of France.
Vietnam Hà Tĩnh Province 6,026.50 Province of Vietnam.
 Palestine 6,020 Territory in the Middle East; figure consists of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Thailand Chon Buri Province 6,009 Province of Thailand.
France Aube 6,004 Department of France.
Turkey Ordu Province 6,001 Province of Turkey.
Lake Urmia 6,001 Lake in Iran.
Dongting Lake 6,000 Lake in China.
France Deux-Sèvres 5,999 Department of France.
Ecuador El Oro Province 5,988 Province of Ecuador.
Afghanistan Parwan Province 5,974 Province of Afghanistan.
Bulgaria Plovdiv Province 5,973 Province of Bulgaria.
France Var 5,973 Department of France.
Cuba Ciego de Ávila Province 5,962 Province of Cuba.
Canton of Bern Canton of Berne 5,959 Second largest canton of Switzerland.
France Charente 5,956 Department of France.
Algeria Mascara Province 5,941 Province of Algeria.
France Manche 5,938 Department of France.
Hungary Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg 5,936 County of Hungary.
England Lincolnshire 5,921 Administrative county of England.
France Seine-et-Marne 5,915 Department of France.
Philippines Zamboanga del Sur 5,914.16 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Zamboanga.
Vietnam Đồng Nai Province 5,903.90 Province of Vietnam.
Romania Neamţ County 5,896 County of Romania.
France Eure-et-Loir 5,880 Department of France.
France Vosges 5,874 Department of France.
Vietnam Tuyên Quang Province 5,870.40 Province of Vietnam.
Philippines Occidental Mindoro 5,865.71 Province of the Philippines.
Turkey Sinop Province 5,862 Province of Turkey.
France Oise 5,860 Department of France.
France Corrèze 5,857 Department of France.
France Gard 5,853 Department of France.
 Ōita 5,804 Prefecture of Japan.
 Distrito Federal 5,802 State of Brazil.
Nigeria Ekiti State 5,797 State of Nigeria.
Romania Teleorman County 5,790 County of Romania.
 Brunei 5,765 Country in Country in Southeast Asia.
Romania Vâlcea County 5,765 County of Romania.
France Ain 5,762 Department of France.
 Mie 5,761 Prefecture of Japan.
France Tarn 5,758 Department of France.
Philippines Nueva Ecija 5,751.33 Province of the Philippines.
France Nord 5,743 Department of France.
France Cantal 5,726 Department of France.
Lake Torrens 5,698 Lake in South Australia.
 Ehime 5,676 Prefecture of Japan.
Philippines Davao Oriental 5,670.07 Province of the Philippines.
Cuba Havana Province 5,669 Province of Cuba.
 Prince Edward Island 5,660 Province of Canada.
Ecuador Chimborazo Province 5,637 Province of Ecuador.
Indonesia Bali 5,633 Province of Indonesia.
Hungary Békés 5,631 County of Hungary.
Romania Gorj County 5,602 County of Romania.
Liberia Rivercess 5,594 County of Liberia.
County Mayo coat of arms.png County Mayo 5,585 The third largest county in the Republic of Ireland, the second largest county in the province of Connacht.
Hungary Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok 5,582 County of Hungary.
Turkey Ardahan Province 5,576 Province of Turkey.
France Creuse 5,565 Department of France.
Syria As-Suwayda 5,550 Governorate of Syria.
France Hautes-Alpes 5,549 Department of France.
France Calvados 5,548 Department of France.
Vänern 5,545 Lake in Sweden.
Mongolia Govisümber 5,540 Third smallest aimag of Mongolia.
France Ardèche 5,529 Department of France.
Cambodia Kampong Chhnang Province 5,521 Province of Cambodia.
Turkey Amasya Province 5,520 Province of Turkey.
France Haute-Vienne 5,520 Department of France.
Portugal Guarda 5,518 District of Portugal.
Thailand Nakhon Pathom Province 5,513 Province of Thailand.
Romania Olt County 5,498 County of Romania.
Romania Iaşi County 5,476 County of Romania.
Solomon Islands Western Province 5,475 Largest province of the Solomon Islands.
 Aguascalientes 5,471 State of Mexico.
Turkey Nevşehir Province 5,467 Province of Turkey.
Philippines Camarines Sur 5,465.26 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Naga.
Sweden Halland County 5,454 Third smallest county of Sweden.
Philippines Pangasinan 5,451.08 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Dagupan.
Romania Sibiu County 5,432 County of Romania.
Czech Republic Moravian-Silesian Region 5,426.83 Region of the Czech Republic.
Italy Liguria 5,421 Third smallest region of Italy.
Turkey Siirt Province 5,406 Province of Turkey.
Turkey Hatay Province 5,403 Province of Turkey.
Lake Winnipegosis 5,403 Lake in Canada.
Philippines Negros Oriental 5,385.53 Province of the Philippines.
England Norfolk 5,372 Administrative county of England.
Romania Brașov County 5,363 County of Romania.
France Lot-et-Garonne 5,361 Department of France.
France Haute-Saône 5,360 Department of France.
Thailand Suphanburi Province 5,358 Province of Thailand.
Romania Bistriţa-Năsăud County 5,355 County of Romania.
CroatiaLika-Senj 5,353 Largest county of Croatia.
Thailand Buri Ram Province 5,351 Province of Thailand.
Yemen Ibb Governorate 5,350 Governorate of Yemen.
Armenia Gegharkunik Province 5,348 Largest province of Armenia.
Turkey Uşak Province 5,341 Province of Turkey.
Solomon Islands Guadalcanal 5,336 Second largest province of the Solomon Islands.
Czech Republic Ústí nad Labem Region 5,334.52 Region of the Czech Republic.
Vietnam Cà Mau Province 5,331.70 Province of Vietnam.
Philippines Cebu 5,331.07 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent cities of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue.
 Cantabria 5,321 Third smallest autonomous community of Spain.
Romania Vaslui County 5,318 County of Romania.
Scotland Perth and Kinross 5,311 Unitary district of Scotland.
Lake Albert 5,299 Lake in Africa between Uganda and Zaire.
Thailand Mae Hong Son Province 5,292 Province of Thailand.
Ecuador Cotopaxi Province 5,287 Province of Ecuador.
Greece South Aegean 5,286 Periphery of Greece.
Czech Republic Olomouc Region 5,266.57 Region of the Czech Republic.
Philippines Sultan Kudarat 5,251.34 Province of the Philippines.
France Meurthe-et-Moselle 5,246 Department of France.
Benin Zou Department 5,243 Department of Benin.
France Doubs 5,234 Department of France.
France Ardennes 5,229 Department of France.
 Valais 5,224 Third largest canton of Switzerland.
Turkey Istanbul Province 5,220 Province of Turkey.
Vietnam Khánh Hòa Province 5,217.60 Province of Vietnam.
France Lot 5,217 Department of France.
Wales Powys 5,204 Largest unitary authority of Wales.
Thailand Ratchaburi Province 5,197 Province of Thailand.
Honduras Comayagua 5,196 Department of Honduras.
 Colima 5,191 State of Mexico.
France Mayenne 5,175 Department of France.
France Lozère 5,167 Department of France.
Liberia Grand Cape Mount 5,162 County of Liberia.
 Chiba 5,156 Prefecture of Japan.
 Aichi 5,154 Prefecture of Japan.
Vietnam Quảng Ngãi Province 5,152.70 Province of Vietnam.
Uruguay Flores Department 5,144 Department of Uruguay.
Nicaragua León 5,138 Region of Nicaragua.
Nigeria Imo State 5,135 State of Nigeria.
 Trinidad and Tobago 5,130 Country in the Caribbean.
Georgia (country) Kvemo Kartli 5,122 Region of Georgia.
Lake Mweru 5,120 Lake in Africa between Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.
Botswana North-East District 5,120 Second smallest district of Botswana.
Honduras Santa Bárbara 5,115 Department of Honduras.
Liberia River Gee 5,113 County of Liberia.
Uzbekistan Sirdaryo Province 5,100 Third smallest province of Uzbekistan.
Romania Călăraşi County 5,088 County of Romania.
France Bouches-du-Rhône 5,087 Department of France.
Nettilling Lake 5,066 Lake in Canada; largest lake entirely on an island.
Vietnam Thừa Thiên–Huế Province 5,065.30 Province of Vietnam.
Portugal Setúbal 5,064 District of Portugal.
Vietnam Phú Yên Province 5,060.60 Province of Vietnam.
 La Rioja 5,045 Second smallest autonomous community of Spain.
Albania Korçë County 5,044 Largest county of Albania.
Jamaica Middlesex County 5,041.9 County of Jamaica.
England Northumberland 5,026 Administrative county of England.
Portugal Viseu 5,007 District of Portugal.

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    Information about countries by area is generally derived from the CIA World Factbook.
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