List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area from 7,000 to 10,000 km²

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This is one of a series of comprehensive lists of continents, countries, and first level administrative country subdivisions such as states, provinces, and territories, as well as certain political and geographic features of substantial area.[1] Some divisions are listed twice, with one listing including territory that is excluded in the other for various reasons, including territorial disputes. Names of currently existing countries are bolded, while names of geographic features are italicized. There is intentional overlap between the lists in order to maximize ease of use.

Geographic entity Area (km2) Notes
Italy Basilicata 9,992 Region of Italy.
Philippines Agusan del Sur 9,989.52 Province of the Philippines.
Liberia Lofa 9,982 County of Liberia.
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa 9,965 Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Turkey Tokat Province 9,958 Province of Turkey.
Thailand Nakhon Sawan Province 9,943 Province of Thailand.
Lake Onega 9,891 Lake in Russia.
Ghana Central Region 9,826 Third smallest region of Ghana.
Algeria Khenchela Province 9,811 Province of Algeria.
Cambodia Kampong Cham Province 9,799 Province of Cambodia.
Vietnam Lâm Đồng Province 9,776.10 Province of Vietnam.
New Zealand Tasman 9,771 Unitary authority of New Zealand.
Costa Rica Alajuela Province 9,754 Third largest province of Costa Rica.
Turkey Çanakkale Province 9,737 Province of Turkey.
Italy Marche 9,694 Region of Italy.
Vietnam Kon Tum Province 9,690.50 Province of Vietnam.
Liberia Gbarpolu 9,689 County of Liberia.
Uruguay Treinta y Tres Department 9,676 Department of Uruguay.
Panama Panamá 9,633 Third largest province of Panama.
 Aomori 9,606 Prefecture of Japan.
Thailand Sakon Nakhon Province 9,606 Province of Thailand.
Thailand Nakhon Ratchasima Province 9,598 Province of Thailand.
Morocco Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer 9,580 Region of Morocco.
Turkey Samsun Province 9,579 Province of Turkey.
Vietnam Điện Biên Province 9,562.50 Province of Vietnam.
Papua New Guinea New Ireland Province 9,557 Province of Papua New Guinea.
Paraguay Misiones Department 9,556 Department of Paraguay.
Iceland Western Region (Iceland) 9,554 Third smallest region of Iceland.
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kasai-Oriental 9,545 Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Carinthia Carinthia 9,536 State of Austria.
Paraguay Caazapá Department 9,496 Department of Paraguay.
Greece West Macedonia 9,451 Region of Greece.
Turkey Kars Province 9,442 Province of Turkey.
 Kedah 9,426 State of Malaysia.
Poland Opole Voivodeship (Opolskie) 9,412 Smallest Voivodeship of Poland.
Papua New Guinea Autonomous Region of Bougainville 9,384 Autonomous region of Papua New Guinea.
Algeria Mila Province 9,375 Province of Algeria.
Uruguay Rivera Department 9,370 Department of Uruguay.
Nigeria Bayelsa State 9,363 State of Nigeria.
Norway Rogaland 9,326 County of Norway.
Laos Louang Namtha 9,325 Province of Laos.
 Yamagata 9,323 Prefecture of Japan.
Philippines Cagayan 9,295.75 Province of the Philippines.
Uruguay Río Negro Department 9,282 Department of Uruguay.
Yemen Al Bayda' Governorate 9,270 Governorate of Yemen.
 Cyprus 9,251 Country in Europe. Includes Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (only recognised by Turkey) and British sovereign military bases (Akrotiri and Dhekelia).
France Landes 9,243 Second largest continental department of France; third largest department of France.
Afghanistan Nurestan Province 9,225 Province of Afghanistan.
Nicaragua Jinotega 9,222 Third largest region of Nicaragua.
Norway Aust-Agder 9,212 County of Norway.
Greece Epirus 9,203 Region of Greece.
Costa Rica Limón Province 9,189 Province of Costa Rica.
Turkey Karaman Province 9,163 Province of Turkey.
Indonesia Banten 9,161 Province of Indonesia.
Turkey Elazığ Province 9,153 Province of Turkey.
Algeria Sidi Bel Abbès Province 9,150 Province of Algeria.
 Kagoshima 9,132 Prefecture of Japan.
Vietnam Lai Châu Province 9,112.30 Province of Vietnam.
Cuba Holguín Province 9,105 Province of Cuba.
Algeria Tlemcen Province 9,061 Province of Algeria.
France Dordogne 9,060 Department of France.
Guatemala Izabal 9,038 Second largest department of Guatemala.
Philippines Cotabato 9,008.90 Province of the Philippines.
Uruguay Soriano Department 9,008 Department of Uruguay.
Afghanistan Wardak Province 8,938 Province of Afghanistan.
Turkey Isparta Province 8,933 Province of Turkey.
Philippines Quezon 8,926.01 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Lucena.
Turkey Mardin Province 8,891 Province of Turkey.
Honduras Colón 8,875 Third largest department of Honduras.
 Puerto Rico 8,875 Commonwealth of the United States.
Algeria Médéa Province 8,866 Province of Algeria.
Ghana Upper East Region 8,842 Second smallest region of Ghana.
Thailand Sisaket Province 8,840 Province of Thailand.
Polynesia 8,830 An island chain subdivision of Oceania, excluding Hawaii.
Morocco Gharb-Chrarda-Béni Hssen 8,805 Third smallest region of Morocco.
Liberia Bong 8,772 County of Liberia.
France Côte-d'Or 8,763 Department of France.
France Aveyron 8,735 Department of France.
Paraguay Paraguarí Department 8,705 Department of Paraguay.
Romania Timiş County 8,697 Largest county of Romania.
Chad Logone Occidental 8,695 Region of Chad.
Guatemala Alta Verapaz 8,686 Third largest department of Guatemala.
France Corse 8,680 Island in the Mediterranean Sea and second smallest region of Metropolitan France.
Namibia Oshana 8,653 Smallest region of Namibia.
Thailand Kalasin Province 8,608 Province of Thailand.
South Korea South Chungcheong Province 8,586 Thirdd smallest province of South Korea.
Nigeria Osun State 8,585 State of Nigeria.
France Saône-et-Loire 8,575 Department of France.
Romania Suceava County 8,553 Second largest county of Romania.
Sweden Örebro County 8,519 County of Sweden.
Romania Caraş-Severin County 8,514 Third largest county of Romania.
Romania Tulcea County 8,499 County of Romania.
 Hiroshima 8,477 Prefecture of Japan.
Togo Savanes 8,470 Second smallest region of Togo.
Sweden Kronoberg County 8,458 County of Sweden.
Italy Umbria 8,456 Region of Italy.
Cuba Granma Province 8,452 Province of Cuba.
Hungary Bács-Kiskun 8,445 Largest county of Hungary.
Georgia (country) Abkhazia 8,432 Autonomous republic of Georgia.
 Hyōgo 8,392 Prefecture of Japan.
Guatemala El Quiché 8,378 Department of Guatemala.
Kenya Western Province 8,361 Second smallest Province of Kenya.
New Zealand Gisborne (or East Coast) 8,355 Unitary authority of New Zealand.
Greece Crete 8,336 Region of Greece.
Vietnam Lạng Sơn Province 8,331.20 Province of Vietnam.
Yemen Hajjah Governorate 8,300 Governorate of Yemen.
Thailand Roi Et Province 8,299 Province of Thailand.
North Korea South Hwanghae Province 8,294 Second smallest province of North Korea.
France Alsace 8,280 Smallest region of Metropolitan France.
India Andaman and Nicobar Islands 8,249 Union Territory of India.
Turkey Muş Province 8,196 Province of Turkey.
France Marne 8,162 Department of France.
North Korea North Hwanghae Province 8,154 Smallest province of North Korea.
New Zealand Wellington 8,140 Region of New Zealand.
Lake Titicaca 8,135 Lake in South America between Bolivia and Peru.
Turkey Bingöl Province 8,125 Province of Turkey.
Thailand Surin Province 8,124 Province of Thailand.
Afghanistan Daykundi Province 8,088 Province of Afghanistan.
Cuba Villa Clara Province 8,069 Province of Cuba.
Vietnam Quảng Bình Province 8,065.30 Province of Vietnam.
South Korea North Jeolla Province 8,050 Second smallest province of South Korea.
Afghanistan Kunduz Province 8,040 Province of Afghanistan.
England North Yorkshire 8,038 Largest administrative county of England.
 Madrid 8,028 Autonomous community of Spain.
Ecuador Galápagos Province 8,010 Province of Ecuador.
Turkey Aydın Province 8,007 Province of Turkey.
Lake Nicaragua 8,001 Lake in Nicaragua.
Russia Republic of North Ossetia–Alania 8,000 Federal subject of Russia.
France Puy-de-Dôme 7,970 Department of France.
Philippines Negros Occidental 7,965.21 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Bacolod.
Botswana Kgatleng District 7,960 Third smallest district of Botswana.
 Selangor 7,956 State of Malaysia.
Banderamiranda.jpg Miranda 7,950 State of Venezuela.
Honduras Francisco Morazán 7,946 Department of Honduras.
Vietnam Hà Giang Province 7,945.80 Province of Vietnam.
Honduras Yoro 7,939 Department of Honduras.
Liberia Grand Bassa 7,936 County of Liberia.
Senegal Fatick Region 7,935 Region of Senegal.
Lake Athabasca 7,920 Lake in Canada.
Uzbekistan Namangan Province 7,900 Province of Uzbekistan.
Yemen 'Amran Governorate 7,900 Governorate of Yemen.
Philippines Iloilo 7,899.35 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Iloilo.
Colombia Caldas Department 7,888 District of Colombia.
Italy Friuli-Venezia Giulia 7,855 Region of Italy.
Thailand Uttaradit Province 7,839 Province of Thailand.
Vietnam Bình Thuận Province 7,836.90 Province of Vietnam.
Georgia (country) Shida Kartli 7,882 Second largest region of Georgia.
Turkey Tunceli Province 7,774 Province of Turkey.
Romania Arad County 7,754 County of Romania.
Afghanistan Nangarhar Province 7,727 Province of Afghanistan.
Ecuador Azuay Province 7,701 Province of Ecuador.
Laos Xekong 7,665 Province of Laos.
France Pyrénées-Atlantiques 7,645 Department of France.
Algeria Oum El Bouaghi Province 7,638 Province of Algeria.
Turkey Aksaray Province 7,626 Province of Turkey.
Philippines Maguindanao 7,623.75 Province of the Philippines; includes the independent city of Cotabato.
Bulgaria Burgas Province 7,618 Largest province of Bulgaria.
Turkey Adıyaman Province 7,614 Province of Turkey.
Russia Republic of Adygea 7,600 Third smallest federal subject of Russia.
Yemen Dhamar Governorate 7,590 Governorate of Yemen.
Nigeria Abuja Federal Capital Territory 7,569 Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria (analogous to a state).
Czech Republic Plzeň Region 7,561 Third largest region of the Czech Republic.
Nigeria Enugu State 7,560 State of Nigeria.
Romania Bihor County 7,544 County of Romania.
Nicaragua Río San Juan 7,541 Region of Nicaragua.
County Cork 7,457 The largest county of the Republic of Ireland, in the province of Munster.
 Canary Islands 7,447 Autonomous community of Spain.
Turkey Artvin Province 7,436 Province of Turkey.
South Korea North Chungcheong Province 7,432 Smallest province of South Korea.
France Isère 7,431 Department of France.
France Yonne 7,427 Department of France.
Romania Dolj County 7,414 County of Romania.
Guatemala Huehuetenango 7,400 Department of Guatemala.
Flag of Trujillo State.svg Trujillo 7,400 State of Venezuela.
Thailand Songkhla Province 7,394 Province of Thailand.
Portugal Évora 7,393 District of Portugal.
Turkey Çankırı Province 7,388 Province of Turkey.
France Aisne 7,369 Department of France.
Ukraine Chernivtsi Oblast 7,359 Smallest oblast of Ukraine; third smallest political subdivision of Ukraine.
France Allier 7,340 Department of France.
Senegal Ziguinchor Region 7,339 Region of Senegal.
Thailand Nong Khai Province 7,332 Province of Thailand.
 Shizuoka 7,329 Prefecture of Japan.
Turkey Niğde Province 7,312 Province of Turkey.
Philippines Zamboanga del Norte 7,301.00 Province of the Philippines.
Senegal Sédhiou Region 7,293 Region of Senegal.
Norway Vest-Agder 7,281 County of Norway.
Bulgaria Sofia Province 7,277 Second largest province of Bulgaria.
Angola Cabinda Province 7,270 Second smallest province of Angola.
New Zealand Taranaki 7,257 Third smallest region of New Zealand.
Hungary Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén 7,247 Second largest county of Hungary.
France Cher 7,235 Department of France.
 Basque Country 7,234 Autonomous community of Spain.
Honduras El Paraíso 7,218 Department of Honduras.
French Southern and Antarctic Lands Kerguelen Islands 7,215 Second largest district of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.
Thailand Sa Kaeo Province 7,195 Province of Thailand.
Czech Republic South Moravian Region 7,194.56 Region of the Czech Republic.
Turkey Şırnak Province 7,172 Province of Turkey.
France Maine-et-Loire 7,166 Department of France.
Salzburg (state) Salzburg 7,154 State of Austria.
Turkey Hakkâri Province 7,121 Province of Turkey.
 Graubünden 7,105 Largest canton of Switzerland.
 Kōchi 7,105 Prefecture of Japan.
Laos Xaisomboun 7,105 Third smallest province of Laos
Flag of Yaracuy State.svg Yaracuy 7,100 State of Venezuela.
 Sikkim 7,096 State of India.
Romania Constanţa County 7,071 County of Romania.
Romania Hunedoara County 7,063 County of Romania.
Cambodia Kampong Speu Province 7,017 Province of Cambodia.
Flag of Aragua State.svg Aragua 7,014 State of Venezuela.
Morocco Chaouia-Ouardigha 7,010 Second smallest region of Morocco.
 Okayama 7,009 Prefecture of Japan.
Oman Al Buraimi Governorate 7,000 Third largest governorate of Oman.

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