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This article lists political parties in Alberta.

Parties represented in the Legislative Assembly[edit]

Name[1] Founded Ideology Leader MLAs[2] In Legislature In Government
New Democratic 1962 Social democracy Rachel Notley 54 1971-1993, 1997-present 2015-present
United Conservative 2017 Conservatism Jason Kenney 27 2017-present
Alberta Party 1985 Centrism, social liberalism Greg Clark 2 2011-2012, 2015-present
Liberal 1905 Liberalism David Khan 1 1905-1944, 1948-1971, 1986-present 1905-1921
Progressive Conservative[a] 1905 Conservatism N/A 1 1905-1940, 1952-1963, 1967-present 1971-2015

Other registered parties[edit]

Name[1] Founded Ideology Leader In Legislature In Government
Alberta First 2004 Alberta separatism Bart Hampton
Communist 1930 Communism, socialism Naomi Rankin
Green 2011 Green politics Romy Tittel
Pro-Life (formerly Social Credit) 2017 Social conservatism, Pro-life Jeremy Fraser
Reform 2016 Social conservatism Randy Thorsteinson

Historical parties represented in the Legislative Assembly[edit]

Name Years active Ideology In Legislature In Government
Alberta Alliance 2002-2008 Conservatism 2004-2008
  Alberta Reform Movement 1981-1982 Conservatism 1981-1982
  Co-operative Commonwealth 1932-1962 Social democracy, democratic socialism 1944-1959
Dominion Labor 1919-1935 Social democracy 1919-1935
Independent Movement 1940-1948 Liberalism, conservatism 1940-1948
  Labour Representation 1917-1919 Social democracy 1917-1919
  Non-Partisan League 1916-1921 Agrarianism, social democracy 1917-1921
Representative 1984-1989 Conservatism, populism 1986-1989
Social Credit 1934-2017 Social conservatism, Social credit (historical) 1935-1982 1935-1971
Socialist 1909-1921 Socialism 1909-1913
  United Farmers of Alberta 1919-1937 Agrarianism, progressivism 1921-1935 1921-1935
  Veterans' and Active Force 1944-1948 Veteran advocacy 1944-1948
Western Canada Concept 1982-1986 Alberta separatism, Western separatism 1982
Wildrose 2008-2017 Conservatism, right-wing populism 2009-2017

Historical parties not represented in the Legislative Assembly[edit]

Historical parties represented by elected Senate nominees[edit]

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  1. ^ The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta is expected to de-register before the next general election. Its sole remaining MLA is Richard Starke, who will sit as an independent when that occurs.


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