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Above the broad range of political parties in Brazilian Congress, the Workers' Party (PT), the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), the Social Liberal Party (PSL) and the Democrats (DEM) together control the absolute majority of seats in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies.[1] Smaller parties often make alliances with at least one of these four major parties.[2]

Since 1982 Brazilian political parties have been given an electoral number to make it easier for illiterate people to vote. Initially, it was a one-digit number: 1 for PDS, 2 for PDT, 3 for PT, 4 for PTB, and 5 for PMDB. When it became clear that there was going to be more than nine parties, two-digit numbers were assigned, with the first five parties having a "1" added to their former one-digit number (PDS becoming number 11, PDT 12, PT 13, PTB 14, and PMDB 15). Often political parties change their names but retain their number.

Summary of parliamentary Parties[edit]

In the Federal Senate[edit]

As of June 2020[3]

  • 13 seats: MDB
  • 12 seats: PSD
  • 10 seats: PODE
  • 7 seats: PSDB
  • 6 seats: PT, DEM, PP
  • 3 seats: REDE, PDT, PROS, Cidadania
  • 2 seats: PSB, PL, Republicanos, PSL
  • 1 seat: PSC

In the Chamber of Deputies[edit]

As of April 2020[4]

  • 53 seats: PT
  • 42 seats: PL
  • 41 seats: PSL
  • 39 seats: PP
  • 35 seats: MDB, PSD
  • 33 seats: Republicanos
  • 31 seats: PSB, PSDB
  • 28 seats: PDT, DEM
  • 14 seats: Solidariedade
  • 11 seats: PROS, PTB
  • 10 seats: PSOL, PODE
  • 8 seats: PCdoB, Cidadania, NOVO, PSC
  • 6 seats: Avante, Patriota
  • 4 seats: PV
  • 1 seat: REDE

Current parties[edit]

Party name (Portuguese) Party name (English) Abbrev. TSE number Foundation date Registration date Number of members Ideology Position
Movimento Democrático Brasileiro Brazilian Democratic Movement MDB 15 1965 30 June 1981 2,163,450 Big tent[5]
Fiscal conservatism[6]
Syncretic politics[7]
Centre[8] to centre-right[9]
Partido dos Trabalhadores Workers' Party PT 13 1980 11 February 1982 1,535,390 Social democracy[10]
Democratic socialism[11]
Economic progressivism[6]
Left-wing populism[12]
Centre-left[14][15] to left-wing[16][17]
Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira Brazilian Social Democracy Party PSDB 45 1988 24 August 1988 1,379,564 Anti-lulism[18][19]

Economic liberalism[20]
Social democracy[21]
Third Way[22]

Centre[23] to centre-left[24]
Progressistas Progressives PP 11 1995 16 November 1995 1,342,038 Brazilian nationalism[25]
National conservatism[25]
Social conservatism[26]
Partido Democrático Trabalhista Democratic Labour Party PDT 12 1979 10 November 1981 1,162,475 Anti-bolsonarism[27]


Democratic socialism[29]
Left-wing nationalism[29]
Political labour[30]

Centre-left[31] to left-wing[32]
Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Party PTB 14 1981 3 November 1981 1,092,195 Economic liberalism[6]
Fiscal conservatism[6]
Social conservatism[6]
Centre-right[6] to right-wing[32]
Democratas Democrats DEM 25 1985 11 September 1986 1,025,415 Brazilian conservatism[6]
Fiscal conservatism[6]
Social conservatism[6]
Partido Liberal Liberal Party PL 22 2006 19 December 2006 771,671 Economic liberalism[6]
Fiscal conservatism[6]
National liberalism[33]
Partido Socialista Brasileiro Brazilian Socialist Party PSB 40 1947 1 July 1988 641,532 Democratic socialism[31]
Left-wing nationalism[6]Social democracy[6]
Centre-left[31] to left-wing[32]
Republicanos Republicans Republicanos 10 2005 25 August 2005 478,791 Economic nationalism[35]
Fiscal conservatism[6]
Social conservatism[6]Minority:


Cidadania Citizenship Cidadania 23 1992 19 March 1992 459,082 Economic liberalism[6]
LGBT rights[38]
Social progressivism[6]
Partido Social Liberal Social Liberal Party PSL 17 1994 2 June 1998 435,910 Anti-lulism[39][40]

Christian right[42]
Economic liberalism[43]
National conservatism[45]
Right-wing populism[46]
Social conservatism[47]





Right-wing[32] to far-right[9]
Partido Social Cristão Social Christian Party PSC 20 1985 29 March 1990 419,604 Christian right[51]
Political Catholicism[52]
Social conservatism[6]
Right-wing[32] to far-right[9]
Partido Comunista do Brasil Communist Party of Brazil PCdoB 65 1962 23 June 1968 416,223 Communism
Podemos We Can PODE 19 1945 2 October 1997 409,225 Direct democracy[55]
Fiscal conservatism[6]
Social conservatism[6]
Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party PSD 55 2011 27 September 2011 406,749 Big tent[56]
Classical liberalism[56]
Syncretic politics[56]
Partido Verde Green Party PV 43 1986 30 September 1993 365,643 Cannabis legalization[57][58]

Direct democracy[59]
Green politics[60]
Parliamentary system[61]

Patriota Patriot Patriota 51 2011 19 June 2012 331,760 Brazilian nationalism[62]
Christian nationalism[62]
National conservatism[62]
Right-wing[32] to far-right[63]
Solidariedade Solidarity Solidariedade 77 2013 24 September 2013 252,785 Economic interventionism[6]
Political labour[6]
Social conservatism[6]
Partido da Mobilização Nacional National Mobilization Party PMN 33 1984 25 October 1990 218,841 Agrarian socialism[64]
Left-wing nationalism[64]
Social patriotism[64]
Avante Forward Avante 70 1989 11 October 1994 212,374 Brazilian nationalism[6]
Political labour[6]
Social conservatism[6]
Partido Trabalhista Cristão Christian Labour Party PTC 36 1985 22 February 1990 189,450 Christian democracy[65]
Liberal conservatism[65]
Political labour[65]
Partido Socialismo e Liberdade Socialism and Liberty Party PSOL 50 2004 15 September 2005 186,642 Anti-bolsonarism[66]Cannabis legalization[67]

Democratic socialism[68]
LGBT rights[69]
Social progressivism[6]

Left-wing[6] to far-left[70]
Democracia Cristã Christian Democracy DC 27 1995 5 August 1997 178,547 Christian democracy[71]
Christian right[71]
Social conservatism[71]
Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Renewal Party PRTB 28 1994 28 March 1995 147,435 Brazilian nationalism[72]
Christian right[69]
Political labour[73]Minority:


Conspiracist ideation[74]


Partido Republicano da Ordem Social Republican Party of the Social Order PROS 90 2010 24 September 2013 119,744 Big tent[77]
Economic interventionism[6]
Syncretic politics[77]
Partido da Mulher Brasileira Party of the Brazilian Women PMB 35 2015 29 September 2015 47,091 Anti-feminism[78]

Paternalistic conservatism[79]
Social conservatism[79]
Women's rights[79]

Partido Novo New Party NOVO 30 2011 15 September 2015 42,119 Economic liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Liberal conservatism
Centre-right[31] to right-wing[32]
Rede Sustentabilidade Sustainability Network REDE 18 2013 23 September 2015 33,355 Environmentalism[80][81][82] Centre-left[83][84]
Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado United Socialist Workers' Party PSTU 16 1972 19 December 1995 15,821 Orthodox Marxism[85]
Political labour[85]
Radical left[disambiguation needed][85]
Partido Comunista Brasileiro Brazilian Communist Party PCB 21 1922 25 March 1922 12,757 Classical Marxism[86]Morenism[87]
Radical left[disambiguation needed][86]
Revolutionary socialism[86]
Partido da Causa Operária Workers' Cause Party PCO 29 1995 30 September 1997 4,366 Drug liberalization[57]

Orthodox Marxism[88]
Political labour[88]
Revolutionary socialism[88]

Unidade Popular Popular Unity UP 80 2016 10 December 2019 1,116 Left-wing nationalism[89]Radical left[89]

Revolutionary socialism[89]



Waiting for registration in the Superior Electoral Court:

Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Abbrev. Foundation date Ideology Position
Partido Comunista Revolucionário - Unidade Popular pelo Socialismo Revolutionary Communist Party - Popular Unity for Socialism PCR-UP May 1966 Communism


Partido Nacional Corinthiano Corinthians National Party PNC 2012 Antiautoritarism


Libertários Libertarians LIBER 20 June 2009 Anarcho-capitalism



Partido da Real Democracia Parlamentar Royal Parliamentary Democracy Party RDP 9 November 2013 Conservatism



Parliamentary system


Partido Pirata do Brasil Pirate Party of Brazil PIRATAS 28 July 2012 Freedom of information

Pirate politics

Partido dos Conservadores Conservatives' Party PACO 2003 Anti-communism



Partido Político dos Animais Animals' Political Party ANIMAIS 2016 Animal Rights

Animal Welfare

Environmental Movement

Green Politics

Aliança pelo Brasil Alliance for Brazil APB 12 November 2019 Anti-communism


Brazilian nationalism


National conservatism

Right-wing populism



Recently absorbed or merged parties[edit]

Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Abbrev. TSE number Ideology Merged in Year
Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party PSD 41 Centrism

Social democracy

Brazilian Labour Party 2002
Partido Geral dos Trabalhadores General Party of the Workers PGT 30 Centrism

Social democracy

Liberal Party 2002
Partido Social Trabalhista Social Labour Party PST 18 Centrism Liberal Party 2002
Partido dos Aposentados da Nação Party of the Nation's Retirees PAN 26 Centrism Brazilian Labour Party 2006
Partido Liberal Liberal Party PL 22 Centrism


Liberal Party 2006
Partido da Reedificação da Ordem Nacional Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order PRONA 56 Nationalism


Liberal Party 2006
Partido Republicano Progressista Progressive Republican Party (Brazil) PRP 44 Conservatism Patriot 2018
Partido Pátria Livre Free Fatherland Party PPL 54 Left-wing nationalism Communist Party of Brazil 2018
Partido Humanista da Solidariedade Humanist Party of Solidarity PHS 31 Centre-right Podemos 2018


Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Abbrev. Lifetime Ideology Position
Partido Liberal Liberal Party None 1831–1889 Classical liberalism




Parliamentary system

Partido Conservador Conservative Party None 1836–1889 Centralism

Classical liberalism



Parliamentary system

Partido Republicano Paulista Paulista Republican Party PRP 1873–1937 Agrarianism


Coffe with milk politics[90]




Partido Republicano Rio-grandense Rio-grandense Republican Party PRR 1882–1929 Agrarianism

Anti-Coffe with milk politics[91]





Centre to Centre-Right
Partido Republicano Mineiro Minas Republican Party PRM 1888–1937 Agrarianism

Brazilian nationalism

Coffe with milk politics[92][93]




Partido Libertador Liberator Party PL 1928–1937, 1945-1965 Federalism Centre-Right
Frente Negra Brasileira Brazilian Black Front FNB 1931-1938 Black movement




Right-wing to Far-right
Ação Integralista Brasileira Brazilian Integralist Action AIB 1933–1938 Fascism


Partido Orientador Trabalhista Orienting Labour Party POT 1945-1951 Conservatism


Partido de Representação Popular Popular Representation Party PRP 1945–1965 Integralism

National conservatism

Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Party PTB 1945–1965 Getulism



Centre-Left to Left-Wing
Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party PSD 1945–1965 Conservatism


Centre to Centre-Right
União Democrática Nacional National Democratic Union UDN 1945–1965 Conservatism Right-Wing
Partido Democrata Cristão Christian Democratic Party PDC 1945-66; 1985–1993 Christian democracy


Partido Social Progresista Progressive Social Party PSP 1947–1966 Conservatism


Centre-Right to Right-Wing
Aliança Renovadora Nacional National Renewal Alliance Party ARENA 1966–1979 Anti-communism


Brazilian nationalism



Two-party system

Right-Wing to Far-Right
Movimento Democrático Brasileiro Brazilian Democratic Movement MDB 1966–1979 Centrism Centre-Left
Partido Democrático Social Democratic Social Party PDS 1979–1993 Conservatism Right-Wing
Partido da Reconstrução Nacional National Reconstruction Party PRN 1989–2000 Centrism


Centre-Right to Right-Wing
Partido Progressista Reformador Reform Progressive Party PPR 1993–1995 Conservatism

Christian democracy


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