List of political parties in British Columbia

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Until 1903, there were no party politics in the province, and governments rarely lasted more than two years as independent members changed allegiances. The first party government, in 1903, was Conservative. A list of political parties currently registered with Elections BC can be found at the Elections BC website.[1]

Parties represented in the current Legislative Assembly[edit]

Name Founded Ideology Leader MLAs
  British Columbia Liberal Party 1903 conservatism Christy Clark 48
  British Columbia New Democratic Party 1933 social democracy John Horgan 33
  Green Party of British Columbia 1985 Green politics Andrew Weaver 1

Other parties that have formed governments[edit]

Historical parties that have been represented in the legislature[edit]

Current parties that have nominated candidates[edit]

Active parties that have not nominated a candidate[edit]

Historical parties[edit]

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