List of political parties in Burundi

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This article lists political parties in Burundi.

Burundi has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties and a third party that is electorally successful. Parties are usually based on ethnic background, either Hutu or Tutsi. Before 1993, Burundi did not have contested, multi-party elections.

Parties represented in one or both chambers of Parliament[edit]

Parties without parliamentary representation[edit]

Defunct Parties[edit]

  • Abanyamajambere Party (AB)
  • African National Union of Ruanda-Urundi (UNARU)
  • Association of Barundi Progressives and Democrats (APRODEBA)
  • Barundi Workers' Rally (RTB)
  • Burundi Workers' Party (UBU)
  • Christian Democratic Party (PDC)
  • Country Democratic Rally (RDP)
  • Country Democratic Union (UDP)
  • Free Socialist Party of Burundi (PARSOCILIBRE)
  • National Union of Burundi-Abadahemuka (UNB-Abadahemuka)
  • Party for the Independence of Burundi (PIBU)
  • People's Emancipation Party (PEP)
  • People's Rally of Burundi (RPB)
  • People's Union of Burundi (UPB)
  • Progressive Movement of Burundi (MPB)
  • Reconciliation Party (PR)
  • Rural Democratic Party (PDR)
  • Rural Movement of Burundi (MRB)
  • Union for Hutu Promotion (UPROHUTU)
  • Union of People's Parties (UPP)
  • Union of the Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa of Burundi (UHTTB)
  • Voice of the Murundi People (VPM)
  • Young Workers' Party of Burundi (PDJTB)

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