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This article lists political parties in Croatia.

Croatia has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must collaborate in order to form coalition governments. Between January 1990, when political parties were legalized in Croatia, and March 2015, 264 political parties were registered, out of which 118 have since been struck from the register.[1]

Modern parties[edit]

Political parties with elected representation at the national level[edit]

Name Abbr. Ideology Political position Leader Sabor
Croatian Democratic Union
Hrvatska demokratska zajednica
HDZ Christian democracy, National conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Pro-Europeanism[2] Right-wing, Centre-right Andrej Plenković
55 / 151
Social Democratic Party of Croatia
Socijaldemokratska partija Hrvatske
SDP Social democracy, Anti-fascism, Pro-Europeanism[3] Centre-left Davor Bernardić
33 / 151
Bridge of Independent Lists
Most nezavisnih lista
Most Fiscal conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Big tent Centre, Centre-right Božo Petrov
11 / 151
Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats
Hrvatska narodna stranka - liberalni demokrati
HNS Liberalism, Centrism, Pro-Europeanism[4][5] Centre Ivan Vrdoljak
5 / 151
Croatian Peasant Party
Hrvatska seljačka stranka
HSS Agrarianism, Sustainable development, Pro-Europeanism Centre Krešo Beljak
5 / 151
Civic Liberal Alliance
Građansko-liberalni savez
GLAS Social liberalism, Social progressivism, Anti-fascism, Pro-Europeanism Centre, Centre-left Anka Mrak-Taritaš
4 / 151
Human Blockade
Živi zid
ŽZ Populism, Occupy Movement, Anti-establishment Syncretic politics Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
3 / 151
Independent Democratic Serb Party
Samostalna demokratska srpska stranka
SDSS Serb minority politics, Liberal democracy, Social democracy, Anti-fascism Centre Milorad Pupovac
3 / 151
Istrian Democratic Assembly
Istarski demokratski sabor
IDS-DDI Istrian regionalism, Social liberalism, Anti-fascism, Pro-Europeanism Centre Boris Miletić
3 / 151
Independents for Croatia
Esih - Hasanbegović: Neovisni za Hrvatsku
NHR National conservatism, Social conservatism, Anticommunism Right-wing Bruna Esih
2 / 151
Croatian Christian Democratic Party
Hrvatska demokršćanska stranka
HDS Christian democracy Right-wing Goran Dodig
2 / 151
Croatian Social Liberal Party
Hrvatska socijalno-liberalna stranka
HSLS Conservative liberalism Centre Darinko Kosor
1 / 151
Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja
Hrvatski demokratski savez Slavonije i Baranje
HDSSB Slavonian regionalism, Conservativism Right-wing Branimir Glavaš
1 / 151
Bandić Milan 365 - Labour and Solidarity Party BM 365 - Stranka rada i solidarnosti BM 365 Social democracy, Populism Centre, Syncretic politics Milan Bandić
1 / 151
People's Party - Reformists
Narodna stranka - reformisti
NS-R Economic liberalism Centre Radimir Čačić
1 / 151
HRAST - Movement for Successful Croatia
HRAST - Pokret za uspješnu Hrvatsku
HRAST Political catholicism Right-wing Ladislav Ilčić
1 / 151
Croatian Party of Pensioners
Hrvatska stranka umirovljenika
HSU Single-issue politics (pensioners' rights) Centre-left Silvano Hrelja
1 / 151
Independent Youth List
Nezavisna lista mladih
NLM Populism Syncretic politics Ante Pranić
1 / 151
Let's Change Croatia
Promijenimo Hrvatsku
PH Populism Syncretic politics Ivan Lovrinović
1 / 151
POWER - People's and Civic Engagement Party
SNAGA - Stranka narodnog i građanskog aktivizma
SNAGA Populism, Fiscal reformism Syncretic politics Goran Aleksić
1 / 151

Political parties with previously elected representation at a national level[edit]

Other parties[edit]

Historical parties[edit]

Note: The Croatian adjective "narodni/a/o" could be translated as "people's" and/or "national", similar adjective "pučki/a/o" signifies "popular" or "people's" (but not "national").

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