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France has a multi-party political system, that is to say one in which the number of competing political parties is sufficiently large as to make it almost inevitable that in order to participate in the exercise of power any single party must be prepared to negotiate with one or more others with a view to forming electoral alliances and/or coalition agreements.

The dominant French political parties are also characterized by a noticeable degree of intra-party factionalism, making each of them effectively a coalition in itself.

Since the 1980s, the government of France has alternated between two rather stable coalitions:

It is difficult for parties outside these two major coalitions to make significant inroads, although the National Front has had sizable successes.

Nationwide political parties and leaders[edit]

Major nationwide represented parties[edit]

Others nationwide represented parties[edit]

Locally represented parties[edit]

Name Acronym National coalition Leader or Chairman Remarks Territorial councillors Political Position European Affiliation
Hunt, Fish, Nature, Traditions (Chasse, pêche, nature et traditions) CPNT Liaison Committee for the Presidential Majority Frédéric Nihous, president right-wing government allied regional:
6 / 1,880
traditional rural values; refusal of environmental legislation and regulations restricting the right to hunt and fish, conservative, Eurosceptic
Independent Ecological Movement (Mouvement écologiste indépendant) MEI Antoine Waechter, president close with EELV regional:
3 / 1,880
Green politics, Centrism, anti-nuclear
New Anticapitalist Party (Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste) NPA Christine Poupin, spokeswoman far left protester regional:
2 / 1,880
internationalism, eco-socialism, feminism European Anticapitalist Left
Unitarian Left (Gauche unitaire) GU the Left Front Christian Picquet, spokesman left protester regional:
7 / 1,880
anti-capitalism, democratic socialism, internationalism Party of the European Left

Minor parties[edit]

Name Acronym National coalition Leader or Chairman Remarks People's Representatives Political Position European Affiliation
France awakens (Le Réveil de la France) LRF Nicolas Taupin, Sébastien Taupin independent party cartesianism, rationalism, pragmatism, Enlightenment Age
French Action (Action Française) AF Stéphane Blanchonnet far right protester Nationalism, Monarchism, Conservatism, Euroscepticism
Royal Alliance (Alliance Royale) AR Pierre Bernard right protester Monarchism, Conservatism, Euroscepticism
Ecology Generation (Génération Écologie) GE Yves Piétrasanta Close with Radical Party of the Left Green politics, Green conservatism, Centre-right
Workers' Struggle (Lutte Ouvrière) LO Nathalie Arthaud, spokeswoman far left protester trotskyism, internationalism, feminism
New Royalist Action (Nouvelle Action royaliste) NAR Bertrand Renouvin left wing government allied Monarchism, Conservatism, Euroscepticism, gaulism
Workers' Communist Party of France (Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France) PCOF the Left Front left wing government allied Marxist, Leninist, communism, collectivism
Liberal Democratic Party (Parti libéral démocrate) PLD Aurélien Véron close with MoDem Classical liberalism
Independent Workers' Party (Parti ouvrier indépendant) POI Daniel Gluckstein, Claude Jenet, Jean Markun, Gérard Schivardi far-left protester Internationalism, Marxism, Trotskism, Socialism, Communism, Anarcho-syndicalism, Euroscepticism
Pirate Party (Parti Pirate) PP Maxime Rouquet, Guillaume Lecoquierre neither right nor left protester intellectual property reform, protection of privacy and individual liberty
Democratic Rally (Rassemblement démocrate) RD Philippe Cartellier center-left protester Monarchism, Conservatism, gaulism
Pole of Communist Rebirth in France (Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France) PRCF Léon Landini far-left protester Marxism, leninism, Communism, Anticapitalism, Nationalism
Marxist–Leninist Communist Organization – Proletarian Way (Organisation Communiste Marxiste-Léniniste Voie Prolétarienne) OCML-VP Collective far-left protester Marxism, leninism, maoism, Communism
Popular Republican Union (Union Populaire Républicaine) UPR François Asselineau neither right nor left protester euroscepticism

Major regionalist parties[edit]

(with past or present representation in at least a regional council)

French Revolution[edit]

Historical parties[edit]

Political parties in French overseas possessions[edit]

Note: Many of the parties in French oversea possessions have strong ties to counterparts in Metropolitan France.

Overseas departmental parties represented in the National Assembly[edit]


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