List of political parties in Honduras

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Honduras traditionally had a two-party system, dominated by the Liberal Party of Honduras and the National Party of Honduras.

The parties[edit]

Parliamentary parties[edit]

Name Abbreviation Ideology Deputies
National Party of Honduras Flag.svg National Party of Honduras
Partido Nacional de Honduras
PNH Conservatism 61
Logo LIBRE.svg Liberty and Refoundation
Partido Libertad y Refundación
LIBRE Democratic socialism 30
Liberal Party of Honduras logo.svg Liberal Party of Honduras
Partido Liberal de Honduras
PLH Liberalism 26
Innovation and Unity Party
Partido de Innovación y Unidad-Social Democracia
PINU-SD Social democracy 4
Bandera - Alianza Patriótica Hondureña.svg Honduran Patriotic Alliance
Partido Alianza Patriótica Hondureña
APH Centre-right 4
Christian Democratic Party of Honduras logo.svg Christian Democratic Party of Honduras
Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Honduras
DC Christian democracy 1
PACLogo.svg Anti-Corruption Party
Partido Anticorrupción
PAC Centrism 1
Democratic Unification Party logo.svg Democratic Unification Party
Partido Unificación Democrática
PUD Socialism 1

Extraparliamentary parties[edit]

Previous parties[edit]

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