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Political parties in Libya lists political parties in Libya.


Parties with seats in the General National Congress[edit]

Parties without seats in the General National Congress[edit]

  • Libu Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Homeland Party[2][3]
  • Party of Reform and Development[4]
  • Libyan National Movement
  • Libyan Constitutional Union
  • Libyan Amazigh Congress
  • Alhaq and Democracy Party of Benghazi
  • Libyan National Congress Party
  • New Libya Party
  • National Unity of Libya Party
  • Freedom and Development Party of Libya
  • The Patriotic Reform Party
  • National Solidarity Party
  • The Libyan National Party
  • Umma Party
  • Justice and Democracy Party of Libya
  • Libya Future Party
  • Libyan Center Party
  • National Democratic Assembly for Justice and Progress
  • Libya Development Party
  • Libyan Universal Party
  • National Democratic Alliance
  • New National Congress Party
  • Tawasul Party
  • Libyan National Democratic Party for Justice and Development
  • Libya Our Home and Tribe Party
  • Libyan Liberation Party
  • Libya for All Party
  • Unity Movement
  • Democratic Youth Party
  • National Democratic Assembly
  • Wefaq Party
  • Libyan National Democratic Assemblage
  • Ansar Al Horria
  • Libyan Unionist Party[5]

Banned parties[edit]

Defunct parties[edit]

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