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This article lists political parties in Malta. Since World War II Maltese political culture has developed into a two-party system dominated by the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party. Although other political parties have presented candidates and, in some cases, elected MPs, in most cases these were splinter groups of the main parties and, on the rare occasions when they were successful, this success was short-lived.

Active political parties[edit]

In Malta there is no law requiring the registration and regulation of political parties. The General Elections Act does make the necessary provisions for party participation in the process but these is no official list in between elections.

Parliamentary parties[edit]

Name Ideology House MEPs
Nationalist Party
Partit Nazzjonalista
PN Christian Democracy 30 3
Labour Party
Partit Laburista
PL Social democracy 39 3

Non-parliamentary parties[edit]

The following parties contested the last parliamentary election, but failed to win a seat:

Former political parties[edit]

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