List of political parties in New Caledonia

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This article lists political parties in New Caledonia.

New Caledonia has a number of strong, well-developed political parties because of the use of proportional representation in the island's Congress.

The major issue dividing the parties is the question of independence.

Political parties[edit]

Party Party initials Translation Ideology
Rassemblement pour une Calédonie dans la République RPCR-UMP Rally for Caledonia in the Republic conservative, anti-independence
Caledonie Ensemble Caledonia Together liberal, anti-independence
Avenir ensemble AE The Future Together liberal, anti-independence
Uion nationale pour l'Indépendance-Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste UNI-FLNKS National Union for Independence-Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front socialist, pro-independence
Union Calédonienne UC Caledonian Union pro-independence
Front National FN National Front extreme-right, anti-independence
Union des comités de la Coopération pour l'Indépendance UCCI Union of Pro-Independence Co-operation Committees pro-independence
Libération Kanak Socialiste LKS Kanak Socialist Liberation pro-independence
Union Calédonienne Renouveau UC-R Renewed Caledonian Union pro-independence
Parti travailliste PT Labour Party socialist pro-independence

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