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This article lists political parties in Norway.

Norway has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which no one party can easily gain a majority of the 169 legislative seats. Parties may cooperate to form coalition governments.

The parties[edit]

Parliamentary parties[edit]

English party name Norwegian party name
Associated ideology Current leader International affiliation Representation
Parliament (2013)[1] County councils (2011)[2]
Labour Party Arbeiderpartiet (bokmål)
Arbeidarpartiet (nynorsk)
Social democracy[3] Jonas Gahr Støre Progressive Alliance,
Socialist International,
Party of European Socialists
55 (30.8%) 273
Conservative Party Høyre (bokmål)
Høgre (nynorsk)
Conservatism, Liberal conservatism[3] Erna Solberg International Democrat Union,
European People's Party
48 (26.8%) 210
Progress Party Fremskrittspartiet (bokmål)
Framstegspartiet (nynorsk)
Conservative liberalism,[3][4]
Economic liberal,[5]
Right-wing populism[3][6]
Siv Jensen none 29 (16.3%) 96
Christian Democratic Party Kristelig Folkeparti (bokmål)
Kristeleg Folkeparti (nynorsk)
Christian democracy[3] Knut Arild Hareide Centrist Democrat International,
European People's Party
10 (5.6%) 47
Centre Party Senterpartiet
Trygve Slagsvold Vedum none 10 (5.5%) 61
Liberal Party Venstre
Social liberalism[3] Trine Skei Grande Liberal International,
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party
9 (5.2%) 46
Socialist Left Party Sosialistisk Venstreparti
Democratic socialism,[3]
Audun Lysbakken Nordic Green Left Alliance 7 (4.1%) 34
Green Party Miljøpartiet De Grønne Green Rasmus Hansson
Hilde Opoku
European Green Party 1 (2.8%) 2

Non-parliamentary parties[edit]

English party name Norwegian party name Associated ideology Current leader International affiliation 2013 Parliamentary election County councils (2011)
Red Rødt Revolutionary socialism, Communism [9] Bjørnar Moxnes none 1.1% 7
The Christians De Kristne Christian right Erik Selle none 0.6% 0
Pensioners Party Pensjonistpartiet Pensioners' interests Ragnar Dahl none 0.4% 3
Pirate party Piratpartiet Norge Pirate politics Øystein Jakobsen Pirate Parties International, European Pirate Party 0.3% 0
Christian Unity Party Kristent Samlingsparti Christian right Ørnulf Nandrup none 0.1% 0
Coastal Party Kystpartiet Conservatism Kjell Ivar Vestå none 0.1% 3
Democrats Demokratene Populism Elisabeth Rue Strencbo none 0.1% 1
Communist Party of Norway Norges Kommunistiske Parti Communism Svend Haakon Jacobsen International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties 0.0% 0
Liberalists Liberalistene Classical liberalism, Laissez-faire, Objectivism Vegard Martinsen none 0.0% 0
Society Party Samfunnspartiet Anarchism Øystein Johannessen none 0.0% 0
Abortion Opponents' List Abortmotstandernes Liste Pro-life Ludvig Nessa none - 0
Capitalist Party Liberalistene Classical liberalism, Laissez-faire[10] Arnt Rune Flekstad Interlibertarians, International Alliance of Libertarian Parties - 0
Center Alliance Sentrumsalliansen Centrism, Western Norway's interests Merete Andreassen none - 0
Contemporary Party Samtidspartiet Muslims' interests Ghuffor Butt none - 0
One (Written) Language Ett (skrift)språk Anti-Nynorsk Einar Smørdal none - 0
Norwegian Republican Alliance Norsk Republikansk Allianse Republicanism Erland Skattem none - 0
Sami People's Party Samefolkets parti Sami interests Birger Randulf Nymo none - 1
Non-Partisan Deputies Tverrpolitisk folkevalgte none Harald O. Haram none - 0

Inactive parties[edit]

Defunct parties[edit]

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