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This article lists political parties in Taiwan.

Taiwan under Japanese rule[edit]

Republic of China on Taiwan[edit]

The government of the Republic of China retreated to Taiwan in 1949. Martial law was imposed in Taiwan, which bans the formation of new political parties. The only legal parties was the Kuomintang (KMT), the Chinese Youth Party and the China Democratic Socialist Party. I As the martial law ended on 15 July 1987, Taiwan gradually democratized. The number of legally registered political parties in Taiwan had increased exponentially and continued to increase year by year, indicating a liberal democracy and high political freedom in Taiwan. As of July 2014, there are 254 legally registered political parties in Taiwan.

Today, Taiwan has developed into a multi-party system with two ideological blocs, commonly called the Pan-Blue Coalition and the Pan-Green Coalition. The pan-blues, led by the Kuomintang, are in favor of eventual unification with mainland China under the government of the ROC, while the pan-greens led by the Democratic Progressive Party are in favor of eventual formal independence for Taiwan, though the majority in both coalitions state a desire to maintain the status quo for now. Many minor parties in Taiwan are unaligned with either coalition.

Parties with national or regional representation[edit]

Party Representation Leader Alliance
Legislative Yuan Special municipalities, provincial cities, and counties
Leaders Seats
  Democratic Progressive Party 68 13 291 Tsai Ing-wen Pan-Green Coalition  
  Kuomintang 35 6 386 Hung Hsiu-chu Pan-Blue Coalition  
  New Power Party 5 Huang Kuo-chang Pan-Green Coalition  
  People First Party 3 9 James Soong Pan-Blue Coalition  
  Non-Partisan Solidarity Union 1 Lin Ping-kun Pan-Blue Coalition  
  Taiwan Solidarity Union 9 Liu Yi-te Pan-Green Coalition  
  Minkuotang 2 Hsu Hsin-Ying Pan-Blue Coalition  
  New Party 2 Yok Mu-ming Pan-Blue Coalition  
  Green Party Taiwan 2 Lee Keng-cheng
Chang Yu-jing
  Trees Party 1 Pan Han-chiang
Lin Chia-yu
  Taiwan First Nations Party 1 Shih Ching-lung Unaligned  
  Labor Party 1 Wu Rong-yuan Unaligned  

List of registered political parties in Taiwan[edit]

Here is a list of parties according to the Ministry of the Interior, by order of registration. Dates indicate date of founding.

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  1. ^ KMT's prior body was Revive China Society (Xinzhonghui 興中會), founded on 24 November 1894. It officially renamed itself as China Nationalist Party 中國國民黨 in 1919.
  2. ^ The prior body of China Democratic Socialist Party (中國民主社會黨) was China National Socialist Party (中國國家社會黨), which was founded on 16 April 1932. It renamed itself as China Democratic Socialist Party (中國民主社會黨) on 15 August 1946.


  1. ^ named after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's book 天下為公

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