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This is a complete list of political party symbols in India valid as of September 2009 when a new listing was published by the Election Commission of India after the 2009 general elections. Assignment of such political symbols are periodically updated by ECI depending on improvements and failures in the performance of the various parties.

The ECI categorises parties as National, State, and Unregistered parties. The commission the list of political symbols for National and State parties only. It also publishes the list of free symbols available for assignment and the list of Registered Unrecognized parties who are not assigned any permanent election symbol. Regular announcements regarding political symbols is available on their website.[1]

Symbols reserved for National parties[edit]

This is the complete list of all National Parties and is valid as of September 2009.[2]

Party Name Symbol (description) Symbol (image)
Bahujan Samaj Party Elephant[A] ECI-elephant.png
Bharatiya Janata Party Lotus BJP election symbol.svg
Communist Party of India Ears of Corn and Sickle Ears of corn and sickle election symbol of CPI.jpg
Communist Party of India (Marxist) Hammer, Sickle and Star Hammer and sickle election symbol of CPI(M).jpg
Indian National Congress Hand Indian National Congress.svg
  • ^A , the BSP may use the elephant symbol in all states except Sikkim and Assam, where its candidates have to choose another symbol. The BSP at the moment does not have a presence in these two states.

Symbols reserved for State parties[edit]

Incomplete list:[3]

State State party Symbol description Image Notes
Andhra Pradesh Telugu Desam Party Bicycle -
Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Congress Two daos intetsecting -
Assam Assam Gana Parishad Elephant -
Andhra Pradesh YSRCP Party Fan Example Example
Tamil Nadu KonguNadu Munnetra Kazhagam Cylinder Example Example
West Bengal Trina Mool Congress Two Flowers with Three Petals Example Example

Symbols that were earlier reserved for parties which have now been Unrecognised[edit]

Party Name Date of withdrawal
of Recognition
Symbol (description) Symbol (image)
Indian Oceanic Party 2010 Telephone
Autonomous State Demand Committee 17 Oct 2001 Boy & Girl
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation 26 Dec 2006 Flag With Three Stars
Goa Rajiv Congress Party 07 Nov 2002 Hut
Hill State People's Democratic Party 14 Sep 2005 Lion
Janathipathiya Samrakshana Samithy 26 Dec 2006 Bus
Manipur State Congress Party 29 Dec 2003 Cultivator Cutting Crop
Peoples Democratic Movement 30 Jan 2004 Two Swords & Shield
Samata Party 19 Mar 2003 Flaming Torch
Shiromani Akali Dal (Simranjit Singh Mann) 26 Aug 2005 Cart
Sikkim Sangram Parishad 16 Mar 2004 Elephant ECI-elephant.png
Tamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar) 22 Mar 2004 Bicycle

Free symbolsbhn[edit]

Symbol (description) Symbol (image)


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