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This is a list of polynomial topics, by Wikipedia page. See also trigonometric polynomial, list of algebraic geometry topics.


  • Degree: The maximum exponents among the monomials.
  • Factor: An expression being multiplied.
  • Linear factor: A factor of degree one.
  • Coefficient: An expression multiplying one of the monomials of the polynomial.
  • Root (or zero) of a polynomial: Given a polynomial p(x), the x values that satisfy p(x) = 0 are called roots (or zeroes) of the polynomial p.
  • Graphing
    • End behaviour –
    • Concavity –
    • Orientation –
    • Tangency point –
    • Inflection point – Point where concavity changes.


Elementary abstract algebra[edit]

See also Theory of equations below.

Theory of equations[edit]

Calculus with polynomials[edit]

Polynomial interpolation[edit]

Weierstrass approximation theorem[edit]

Linear algebra[edit]

Named polynomials and polynomial sequences[edit]

Knot polynomials[edit]