List of popular music acts that incorporate the accordion

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Charlie Gillingham playing the accordion
John Linnell performing with They Might Be Giants in Fort Lauderdale on March 12, 2008

This is a list of articles describing popular music acts that incorporate the accordion. The accordion appeared in popular music from the 1900s-1960s. This half century is often called the "Golden Age of the Accordion." Three players: Pietro Frosini, and the two brothers Count Guido Deiro and Pietro Deiro were major influences at this time.

Band or musician Accordionist Style
Abney Park "Captain" Robert Brown Steampunk
Alan Doyle Todd Lumley Folk/Country/Rock
Arcade Fire Régine Chassagne
Richard Reed Parry [1]
Indie rock
The Band Garth Hudson Americana
Barenaked Ladies Kevin Hearn Alternative rock
The Beach Boys Various session musicians [2][3] Rock
Beirut Perrin Cloutier Combines elements of Eastern European and folk sounds
Calexico Martin Wenk Rock
Counting Crows Charlie Gillingham Rock
Czeslaw Spiewa Czeslaw Mozil, Martin Bennebo Combines elements of Eastern European and folk with pop and alternative rock
The Decemberists Jenny Conlee Folk rock
Detektivbyrån Anders Flanders Combination of electronica and folk.
DeVotchKa Tom Hagerman Indie rock
The Dropkick Murphys Tim Brennan Celtic punk
Elaiza Yvonne Grünwald Folk, indie rock, alternative rock
The E Street Band Danny Federici [4]
Roy Bittan
Charles Giordano
Finsterforst Johannes Joseph folk metal, black metal
The Felice Brothers James Felice Folk/country rock
Flogging Molly Matt Hensley Celtic punk
Folkearth Polydeykis (Zion) Viking metal, folk metal, black metal
I Musicanti del Vento Paolo Presta Folk rock, jazz
Jason Freese solo Alternative rock, pop punk, punk rock, garage punk
Gogol Bordello Yuri Lemeshev [5] Gypsy punk
Great Big Sea Bob Hallett Traditional Newfoundland folk and rock
The Hooters Rob Hyman Rock
Bruce Hornsby Bruce Hornsby Rock. Played accordion at various Grateful Dead concerts.
Jason Webley Self Combination of traditional music, Romani music, punk rock
John Mellencamp ? Rock. Has included the accordion in most of his music since 1987's The Lonesome Jubilee.
Julieta Venegas Self Latin pop
Jump, Little Children Matthew Bivins Combines Irish influences with an alternative rock sound
Katzenjammer Anne Marit Bergheim Pop
Mark Knopfler Phil Cunningham
Jim Cox
Iain Lothian
Blues Rock, Roots Rock, Celtic Rock, Folk Rock. Accordion included on most solo albums (since 1996), plus various collaboration and soundtrack projects.
Kongos Johnny Kongos Alternative rock
Korpiklaani Juho Kauppinen Folk metal
Lemon Demon Neil Cicierega Indie rock
Los Colorados Unknown World rock
Lucero Rick Steff Alternative country, Punk rock, Alternative rock, Heartland rock, Memphis soul, Blues rock
Mägo de Oz Sergio Cisneros Folk metal, folk rock
Mahones [6] Katie McConnell (Katie Kaboom Irish folk, Punkrock, Rock
MewithoutYou Aaron Weiss Alternative rock
Mekons Eric Bellis aka Rico bell Alternative rock
Molotov Jukebox Natalia Tena Gypstep
Moonsorrow Henri Sorvali Folk metal
Motion Trio (Accordion Trio) Collaborations with other artists (such as Bobby McFerrin and Michał Urbaniak)
My Superhero Mike Berault Ska punk
Neutral Milk Hotel Julian Koster Indie rock
NOFX Eric Melvin Punk rock
Oingo Boingo Steve Bartek, John Avila, Doug Lacy New wave, dance-rock, ska, alternative rock
The Pogues James Fearnley Irish punk, pub music
The Radioactive Chicken Heads Punky Rooster Punk rock, comedy rock
Random Encounter Careless Alternative rock, indie rock
Scythian Danylo Fedoryka Folk, Celtic, Celtic rock, gypsy, Americana
Silvestre Dangond Juancho De la Espriella Vallentos, Modern and very popular Colombian music
Sound Horizon Revo Combination of many genres, ranging from heavy metal to classical
Steam Powered Giraffe Isabella "Bunny" Bennett Steampunk, folk rock, vaudevile
Stolen Babies Dominique Lenore Persi Experimental rock, avant-garde metal
Styx Dennis DeYoung Hard rock, progressive rock
Svartsot Hans-Jørgen Martinus Hansen Folk metal, Viking metal
Tammiyön Kilta Jani folk metal
Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph Alternative rock, indie pop
Tesco Value Czeslaw Mozil, Martin Bennebo Folk, pop, rock
That Handsome Devil Jeremy Page and Andy Bauer Alternative rock, alternative hip hop
They Might Be Giants John Linnell [7] Alternative rock
Those Darn Accordions various, currently Paul Rogers and Suzanne Garramone Accordion-based rock/pop/comedy band
Tiger Lillies Martyn Jacques Brechtian and gypsy cabaret
Tom Waits William Schimmel, David Hidalgo Jazz, rock, blues, folk, experimental rock
Tosca Tango Orchestra Glover Gil Nuevo tango, classical music
Turisas Janne Mäkinen, Netta Skog Folk metal, Viking metal
The Twilight Sad Andy MacFarlane Scottish folk rock, indie rock
Varang Nord Alyona Kalnish folk metal, death metal
Vitas Vitas (studio), ? (live) Eclectic Russian pop
Weddings Parties Anything Mark Wallace Folk rock
"Weird Al" Yankovic Self Comedy music, parody music
Windir Valfar Folk metal, Viking metal, black metal
The World/Inferno Friendship Society Franz Nicolay [8] Cabaret punk
Yann Tiersen Self French, avant-garde
Балагуры (Balagury) Yolanta Ionina folk metal
Калевала (Kalevala) Alexander Oleynikov folk metal
Лешак (Leshak) Игорь "Hurry" Ангиоз folk metal, death metal
Рогатый КолоколЪ (Rogatyj Kolokol') Василий Кулибаба folk metal, death metal
Сварга (Svarga) Игорь "Hurry" Ангиоз folk metal


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