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Pornographic film studio, or adult videos maker, is a pornographic film (adult video, film or movie) production company or adult movie studio and the following is a list of pornographic film studios that produce pornographic (or "adult") films/videos.

In addition to more straightforward sexual intercourse, studios may specialize in one or more themes or genres. There is also a wide range of film/video quality produced, ranging from amateur films to those with professional, high end production values.

As with the mainstream film industry, using VHS cassette tapes for product releases has transitioned to using DVDs. Films may be purchased or rented online, at "brick and mortar" retail outlets, or through mail order services. Internet downloads and streaming videos are also becoming more popular with the availability of increased internet access speeds.

The list is divided into two sections—studios producing primarily heterosexual and lesbian pornography, and those primarily producing gay and bisexual pornography. The primary distinction between these types of productions companies are those that produce scenes that involve activity between two or more men and/or male-to-female transsexual porn actors, or that do not include these types of scenes in their productions.

Production companies that do not include male–male and male–transgender sex scenes[edit]




Australia Australia


Japan Japan

Production companies that include male–male sex scenes[edit]

Homosexual or gay pornography by definition is any pornography (porn) that contains male same-sex activity. However, the performers may or may not themselves be gay. Bisexual porn differs from gay porn as it also contains female or transgender performers (and may contain both) with sexual activity between any combination of performers.

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