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This is a selection of portmanteau words.



  • cama, from camel and llama
  • cattalo, from cattle and buffalo[1]
  • donkra, from donkey and zebra (progeny of donkey stallion and zebra mare) cf. zedonk below
  • geep, from goat and sheep (progeny of)
  • grolar bear, from grizzly bear and polar bear
  • hebra, from horse and zebra (progeny of horse stallion and zebra mare) cf. zorse below
  • hinny, from horse and jenny (progeny of horse stallion and donkey mare)
  • humanzee, from human and chimpanzee
  • leoger, from leopard and tiger
  • leopon, from leopard and lion[1]
  • liger, from lion and tiger (progeny of male lion and tigress) cf. tiglon/tigon below[1]
  • lijagulep, from lion, jaguar, and leopard
  • liliger, from lion and liger
  • litigon, from lion and tigon
  • pumapard, from puma and leopard
  • splake, from speckled male brook trout and female lake trout (progeny of)
  • tigard, from tiger and leopard
  • tigon, from tiger and lion (progeny of male tiger and lioness) cf. liger above[1]
  • tiliger, from tiger and liger
  • wallaroo, from wallaby and kangaroo
  • wholphin, from whale and dolphin[1]
  • yakow, from yak and cow
  • yattle, from yak and cattle
  • zedonk, from zebra and donkey (progeny of zebra stallion and donkey mare) cf. donkra above
  • zorse, from zebra and horse (progeny of zebra stallion and horse mare) cf. hebra above[1]

Mixed breeds[edit]



  • beefalo, from beef and buffalo
  • Brangus, from Brahman and Angus breeds of cattle



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