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A selection of portmanteau words of the English language is listed below.


  • beefalo, from beef and buffalo
  • Brangus, from Brahman and Angus breeds of cattle
  • cameleopard, from camel and leopard
  • cockapoo, from Cocker Spaniel and Poodle
  • geep, from goat and sheep (progeny of)
  • jackalope, from jackrabbit and antelope
  • labradoodle, from Labrador Retriever and Poodle
  • liger, from lion and tiger (progeny of male lion and tigress) cf. tiglon/tigon below
  • maltipoo, from a Maltese and a poodle
  • pegacorn, from a Pegasus and a unicorn
  • pekapoo, from Pekingnese and Poodle
  • puggle, from a Pug and a Beagle
  • schnoodle, from a schnauzer and a poodle
  • sheeple, from sheep and people
  • squitten, from squirrel and kitten
  • tigon, from tiger and lion (progeny of tiger and lioness) cf. liger above
  • wallaroo, from wallaby and kangaroo
  • zedonk, from zebra and donkey (progeny of)
  • golden doodle, golden retriever and poodle ("doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle)

Art, literature and entertainment[edit]

Most Plants vs. Zombies names are one of these (like, say, Bonk Choy, from Bonk and Bok choy)




Internet and computing[edit]


  • advertainment, from advertising and entertainment
  • advertorial, from advertising and editorial
  • cineplex, from cinema and complex (building)
  • confusopoly, from confusion and monopoly or oligopoly
  • multiplex, from multiple and complex – this word has a different meaning in telecommunications
  • telemarketing, from telephone and marketing

Organizations and companies[edit]

  • Accenture, from accent and future (accent on the future)
  • Adidas, from Adolf "Adi" Dassler
  • Alstom, from Alsace and Thompson-Houston. Originally spelled "Alsthom", the h was removed in 2008 (the company was named GEC-Alsthom at the time)
  • AmEx, from American Express
  • Amtrak, from American and track
  • Bakerloo line, from Baker Street and Waterloo Railway, coined by London's Evening News in 1906
  • CAPCOM, from capsule and communicator, the person at a NASA ground station responsible for maintaining voice communications with orbiting manned space capsules
  • Carborundum, from carbon and corundum
  • Citibank, from city and bank. The bank was formerly known as the First National City Bank of New York.
  • Citigroup, from city and group
  • Comcast, from communication and broadcast
  • Compaq, from compatibility and quality
  • ConDem, from Conservative and Democrats. A collective name for the 2010 UK coalition government between the Conservative and the Liberal Democrat Party
  • CONMEBOL, from Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (Spanish for "South American Football Confederation")
  • Copa, from compania and Panamena
  • Creamsicle, from cream and popsicle
  • Debian, from founder Ian Murdock and his wife Debra
  • Digitas, from Digital and Veritas
  • Edexcel, from educational and excellence
  • FedEx, from the company's original name, Federal Express
  • Fluidrive, from fluid and drive
  • Fudgsicle, from fudge and popsicle
  • Funimation, from fun and animation
  • Garmin, from the company's founders, Gary Burrell and Min Kao
  • Groupon, from group and coupon
  • Imagineering, from Imagine (or Imagination) and Engineering
  • Intel, from integrated and electronics
  • Kmart, from founders names S. S. Kresge and the word mart
  • LATAM, from Lan Airlines and TAM Airlines
  • Lenovo, from legend and "novo" (Latin ablative for "new").
  • Mattel, from founders names Harold "Matt" Matson and Elliot Handler
  • Medi-Cal, California's name for their Medicaid program, from medical and California
  • Medicaid, from medicine/medical and aid
  • Medicare, from medicine/medical and care
  • Microsoft, from microcomputer and software
  • Mitel, from founders names Michael Cowpland and Terry Matthews and Lawnmowers after the company's original business plan
  • NatWest, from National Westminister Bank
  • Netflix, from internet and flicks (slang for movie)
  • Nikon, from Nippon Kōgaku and Ikon
  • Pinterest, from pin and interest
  • Poo-Pourri, from poo and potpourri
  • Prancercise, from prance and exercise
  • Prevacid, from prevent and acid
  • Sega, from Service Games
  • Sony, from sonus (Latin for sound) and sonny (slang for youngster)
  • Toonami, from cartoon and tsunami
  • Toshiba, from founders names Shibaura Seisaku-sho and Tokyo Denki through the merger of Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K.
  • Travelocity, from travel and velocity
  • Triscuit, from triple (three ingredients) and biscuit
  • Ultrabook, from ultraportable and notebook
  • Verizon, from veritas (Latin for truth) and horizon
  • Victorinox, from Victoria (the company founder's mother) and inox (stainless steel)
  • Waitrose, from founders' names Wallace Waite and Arthur Rose
  • Walmart, from founders name Sam Walton and the word mart
  • Wikipedia, from wiki and encyclopedia
  • WinCo, from Winning Company
  • Yosicle, from yogurt and popsicle
  • Yokomo, from Yokobori Model Shop (original name)



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