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This is a selection of portmanteau words.


  • beefalo, from beef and buffalo
  • Brangus, from Brahman and Angus breeds of cattle
  • cameleopard, from camel and leopard
  • cockapoo, from Cocker Spaniel and Poodle
  • geep, from goat and sheep (progeny of)
  • golden doodle, golden retriever and poodle ("doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle)
  • jackalope, from jackrabbit and antelope
  • labradoodle, from Labrador Retriever and Poodle
  • liger, from lion and tiger (progeny of male lion and tigress) cf. tiglon/tigon below
  • maltipoo, from Maltese and poodle
  • pegacorn, from Pegasus and unicorn
  • pekapoo, from Pekinese and Poodle
  • puggle, from Pug and Beagle
  • schnoodle, from schnauzer and poodle
  • sheeple, from sheep and people
  • squitten, from squirrel and kitten
  • tigon, from tiger and lion (progeny of tiger and lioness) cf. liger above
  • wallaroo, from wallaby and kangaroo
  • zedonk, from zebra and donkey (progeny of)

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Internet and computing[edit]


  • advertainment, from advertising and entertainment
  • advertorial, from advertising and editorial
  • cineplex, from cinema and complex (building)
  • confusopoly, from confusion and monopoly or oligopoly
  • multiplex, from multiple and complex – this word has a different meaning in telecommunications
  • telemarketing, from telephone and marketing

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