List of ports and harbors of the Arctic Ocean

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This is a list of ports and harbors connecting to the Arctic Ocean.

North America[edit]


Port of / de Prov. Water body Coords. Features & notes[1]
Churchill MB Hudson Bay 58°43′30″N 94°07′01″W / 58.725°N 94.117°W / 58.725; -94.117 (Churchill, Manitoba)
Tuktoyaktuk NT Beaufort Sea 69°26′20″N 133°01′44″W / 69.439°N 133.029°W / 69.439; -133.029 (Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories) Port Brabant to 1950


Port of Municipality Water body Coords. Features & notes[1]
Nuuk Port and Harbour Sermersooq Labrador Sea 64°10′15″N 51°43′15″W / 64.170833°N 51.720833°W / 64.170833; -51.720833 (Nuuk Port and Harbour)

United States[edit]

Port of State Water body Coords. Features & notes[1][2]
Prudhoe Bay AK Beaufort Sea 70°19′30″N 148°42′40″W / 70.325°N 148.711°W / 70.325; -148.711 (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska)
Utqiagvik AK Chukchi Sea 71°18′00″N 156°44′10″W / 71.3°N 156.736°W / 71.3; -156.736 (Barrow, Alaska)
Kivilina AK Chukchi Sea 67°43′08″N 164°32′20″W / 67.719°N 164.539°W / 67.719; -164.539 (Kivilina, Alaska) US rank:86





References and notes[edit]


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