List of ports in Cape Verde

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Port of Praia, the country's major port

This article is a list of ports and harbors (or harbours) in Cape Verde. Several of the major ports are owned by the Cape Verdean ports authority, ENAPOR:

The old port of Sal at Santa Maria
Porto Grande Bay, the major port of São Vicente Island and one of country's two major ports
Porto de Vale de Cavaleiros, Fogo's chief port located 3-4 km northwest of the island capital São Filipe
Quay of Porto Novo, the island's major port for more than half a century

Major and minor ports[edit]

Boa Vista[edit]

  • Sal Rei - ferry services, island's only port



  • Cova Figueira: near Monte Vermelho - fishing yacht, rarely used
  • Mosteiros - tiny fishing port
  • Ponta das Salinas - fishing port
  • São Filipe: Porto de Vale de Cavaleiros - also used for ferry services



  • Murdeira - yacht, mainly for touristic purposes
  • Palmeira - yacht and ferry services, the island's main port and the country's third port
  • Pedra de Lume - a port formerly used for salt production
  • Santa Maria - yacht, formerly used for ferry services


Santo Antão[edit]

São Nicolau[edit]

São Vicente[edit]

  • Baía das Gatas - yacht
  • Calhau - yacht
  • Mindelo: Porto Grande Bay - yacht, ferry services, the second major port in Cape Verde
    • Porto de Lajinha or João Évora - tuna port - though part of the port but cut off by Lajinha beach which is not used for boats, includes the Mindelo Power Plant which was used for oil to generate electricity and its desalination of its water supply
  • Ilhéu dos Pássaros - off the island - used for visitors and as access to the lighthouse
  • Salamansa - yacht
  • Săo Pedro - yacht and fishing port

Abandoned ports[edit]

  • Santa Luzia - used until the village became abandoned in 1848 - the port continued to be used by visitors after its abandonment especially the 2000s
  • Santa Maria


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