List of ports in Sri Lanka

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The following is a list of ports in Sri Lanka. All ports and harbours in Sri Lanka are maintained and governed by the Government of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

List of ports[edit]

Containers and gantries at the Port of Colombo.
Name City Location Description
Port of Colombo Colombo 06°57′10″N 79°50′41″E / 6.95278°N 79.84472°E / 6.95278; 79.84472 (Port of Colombo) Largest port in the country
Port of Hambantota Hambantota 06°07′10″N 81°06′29″E / 6.11944°N 81.10806°E / 6.11944; 81.10806 (Port of Hambantota) New port in the south
Trincomalee Harbour Trincomalee 08°34′01″N 81°13′52″E / 8.56694°N 81.23111°E / 8.56694; 81.23111 (Trincomalee Harbour) Fourth largest natural harbour in the world
Port of Galle Galle Regional Port
Port of Point Pedro Point Pedro 09°50′09″N 80°12′41″E / 9.83583°N 80.21139°E / 9.83583; 80.21139 (Port of Point Pedro) Minor harbour, the northernmost in the country
Kankesanthurai Harbour Kankesanthurai 09°49′08″N 80°01′57″E / 9.81889°N 80.03250°E / 9.81889; 80.03250 (Kankesanthurai Harbour) Minor harbour, currently used by the navy
Oluvil Harbour Oluvil 07°16′30″N 81°52′00″E / 7.27500°N 81.86667°E / 7.27500; 81.86667 (Oluvil) Newly developed harbour opened 2013
Kalpitiya Port Of Norochcholai Norochcholai 08°01′50″N 79°42′07″E / 8.03056°N 79.70194°E / 8.03056; 79.70194 (Norochcholai) Used for Coal Transportation

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