List of ports of entry in South Africa

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Map of ports of entry in South Africa

This is a list of ports of entry in South Africa.


Airports with regular scheduled international flights[edit]

Other airports with customs/immigration facilities[edit]

Sea ports[edit]

Abidjan, Ivory Coast BATA (Port), Equatorial Guinea (GQ) Malabo port, Equatorial Guinea (GQ) Port of Porto Praia (Cape Verde Islands) Port of Freetown (Sierra Leone) Port of Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) Port of Conakry (Guinea) Port of Dakar (Senegal)

Land border crossings[edit]

Namibia border[edit]

Botswana border[edit]

Zimbabwe border[edit]

Mozambique border[edit]

Swaziland border[edit]

Lesotho border[edit]