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This is a list of post-Roman triumphal arches. Since the Fall of the Roman Empire, rulers and states have sought to glorify themselves or commemorate victories by erecting triumphal arches on the Roman model. Modern arches have ranged from temporary structures of wood and plaster set up to celebrate royal entries to large permanent stone structures built in prominent places in city centres. They have been built around the world in a variety of styles, ranging from conscious imitations of Roman arches to more loose interpretations influenced by local architectural styles.

Image Name Date City Country
BallaratAvenueofHonour.jpg Arch of Victory on the Avenue of Honour 1917 Ballarat Australia
Brussels Cinquantenaire R02.jpg Arches of the Cinquantenaire 1905 Brussels Belgium
PrincesGates.jpg Princes' Gates 1927 Toronto Canada
Arco Británico.jpg Arco Británico 1911 Valparaíso Chile
Marseille Porte dAix.jpg Porte d'Aix 1823–1839 Marseille France
PorteDuPeyrou.jpg Porte du Peyrou 1693 Montpellier France
Arc De Triomphe 2004.jpg Arc de Triomphe 1806–1836 Paris France
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel 2006.jpg Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel 1806–1808 Paris France
Porte Saint-Denis 01.jpg Porte Saint-Denis 1672 Paris France
Paris porte st-martin.jpg Porte Saint-Martin 1674 Paris France
Nancy Porte Here BW 2015-07-18 13-45-28.jpg Porte Héré 1755 Nancy France
Jielbeaumadier porte de paris lille 2009.jpg Porte de Paris 1692 Lille France
Braniborská brána.jpg Brandenburg Gate 1788–1791 Berlin Germany
Siegestor, München.jpg Siegestor 1852 Munich Germany
Gambia banjul arch22.JPG Arch 22 1996 Banjul The Gambia
Diadaliv Vac.jpg Stone Gate 1764 Vác Hungary
OldGoa-ViceroyArch.jpg Arco dos Vice-Reis 1597 Old Goa, Goa India
India Gate in New Delhi 03-2016.jpg India Gate (All India War Memorial) 1931 New Delhi India
Swords of Qādisīyah (7112414819).jpg Victory Arch (Swords of Qādisīyah) 1989 Baghdad Iraq
NapoliMaschioAngioinoIngresso.jpg Arco di Trionfo di Castel Nuovo 1471 Naples Italy
2009-03-22 03-29 Sizilien 099 Palermo, Porta Nuova (3412440502).jpg Porta Nuova 1669 Palermo Italy
Il Fortino - Porta Garibaldi Catania.jpg Porta Garibaldi 1768 Catania Italy
Arch in Florence.JPG Triumphal Arch of the Lorraine 1737 Florence Italy
20110725 Arco della Pace Milan 5612.jpg Arco della Pace 1807-1838 Milan Italy
Corsocomo9.jpg Porta Garibaldi 1826-1828 Milan Italy
Genua Piazza della Vittoria 2011.jpg Arco della Vittoria 1931 Genoa Italy
Patuxay, Vientiane, Laos.jpg Patuxai 1957–1968 Vientiane Laos
Portra Makedonija 1.JPG Porta Macedonia 2012 Skopje Macedonia
Malta - Zebbug - Triq l-Imdina + De Rohan Arch 01 ies.jpg De Rohan Arch 1798 Żebbuġ Malta
Malta - Fgura-Zabbar - Hompesch Arch 06 ies.jpg Hompesch Gate 1801 Żabbar Malta
Wignacourt Arch 2016-02-21.jpg Wignacourt Arch 1615 (rebuilt 2015) Birkirkara/Santa Venera Malta
PyongYang-Arch of Triumph.jpg Arch of Triumph (Pyongyang) 1982 Pyongyang North Korea
UST Arch of the Centuries.jpg Arch of the Centuries 1611 Manila Philippines
Arco da porta nova Braga.jpg Arco da Porta Nova 1512 Braga Portugal
ArcoSBento.JPG Arco de São Bento 1758 Lisbon Portugal
ArcoDoTriunfoLisboa1-cropped.jpg Rua Augusta Arch 1755-1873 Lisbon Portugal
Portas p delgada.jpg Portas da Cidade 1783 Ponta Delgada Portugal
Arcul de Triumf-Bucuresti.jpg Arcul de Triumf 1936 Bucharest Romania
Arnougates 2.jpg Red Gate 1753 Moscow Russia
Triumphal Gates on the Poklonnaya Hill.JPG Poklonnaya Hill Arch 1829 Moscow Russia
Narva Triumphal Gate.jpg Narva Triumphal Gate 1827–1834 Saint Petersburg Russia
Arc de Triomf Barcelona.jpg Arc de Triomf 1888 Barcelona Spain
Arco de Santa María Frontal.JPG Arco de Santa María 1536-1553 Burgos Spain
Arco-victoria-Madrid-250813.jpg Arco de la Victoria 1950 Madrid Spain
Puerta de Alcalá (fachada este).jpg Puerta de Alcalá 1769 Madrid Spain
Puerta de Toledo - Sur (2011).JPG Puerta de Toledo 1813 Madrid Spain
Puerta-san-vicente.jpg Puerta de San Vicente 1775 Madrid Spain
One of the three triumphal archs in seville for the arrival of Queen Isabel II, 2.jpg Triumphal arches for the arrival
of Isabel II to Seville
1862 Seville Spain
Stowe Corinthian Arch.jpg The Corinthian Arch 1765 Stowe House United Kingdom Marble Arch 1828 London United Kingdom
Wellington Arch - 01.jpg Wellington Arch 1826–1830 London United Kingdom
Millennium Gate ATL.jpg Millennium Gate 2005-2008 Atlanta, Georgia United States
NYC - Washington Square Arch. - 1380.jpg Washington Square Arch[1] 1890–1892 New York City United States
Dewey Arch 1900 Color.jpg Dewey Arch 1899-1900 New York City United States
Yellowstone North Gate.jpg Roosevelt Arch 1903 Gardiner, Montana United States
NWW2M Pacific arch.JPG Atlantic & Pacific Arches,
National World War II Memorial
2002 Washington, D.C. United States
The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Grand Army Plaza.jpg Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch 1889-92 Brooklyn, New York United States
Arco de Carabobo.JPG Carabobo Triumphal Arch 1921 Valencia Venezuela


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