List of postal codes in Cape Verde

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Postal codes in Cape Verde are a four digit number, where the first digit corresponds to the island and the first two digits correspond to the Concelho (county/municipality), as illustrated by the table below.[1]

The postal code numbers start with 1xxx and ends with 9xxxx, it starts in Santo Antão eastward to Sal, then southward to Maio and westward to Brava. As with several countries, the postal code number does not start in an area or an island with the capital city.

County Code
Boa Vista 51xx
Brava 91xx
Maio 61xx
Mosteiros 81xx
Paúl 12xx
Porto Novo 13xx
Praia 76xx
Ribeira Brava 32xx
Ribeira Grande 11xx
Ribeira Grande Santiago 76xx
Sal 41xx
Santa Catarina 73xx
Santa Catarina Do Fogo 82xx
Santa Cruz 74xx
São Domingos 75xx
São Filipe 82xx
São Miguel 72xx
São Salvador Do Mundo 73xx
São Vicente 21xx
Tarrafal de São Nicoloau 31xx
Tarrafal 71xx