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Postal codes in Finland are managed by Itella, the Finnish national post office.

The codes have five digits, where the first two designate the municipality (or group of municipalities) and the following two the district or village. The last digit is usually a zero in street addresses (except in some small communities where it may be a five). Postal codes ending in the digit one are used for post office boxes. Some recipients of large volumes of mail have their own postal codes.

Postal code districts[edit]

2-digit postcode areas Finland(defined through the first two postcode digits)

These are the areas identified by the first two digits of the postal codes. Note that the districts given here are approximate, as real postal code districts seldom follow administrative region or province boundaries, and sometimes even a single municipality can be located in multiple postal code districts.

A unique postcode, 99999, is designated to Korvatunturi, where Santa Claus is said to live.

00-02 Greater Helsinki[edit]

03-10 Rest of the Uusimaa region[edit]

11-19 eastern Tavastia[edit]

20-29 south-western Finland[edit]

30-39 western Tavastia[edit]

  • 30 Forssa
  • 31 the rest of the Forssa region
  • 32 the Loimaa region
  • 33 the Tampere region
  • 34 northern Pirkanmaa
  • 35 north-eastern Pirkanmaa
  • 36 south-eastern Pirkanmaa
  • 37 south-western Pirkanmaa
  • 38 eastern Satakunta
  • 39 north-western Pirkanmaa

40-49 Central Finland and Kymenlaakso[edit]

50-59 south-eastern Finland[edit]

60-69 Ostrobothnia[edit]

70-79 Northern Savonia[edit]

80-89 eastern Finland and Ylivieska[edit]

90-99 northern Finland[edit]

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