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Polish post office letter box.
2-digit postcode areas Poland(defined through the first two postcode digits)

The Postal codes in Poland consists of 5 numbers in the following format xy-zzz.

First digit in the postal code represents the postal district, second digit major geographical subdivision of this district, and the three digits after dash: the post office, or in case of large cities: particular street, part of the street or even separate address (in the last case code is in the form of xy-9zz). Thus the postal code 70-952 means:

  • 7 – postal district of Szczecin,
  • 0 – subdivision of that district, in this case the Western Part of Szczecin,
  • 9 – denotes special code, and
  • 52 – Office of the District Attorney (Prokuratura Okręgowa).

Similarly, the code for 70-470 denotes the odd numbers from 1 to 27 in the Wojska Polskiego Street in Szczecin, and 34-434 is a code for whole town of Dębno near Nowy Targ (3 – postal district of Kraków, 4 – subdivision of that district, 434 the town of Dębno – strictly speaking the post office in Dębno).

Postal districts and their subdivisions are not related to the administrative division of Poland.

Postal codes are not unique[edit]

Unlike other European postal codes the place names of the postal codes in Poland are not unique.[1]

Postal code 62-262 are valid with 5 different place names:

  • 62-262 Wierzyce
  • 62-262 Przyborowo
  • 62-262 Chwałkówko
  • 62-262 Fałkowo
  • 62-262 Imielno

Other examples are: 09-135, 12-250, 16-424, 32-104, 55-300, 62-010, and 98-338.

Notable postal codes in Poland[edit]

Other postal code[edit]












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