List of postal codes in Russia

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A list of postal codes in Russia.

Postal codes sorted by federal subject[edit]

1 zone[edit]

Moscow region, North-West and North parts of European Russia:

2 zone[edit]

Remainder of the wider Soviet postal zone that included also Belarus, Baltic states and a part of Ukraine:

3 zone[edit]

North Caucasus and South-West of European Russia. Included also South Caucasus republics and Eastern Ukraine in the past.

4 zone[edit]

Volga region and Southern Urals. Included also Central Asia in Soviet period:

5 zone[edit]

The code 555 is reserved for international mail.

6 zone[edit]

All regions of Asian Russia, Northern Urals and some regions along Vladimir-N. Novgorod-Kirov-Perm railway.

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